7 Ways For Small Businesses To Supercharge Their Website

7 Ways For Small Businesses To Supercharge Their Website

Technological advancement has made it easier to market businesses through digital marketing strategies. By marketing your business online, you could reach out to so many potential customers worldwide. However, the market might be tough due to the various competing businesses out there. Hence, you might need to develop unique methods to beat the competition.

One way you could beat the competition is by supercharging your website or coming up with a well-designed site. A common mistake is creating a complex site, thinking it might look good. However, in a real sense, it could push away potential customers. Having a hard-to-understand site would increase your ‘bounce’ rate. This means users would likely leave your site without browsing through it or even purchasing your product.

The following sections would discuss some of the ways to supercharge your website to attract customers.

1. Content Is King

Content is one of the greatest ways to supercharge your website. It could be available in several formats, depending on your area of specialization.

Some formats could be used in any industry setup, such as social media posts, while others have specific audiences. For instance, if you have a fashion-related business, you’d need to focus more on creating visual content and social networks.

Your aim should be to create high-quality content that could rank high on search engines. The content would be used in search engine results page (SERP) ranking, which would in turn increase your traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate if the customers are satisfied with buying from you.

For your posts to rank high, it would be helpful to work with sites like www.netlocalseo.com and other sites that are experts in search engine optimization (SEO). These firms would help you in matters related to keywords so your posts could rank high and attract more traffic, which may translate to revenue.

2. Create A Simple Website

simple website

For a small business, a first impression is crucial for the survival of your landing pages. A site with many tabs, ads, or links would tend to disinterest customers. A potential customer would take a quick glimpse at your page and decide whether it’s worth their time or not.

If the customer feels the site seems to overwhelm them or doesn’t look so encouraging, they would be forced to look up at your competitor page instead. A good website should allow visitors to navigate easily without being influenced directly unless they want to purchase.

It is always important to keep things as simple as possible. Having a hard-to-understand site would increase your ‘bounce rate’.

This means users could leave your site without browsing through to more pages or even purchasing your product. Which is likely your goal!

Concept testing can help you to avoid that kind of disappointment, by helping make the right choices, and move forward with the right ideas. Such testing can help you to learn fast, and iterate over ideas with your customers and at an early stage.

3. Improve On Your Site Load Time

Loading time is a crucial factor when creating your website. For instance, if you visit a site and it takes too long to load, how patient do you think customers would be to wait?

It’s highly likely that a potential customer would leave your site if it takes too long to load. You might have an excellent page, but some people wouldn’t be willing to wait. This could reduce your site traffic, which might translate into a low conversation rate.

Loading time is used in site ranking. It’s an important factor in search engine algorithms. If you improve your loading time, it could increase your chances of moving up in the SERP ranking. A high-ranking site would attract more traffic, leading to a higher conversion rate if the customers are satisfied with your products.

4. Segment Your Audience

Try to avoid using the phrase ‘one size fits all.’ This might not be an appropriate approach when supercharging your website.

Relevancy is a major ranking element in both local and traditional SERPs. If your small business deals with a general audience, it’s recommendable to segment your target audience and develop personalized content for each group, particularly when using direct mails. This would make it easier for visitors to have an easy time when navigating your site.

When there’s no personalized content, potential customers would be forced to go through the entire content to get what they want. This could be a time-consuming activity. And, chances are, your customers would be forced to go to your competitor’s site, reducing your traffic.

5. Ensure Adequate Domain Registration

Proper domain registration would be an important factor for site credibility. Try to have the same domain for a longer period as this would increase business credibility. A more credible site would attract traffic, which in turn would increase your business’ sales.

It’s also important to ensure the contact information provided during the registration matches the one supplied on your site. If you give incorrect contact information, you could increase your chances of being suspended. This may affect your traffic.

6. Offer Instant Chat Heads For Immediate Help

When shopping in a physical store, you’d usually meet several attendants ready to assist you. This may not be different with website shoppers. Talking with your potential customers may play an important role in increasing the conversation rate.

Some chat pop-ups would make it easier for you to convert clicks to customers. These would enable you to utilize features like artificial intelligence technology to interact with customers.

Now, it appears much easier to know customers and what they’re looking for by sending a personalized message in real-time. If a visitor finds it hard to communicate with you, they might be forced to look for another site to shop.

7. Have Your Customers Sell For You, With Testimonials

It’s a common misconception that customers would believe you’re ‘the best’ if you refer to yourself as ‘the best.’ In reality, potential customers are usually skeptical when a business praises itself. Although sales copy and animated explainer videos would be helpful in getting traffic, a genuine testimonial from your customers would attract a great deal of traffic to your page, increasing the conversion rate.

The following are some of the types of customer testimonials:

  • Business written testimonial
  • Written customer reviews
  • Unboxing review (largest boost)


It’d be easier to maintain rankings in SERP if your business is serving a single area. However, you’d be required to have several landing pages if your brand is serving more than one geographical setup. It’s recommendable you have a personalized content in areas having a higher conversion rate.

When creating your website, consider three factors: creativity, simplicity, and practicality. This is a combination that’d make it possible to turn your site into a beautiful page that attracts customers.

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