MLP 002: Building an Online Business from Scratch with Max Ivey – The Blind Blogger

If you are looking for some great tips on starting a new business from scratch, and a massive blast of inspiration at the same time, today’s podcast is just for you!

Max Ivey is an inspirational online business owner, internet marketer and social media explorer who loves to try anything new online.

He has started his own online business from scratch, learning all the tricks of marketing, blogging and social media – all while being blind.

Max’s business is selling carnival equipment around the world, and he has built an amazing network of international contacts. Not only is his blindness a challenge, but he must also contend with a competitive niche (unlike blogging and social media, there is no help or sharing).

He has had to get creative to get results. Max also tries almost anything he can to expand his reach and his business. He makes extensive use of his computer, complete with screen-reader, but no extra monitor for it, of course!

In the meantime, since this aired many years ago, Max has gone on to write numerous books and start a new website – the Blind Blogger.

You are going to love hearing his story!

Overview of the Podcast Content

max ivey blogger

In this podcast Max and I will be discussing his story and the methods he uses to get the results he needs. To break it down a little for you:

  • Starting his business from scratch
  • Selling carnival equipment over the web (a competitive area and difficult niche)
  • Working with his blindness and overcoming the challenges
  • List building techniques you might not have considered
  • Blog commenting to boost your blogging network
  • Choosing the right Social Media channels that work for you
  • Great methods for finding your niche on Pinterest
  • Expanding your reach through new channels like Youtube & Google Hangouts

Resources and Links Mentioned in the Show

 Apple Voice Over – Screen Reader for Mac (Give it a try and see how Max works on his computer every day)

Midway Marketplace – Max’s Business & Blog

Max’s Inspiring Posts on Social Media Experiments

Max’s First Google Plus Hangout Experiment

Max’s experiences and experiments on Pinterest

Get to know Max on his first personal video

Connect with Max Ivey on Social Media

Twitter – Mister Midway

Google+ – Maxwell Ivey (Max will post here about his Hangouts)

Facebook – Maxwell Ivey Jr

LinkedIn – Maxwell Ivey

Pinterest – Mister Midway

Youtube – Maxwell Ivey’s Channel

Max Needs a Little Help

Youtube Show

Although Max is surviving with his online business, he is trying hard to get a Youtube channel up and running and needs a little financial assistance to get it done. Being blind he has a lot more expenses than we can possibly imagine (for instance, he can’t travel alone). So if you want to help out, you can pop over to his website and hit the Donate via Paypal buttons (on the sidebar and footer).

Google Hangouts

Also, Max is doing a weekly Google Hangout (or actually two) to chat with people and start a show on there. So if you have any questions about his life, business or anything in general he would love to hear from you.  Connect with him via social media above or on his Google+ account.

I would appreciate a Review on iTunes Or Stitcher

As this podcast is just starting out, I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review on iTunes to help me promote it and reach more people.

I have a quick How To Do a Review on iTunes (only because it may not be so simple to find the place to do it).

Final Words

Max has taught us a lot in this podcast, but my main takeaway is this:

If we are persistent and creative enough we can do almost anything. Don’t give up!

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So just get out there and give it a go. And if you are hesitant, just think of Max doing a Google Hangout or Youtube Video! What a guy!

Last Week’s Episode

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