MLP003: Doubling your Google+ Following and Branding with a Banana - with Robert Ryan - Mad Lemmings

MLP003: Doubling your Google+ Following and Branding with a Banana – with Robert Ryan

robert ryan double google plus brandingToday’s podcast is an in depth discussion with WordPress expert and social media marketing specialist Robert Ryan.

Robert has been around the block (or at least in the Dublin pubs) and has learnt not only how to build great WordPress sites, but also to market them and use his social media expertise. With his girlfriend he has also started an online business Lady Umbrella amongst many other notable achievements.

More recently, Robert threw himself at Google+ with the aim of reaching 1000 followers in one month. He had kind of ignored Google until that point, so he had a lot of work to do.

  • In the first half of the podcast we cover his motivation, methods and more importantly what not to do on Google+ (hint: ignore circle shares).
  • In the second half (26 minutes onwards) we discuss  branding and images, and why he used a banana\

So if you are interested in expanding your Google+ influence and having more success there, you will certainly learn some awesome tips and tricks from Robert.

And if you want to improve your images and branding online, more than enough information is coming your way.

Below the podcast player are the posts that are discussed in the podcast, so you can refer to them during and after (I have put the two main ones at the top of each section on Google+ and Branding).

Listen to the Podcast Below

Posts on Google+

Doubling his Google+ following in a month – tips and tricks on how he did it.

*As discussed in detail on the podcast.

The Google Plus K1 Challenge – Google Plus Tips

The initial posts and his awakening to the power of Google+

The Google Plus Awakening – 7  Of the Best To Help You Down The Rabbit Hole

His post that went viral – on the difference between Google Authorship and Publisher

Google Authorship & Publisher – What’s The Difference?

The power of sharing GIFs (Mentioned in the podcast) – Craig Chamberlin (The Gif Master)

Craig Chamberlin on Google+

Posts on Branding

The importance of branding and Robert’s take on making yourself stand out on the web.

*As discussed in detail on the podcast.

Branding Yourself and a Banana

A recent Google Hangout Robert did on branding

Branding and Your Blog – The Must Have Marriage 2014 – HOA Review

My Post on the importance of using images in Social Media

Social Media Trends – Visual is the New Black

Canva is a great tool for making great images with little knowledge

Recent Branding & Image discussion on Hangout with Rebekah Radice and Peg Fitzpatrick

Dominate Pinterest Marketing with Peg Fitzpatrick and Rebekah Radice

Connect with Robert Ryan

Robert’s Website –

Robert on Google +

Robert on Twitter

Robert on Facebook

Robert on LinkedIn

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Final Words

Thanks so much for taking the time to listen to my podcast, I appreciate it and hope you got as much out of my discussion with Robert as I did.

He certainly knows his stuff when it comes to Google+ and Branding (and also bananas!).

Try out some of his tips and let us know how you go in the comments below.

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Ashley is obsessed with SEO and WordPress. He is also the founder of Mad Lemmings. When he is not busy helping clients get higher on Google he can be found doing crazy sports in the Swiss Alps (or eating too much chocolate - a habit he is trying to break).

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