MLP 001: Blogging Success – Miss Ileane Smith reveals how successful blogging is done

madlemmings online marketing podcastWelcome to the Mad Lemmings Podcast

This is the first episode of my new podcast, which will delve into all the best tips and tricks from the pros, when it comes to:

  • Online Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • The rest of the online puzzle

I will be interviewing guests each week (with perhaps a few exceptions) and getting them to reveal all the “good stuff” when it comes to getting ahead online. Why do it the hard way, when we can learn from those that have made it online?

Miss Ileane Speaks

ileane-smith-258x300I am honored to have as my first guest on the show Ms Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips. Ileane is someone you have probably seen around the blogging world. She has been blogging for over 5 years and has her own podcast and Youtube channel. When it comes to online marketing and making a big splash, she knows what she is talking about. So let’s see what she can teach us about online marketing, blogging and social meda…

What you will learn in this podcast

Anything Ileane has to offer with her 5 years of experience is gold, but here is a quick rundown of what we go into:

  • Getting started blogging and giving yourself a boost
  • Powerful tools to use daily to help with blog promotion
  • Affiliate Marketing ideas that worked for Ileane
  • Youtube and Podcasting tips she uses
  • Power tips on connecting as a new blogger with comments
  • Lots of other amazing tips from a pro blogger

I recommend taking piece of paper and a pen and noting down all the fantastic info offered in this podcast. All the links and sites talked about in the show are below.

Mad Lemmings Podcast on ITunes

Connect with Ileane Smith

Ileane has told me she more than welcomes your questions – please contact her via twitter @Ileane

Basic Blog Tips – Ileane’s Blog

Podcast- Ms Ileane Speaks 

Youtube – Ms Ileane Speaks Ileane on Google+

Ileane’s Daughter: Nikki Purvy at

Ileane’s Mentor: Lisa Irby at

Content Sharing & Blogging Networks


Viral Content Buzz


Ileane’s Posts:

What Changed My Mind About Triberr

Time for you to Get Serious with your Pinterest Promotions

Content CREAM Machine – Ms Ileane Speaks

Ileane’s Affiliate Links and Promotion Codes

Lead Pages – Ileane’s Affiliate Link

SOPFREE: Discount Code for first month FREE of LibSyn – Media Hosting for Podcasters

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I have a quick How To Do a Review on iTunes (only because it may not be so simple to find the place to do it).


What did you think of the new podcast?

Did you learn some awesome actionable tips?

Who else would you like to see on the podcast?

Leave your thoughts below.

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