Amplify Your Blog Content and Social Sharing w/ Ann Smarty

Amplify your blog content and social sharing with Ann SmartyHave you ever struggled to write enough content for your website?

Or maybe,  once you have the content, no one is sharing it!

Well, you are not alone my friend, it is something many of us struggle with, especially in the beginning.

But guess what?

Not only are you not alone, but there is an amazing set out tools out there to help you solve these problems!

And quite a few of them have been developed by just one woman!

(ok, she had some help, but she is still amazing)

Let’s meet today’s guest…

Enter Ann Smarty

You might have seen Ann Smarty around the social media and blogging scene. She has certainly built a brand for herself.

But she is not just blogging and tweeting like the rest of us, no no. Ann is a busy lass.

ann smarty profileShe has developed, or co-developed quite a few online tools to help the community with blog content and social sharing.

So today I invited her on the show to dive into the – whats, whys and wheres of some of the amazing tools she has created for us.

In this podcast we are going to talk about:

  • What MyBlogGuest is and can do for you
  • What happened to MyBlogGuest when it got slapped by Google
  • How Ann recovered and protected MyBlogGuest
  • How ViralContentBuzz can help you get your content shared
  • Why ViralContentBuzz is different and better than many of these tools
  • Her latest baby, the blog content community MyBlogU
  • What is going on inside MyBlogU and how it can help you and your content
  • Last but not least, Ann’s project to improve Twitter chats – TWChat
  • And all her related Twitter chats helping communities learn

Ultimately, if you are into blogging and social media, then Ann has your back! Take a listen to what Ann Smarty has to say in this super informative podcast



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Posts and Resources from the Podcast

MyBlogGuest – Guest Blogging Platform

ViralContentBuzz – Social Sharing Platform

MyBLogU – Crowd Sourced Blog Content and Ideas Platform

TWChat – Ann’s Twitter Chat Tool

Posts from Ann

I Apologise for Our Community Being So Transparent – Discussion of the de-indexing of MyBlogGuest

10 Things That Make @MyBlogU Group Interviews Feature So Freaking Awesome

Twitter Chats

Viral Content Buzz Twitter Chat (#VCBuzz)

MyBlogU Twitter Chat (#MyBLogU)

Connect with Ann Smarty

SEO Smarty – Her Main Website



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Final Words

Creating content and getting it shared is not always easy, even if you have some online clout. So why not make use of some tools and a little community help to reach your goals!

It can be fun too. So head over to any or all of the tools mentioned in this episode and you will be sure to benefit!

About the Author Ashley Faulkes

Ashley is obsessed with SEO and WordPress. He is also the founder of Mad Lemmings. When he is not busy helping clients get higher on Google he can be found doing crazy sports in the Swiss Alps (or eating too much chocolate - a habit he is trying to break).

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