Leveraging Personal Brands on Social Media w/ Jacob Curtis

leverage your personal brand

In today’s podcast I speak with Jacob Curtis, who used his personal brand to make a name for the company he works for.

Many bloggers and small business owners spend a lot of time creating a personal brand.

You get your name out there with amazing content.

You make connections and collect followers like baseballs cards.

But many people on social media actually have a “normal” job.

They work for someone else.

However, they may still have a lot of online influence and a long list of followers on one social media site or another.

So what happens when you take that social media influence, and mix it in with your employer?

Explosions? Hopefully the good kind.

And if done right, and planned and tracked correctly, the results can be amazing.

Enter Jacob Curtis

jacob curtis bonfireJacob works for Bonfire Marketing in Portland.

He was already building his personal brand on social media and with his own website  – JacobCurtis.com

And his following on social media, specifically Twitter was already quite big with over 22,000 followers.

So when Jacob approached his boss with the idea of leveraging his social media influence to bring Bonfire a new and large audience, he jumped at the chance!

In this podcast episode, I have a detailed chat (put me and Jacob in a room and we don’t shut up!) about:

  • how he used his social media presence and personal brand for Bonfire
  • the importance of personal brands in general
  • how trust is super important on social media
  • knowing which social platforms to focus on
  • how he measured his success and the importance of data
  • also having a plan (from both sides)
  • how employee advocacy can be useful for both employer and employee
  • lots of other random but useful information

So take a listen to what Jacob has to say about his journey using personal branding on social media as an employee advocate.



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Connect with Jacob

Website – jacobcurtis.com



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Final Words

Building a personal brand is a great idea if you have a small business or blog.

But even if you don’t, if you have something that you are very passionate about and want to share, then it can be a great investment for the future.

After all, Jacob never thought he would be able to leverage his personal brand at work, and now he and Bonfire are flying!


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