Best Twitter Bios – What are they doing right?

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best twitter bios

Having one of the best Twitter bios, or even a good Twitter bio can really help you stand out on Twitter.

There are approximately 1 billion users on Twitter sending nearly 6000 tweets per second.

So you need to stand out.

But you knew that already, right? So how do you do that, you are probably thinking?

Aside from waving a huge flag from the top of the Empire State Building. the easiest way is to take note of the best Twitter bios out there. Then, make yours one of them.

It might sound like a difficult task, but I have already done the research for you.

So just sit back, relax and learn what you need to do… (Hint: It is actually quite easy)

Good Twitter Bios and Twitter Bio Ideas

There are certain things you should put in your Twitter Bio: if you want people to follow you.

Your future followers want to know what you do, what your Twitter account is all about, and what kinds of tweets you will be posting.

So how do the good Twitter bios accomplish that? Let’s take a look at the fundamentals.

What you should include in a great Twitter bio:

  • Business keywords (you want to be known and ranked for)
  • Main interests or passions (also as keywords)
  • What you will tweet about (if it is not already clear)
  • Related Twitter accounts or Website URLs (Twitter gives you only one website address field)
  • Notable achievements (if they are relevant to your Twitter account aims)
  • Keep it short and sweet (you only have 160 characters)
  • Add a touch of YOU (but just a touch, usually at the end, perhaps something witty or personal)

Remember what your goal is: connecting with like minded people on Twitter. Individuals with the same interests, passions or jobs. The rest can wait until you get to know someone.

If your Twitter account is for fun, then go ahead and add irrelevant stuff, but if you are using it professionally, treat it like a business card. Because on Twitter, it is!

After all, imagine I see your bio and have to make a split second decision (yes my time is that important – and so is yours). Will I see anything on your Twitter bio I care about?

Things to avoid in your Twitter bio

While we are on the topic of what to include in your Twitter bio. let’s look at the opposite: what you should avoid.

The problem many people have with their Twitter Bios is either, they don’t not what to write, or they don’t keep the purpose of the bio in mind .

Sure it’s cool to be funny, write about your dog, or tell us you love chocolate, but will I follow you for those reasons? If you are blogging about dogs or chocolate – then great, otherwise…

If you must add such things, which are actually ok in limited amounts, then put them towards the end. Why? Well, I might make my decision not to follow you long before that. So better be safe than follower-less.

Aside from not filling your bio up with irrelevant information, what are some of the other unhelpful things people put in their bios?

What to avoid in a good Twitter Bio:

  • Quotes (sure they are nice – but am I supposed to guess what you do from a quote?)
  • Swear/Curse words (goes without saying I suppose)
  • Hashtags (it just makes your bio harder to read – and it doesn’t help you get found. Just use the word instead. It works. Trust me.)
  • Useless labels (guru, maven, expert, ninja, leader of the first world – unless it’s a funny personal bio of course)
  • Selling me something (some pros do that, but they have enough followers I guess. For the rest of us, it is just annoying)
  • Writing “thoughts are my own” (we know that already)
  • Your family tree (you can throw in personal info, but just a little bit, and preferably at the end. I know you love your family, but unless you are blogging about kids or relationships, it does not really help your cause)

If you want even more ideas of what not to put in your bio, here is a useful list from media

Please keep in mind, nothing is set in stone. What I am trying to accomplish here is to give you an idea of what works. What I have seen in the best Twitter bios. The ones from very successful people.

You may choose to ignore me and perhaps you will still get lots of followers  But if you are looking to hit the big leagues and connect with influential people, then keep reading.

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Best Twitter Bios

We have covered what to put in your Twitter bio, and what to avoid. So now, let’s take a look at some of the best twitter bios I have found through my tireless searching (I had at least two coffees while writing this!).

These are some people I have on my influencers list. People who know what they are doing on Twitter. They range from people with a lot of followers, to people with an insane amount of  followers.

They are all bloggers or social media specialists (that is what I care about). Even if this is not you area, it gives you an idea how the pros approach writing their bios.

So let’s take a look at a random mix of awesome Twitter bios:


Rebekah Radice Twitter


Ron Sela Twitter Bio


Lisa Mason Twitter Bio


John Paul Aguiar Twitter Bio


Jeff Bullas twitter Bio


Michael Hyatt Twitter Bio

As you can see from the bios above, there is a pattern. They are concise, simply written, avoid unnecessary words and…they all follow the points I have highlighted earlier.

However, if you are still having trouble putting all the information you have into a 160 character bio:

  • write down in point form all the things you want to include
  • rank them from most important (for your Twitter account) to the least
  • check it is less then 160 characters (here is a word counter to help)
  • add a little personal touch (if you have space)

Other parts of your profile

The bio is only a small part of your Twitter profile, but it is perhaps the most important. That is why I have gone over this specifically above.

However, there are a number of other elements that make up the Twitter Profile, such as:

  • Profile Photo
  • Background Image
  • Website URL
  • Location

If you want some more information on these points, here is a helpful post I wrote on optimizing your twitter profile as a whole, It is definitely worth a look.


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Clever Twitter Bios

Although I would not recommended taking any of the following bios seriously. it is fun to see what “creative” people there are on Twitter.

Your first port of all, if you are stuck for ridiculous ideas for your Twitter Bio, is the random Twitter Bio generator. Give it a try, just for fun! You certainly won’t be able to use it – unless you have a joke Twitter account.

Or, we can take a look at some of the bios that are often listed as the funniest, coolest or most clever Twitter bios in the Twittersphere.

Here are some examples of how funny and creative some people can be:

  • Serial Chips and Salsa eater
  • Self Proclaimed Media Ho
  • Living vicariously through myself
  • Please insert pretentious crap about myself here
  • I have not lost my mind – its backed up on disk somewhere
  • Unjudgemental Blogger Precautious Creative Optimistic Logical Curious Resourceful Musician Photographer Sailor Philosopher Universal Happy

If you want to see some others, here are some links to articles containing even more witty Twitter bios:

20 of the World’s Most Humorous Twitter Bios

7 Hilarious And Smart Twitter Bios To Check Out


Please take your Twitter bio seriously (unless you don’t care about Twitter, then head on over to Facebook now).

Snap decisions are being made as we speak on whether to follow you, and filling your bio with irrelevant info (especially at the front) is killing your chances.

Think about the aim of your Twitter account and make sure your bio attracts the right kind of people. That is, those you want to connect with.

Be honest with yourself, and be brutal.

In the end, you will benefit from it.


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23 responses to “Best Twitter Bios – What are they doing right?”

  1. silviu says:

    Hi Ashley,

    This is a well researched, well-written post. You worked seriously to gather all this information.

    This remembered my that my bio on Twitter is many, many months old. I created together with my twitter account and it is some kind of general bio.

    I think in the beginning your bio will be more general and vague. That’s because you don’t know exactly the direction (sometimes even the niche), what to do and what are you going to tweet about. This comes in time. So you must put a bio of some sort and keep going.

    In time when you will know what you want and when your purpose will be clear, when your niche will be precise, you will be able to apply the rules presented here and create a powerful bio.

    On the other hand, sadly, if there are 1 billion Twitter users and 6000 tweets per second your bio must be fantastic to attract attention from the beginning.

    Nevertheless, a good bio is very important in that later stage when you are clear about your path and your purpose.

    Have a wonderful day

    • Hi Silviu
      I had a similar problem.
      I have tweaked my profile a number of times, including while writing this post – I did not want to write it and then appear to have ignored my own advice right :>
      But it is tough when you are starting out to know what your focus is.
      We should keep an eye on all our profiles I suppose
      thanks for your comment

  2. Kumar Gauraw says:

    Hi Ashley,
    A very well done topic as Silviu said. Thank you for pointing out the mistakes sometimes we may commit knowing not what works and what doesn’t. Your post is going to help many people and by the way, I do follow Michael Hyatt. He is the man I learnt about blogging from. He is the man who inspired me to build my own platform and I have a very high regard for him.

    Thank you for sharing some incredible tips today.


    • Hey Kumar
      Appreciate the comment.
      I must say I do not often get to Michael’s website, but he is a major source of information on the web.
      I spend more of my time on less powerful blogger’s sites. People I can perhaps connect with.
      But his profile is a good example.
      Hopefully people can learn from these people

  3. Good Morning Ashley!
    I have had my Twitter account for some time now but just recently started to take a better look at it. Thanks to great articles like this one I am learning more everyday.. Thanks Chery :))

    • Hi Chery
      I am glad you could take something away from this post.
      As I mentioned in the post, it is not all set in stone, but we can all focus and improve our bios to get noticed by the people we want to connect with.
      Simple right :>

  4. Diana says:

    Super useful post! Thank you, Ashley, for taking the time to research and share your findings with us.

    I am trying to get more active on twitter and while my background is bothering me for ages, i didn’t really think i had problems with my bio – until i read this post LOL. So big THANKS – i think now my bio is better and if you didn’t follow me already, now you would 😛

    Thanks again – sending you some SMM love.

    • Hey Diana
      I appreciate your kind words.
      I follow loads of people every week on a number of accounts I have, so I was kinda sick of seeing so many horrible twitter bios. Not to say yours or anyone I knows was, I can’t say. But there is a lot of junk out there, perhaps because people have forgotten to update or don’t use the accounts or….whatever.
      But I thought a little reminder might help us all

  5. maxwell ivey says:

    Hello Ashley; I want to really thank you for this post. After reading it it got me to thinking that I had not updated my profile since joining twitter. I had changed my password often but nothing else. Just now I went over there and updated my profile photo and added this text. Let me know what you think. international equipment broker promoting amusement concessions and confections equipment for sale on my site former carnival owner & blind businessman I hope your posts spurs everyone who reads it to at least take a fresh look at their profile pages and not just the one on twitter. Take care, max

    • Hi Max
      You seem to have your Twitter profile down!
      It is looking great. As is the pic. It is good if you use the same one on all profiles. So people recognise you and there is some consistency.
      Thanks for the comment

      • maxwell ivey says:

        Hi Ashley; thanks for reviewing my profile and for the improvement you suggested. Glad i got the right photo on there. Its the best one i have and the most recent. I ordered some new shirts and plan to take a new photo when they get here. and you know its only since i started doing more blog commenting that i have picked up more followers. I finally broke 400 and am hopeful i can reach 500 by the 1st of next year. thanks again and take care, max

  6. Jeevan Jacob John says:

    I certainly don’t have the best twitter bio, but I suppose I can make mine better 😀

    I plan to change it all, once I launch the blog (well, the count down). I will probably change the bio (plus the image – I can convey a lot more through the image) next month.

    So, I do appreciate the guide, Ashley. I haven’t thought much about what I should do (My upcoming blog is focused on experiments, and I do love experiments – both online and offline. Perhaps I can write something about that?).

    I don’t want to include business keywords. Sure, they might be useful, but I find them boring (Too many people following the same pattern..I want to stand out..stand apart).

    Anyways, thank you for the post! Appreciate it. Hope you had a good weekend 😀

    • Hey Jeevan
      We all have our ways and I can understand you don’t want to be boring on your profile.
      It is not me either really – a bit like wearing a suit.
      But I figure for now it is the best way to attract the people I want to be followed by.
      People can get my strange humour on my blog :>

  7. Hmmm. It’s definitely beyond time for me to revisit my Twitter profile. Thanks for the reminder —– and the advice.

  8. Adrienne says:

    Hey Ashley,

    What a great post and I believe I’ve read one on this topic before. I’m really glad for that too because my bio was boring. Not that it’s exciting right now because I’m not that creative but the funny thing is I have that I’m a brownie lover and when people follow me and I thank them that’s what stands out to them. Hey, who doesn’t love brownies right!

    I totally get what you’re saying though, that should be the fun part to it and not the reason we’re here. I think I had mine backwards so I changed it. It can always be better though.

    I love that cool tool you shared too. I had to go check it out just to see what it was. That’s pretty neat, great share to help anyone who is really have a difficult time with this.

    Thanks for this post and sharing what we definitely need to be working on. I think what happens is we get on here, throw something up and then years go by and we fail to revisit it and change or update it. That’s a problem a lot of people have. This is a great reminder.

    Enjoy your week my friend and thanks again.


    • Hey Adrienne
      Glad you kept the brownies part in. It is great to be professional, but also have a little touch of personality in there too. That is why despite thinking it does not help, I realised we all have to express ourselves in our bios.
      Yours is looking great

  9. Ashley, you continue to amaze me with your super-informative posts. :)

    Previously, my Twitter background image was one of colourful hearts, since I love the colours of the rainbow and have a big heart. Admittedly, it was a bit cheesy. I have just updated my entire bio and would appreciate it if you took a look and sent me some feedback, as I value your opinion!

    Thank you for your time!

    • Hi Lorraine
      It is all part of my grand plan to dominate the world – or Twittersphere :>
      I have sent you a mail about your profile. Best not to discuss this over and over on comments.
      But certainly you are making great leaps.

  10. Gerald Weber says:

    “Sure it’s cool to be funny, write about your dog, or tell us you love chocolate, but will I follow you for those reasons? If you are blogging about dogs or chocolate – then great, otherwise…”

    I tend to disagree. A little personality goes a long ways. If you show a unique personalty and sense of humor (rather than a super serious keywords stuffed bio) people just may exactly for that reason.

    Uniqueness and personality sells.

    • Of course Gerald you are right, and I did write that also “Add a touch of YOU (but just a touch, usually at the end, perhaps something witty or personal)”.
      I was trying to balance my points, which is hard in this case. Because what I was really trying to say was that people focus on the irrelevant and witty and forget the important part.
      So they write “husband, father, dog lover and serious chocolate eater with a fetish for coffee, oh and by the way I tweet about social media and start ups”.
      Which kind of gets lost in the woods.
      So I was trying to err on the side of caution – get people more serious about their profiles.
      Yes personality is great, but remember, if you are doing business online, what is the image you want to present.
      The rest of course is up to you.

      • Gerald Weber says:

        Well the problem is you have really very little space in the bio to be witty and all inclusive (which is why I chose witty/funny, however you want to call it.)

        That being said I think your Twitter background and the things that you tweet, and the link in your profile say A LOT about you as well. So I personally put more importance there in my overall message rather than trying to squeeze it all into a short bio.

        Different strokes for different folks, but personally I am attracted to the witty sense of humor types every time.

  11. Nikhil says:

    Great Post Ashley ,

    All the twitter bios provided by you are great and most influencing. I like Jeff Bullas and Rebekah Radice Bios. Both bios are great and your tips for writing twitter bios are get it must be helpful for me. I will definitely try these tips with my twitter bio.

    Nikhil :)