MLP006: Manly Pinterest Tips and the Power of Google Hangouts w/ Jeff Sieh

manly pinterest tips power google hangoutsPinterest pins have a lifetime like no other share on social media.

You will get visits to your website from pins you may have forgotten about.

Such is the power of Pinterest.

And it is growing like almost no other platform.

When you combine that with the power of face-to-face Hangouts on Air, an awesome recent addition to the Google+ platform, you have the perfect crime-fighting duo!

Google Hangouts have a way of showcasing people online that is hard to do with a blog post or even a podcast (note to self: must do hangouts).

And some people have managed to skyrocket their name on social media using these very ideas.

That is what I am talking about today with Jeff Sieh, host of the Manly Pinterest Tips Show on Google Hangouts.

Jeff Sieh gives us all his best tips on Pinterest and Google Hangouts

jeff-siehIn the podcast, I got the chance to ask Jeff all about his success with Hangouts, and what he has learned about Pinterest by hosting the show.

Because while he was hosting the show, he got to ask a lot of interesting questions to some real social media gurus. So he certainly has some great info to share.

We discuss the following in detail:



Google and Google+ Hangouts on Air

  • How to start a Hangout On Air
  • Some places to go for beginners
  • Ideas for repurposing content
  • Ranking on Google using their tools
  • Google Helpouts as a lead generator

Pinterest Tips from the Pros

  • The importance of images
  • Branding consistency
  • The life of a pin
  • How to use secret boards
  • Pinterest and SEO
  • Using tools like Pinwoot (aka Viralwoot)
  • Following influencers

And of course much much more…

So if you are seriously considering getting involved in Google Hangouts on Air, or have an interest in Pinterest (hey, that rhymes!) then this is the podcast for you.

Posts and Resources from the Podcast

The Google Hangouts on Air Directory – Mentioned in the show

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All the episodes of Jeff’s Manly Pinterest Tips show (you can find more hangouts on his sidebar)

Manly Pinterest Tips – Episode I

Manly Pinterest Tips – Episode II

Manly Pinterest Tips – Episode III

Manly Pinterest Tips – Episode IV (with Rebekah Radice & Peg Fitzpatrick) – Mentioned in the show

Using Pinterest More Effectively with Chef Dennis Littley

Jeff’s Pinterest Posts

The Pinterest Category from his Blog

Combining Google+ And Pinterest

How Google+ and Pinterest are like Peanut Butter and Jelly – Peg Fitzpatrick – Mentioned in the show

Connect with Jeff Sieh

His Design – Jeff’s Website

Jeff Sieh on Pinterest

Jeff Sieh on Google+

Jeff Sieh on Twitter

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Final Words

Things are changing on social media all the time, and you need to keep up if you want to be seen.

With the power of Pinterest and the long life of pins, there is more reason than ever for you to be on there.

And if you like the idea of having your own show, then perhaps Hangouts on Air are the way forward!

Take a leap of faith and make a change in your social media today!

Let us know what you think in the comments below

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