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10 reasons why you must use WordPress

10 Reasons Why You Must Use WordPress

You landed on this page because you are wondering why you should use WordPress? There are loads of options for building websites these days, and it can get a little confusing. But if you take a good look at the benefits or reasons you should use WordPress for your website, I think you will be […]

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Why Do I Need a Website?

You might be wondering – why do I need a website? It can seem like a bit of a luxury when you are just starting a business. And even some local businesses don’t really see the need. Not only that, but a website can seem like an intimidating and complex thing to build, especially when you have […]

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Why you need a responsive website

Why You Need a Responsive Website

Responsive websites are all the rage these days. They are very useful, and I would even say “a must” for any business today. But if you are not a web designer, maybe you don’t know why you actually need one? So let’s take a look at what exactly a responsive website can do for you and […]

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Wordpress security protect your website against hackers

WordPress Security Tips: Protect Your Site from Hackers

Are you worried someone could hack your WordPress website? If you aren’t, then maybe you should be! If someone can get into your website, they could: delete everything change your passwords so you can’t get in aymore write malicious things about you or your company on your site [insert other horrible thing you can imagine […]

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Grab People’s Attention Even If You’re a Blogging Nobody

Getting people’s attention in the noisy online world is tough. In fact, according to Wikipedia: On 20 February 2014, there were around 172 million Tumblr and 75.8 million WordPress blogs in existence worldwide. And that is not including other platforms like Blogger and non-Wordpress sites. So competition is fierce, and you need to do something a […]

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Siteground Review Web Hosting

Siteground Review: Is Web Hosting Really That Good?

In this Siteground Review  I am going to take a look at the features that Siteground offer and why they are different to your standard hosting company. Trying to find a reliable and reasonably priced web hosting service is tough. Most of us use Bluehost or Hostgator (or similar hosting), but their service has been on […]

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Content Marketing is Important for Small Business

4 Reasons Content Marketing is a Great Idea for Small Business

In this post I am going to show you why you need to start taking content marketing so seriously for your small business. If you are a running small business, you may be wondering why content marketing is so important. Or maybe you don’t really understand what it is? According to the Content Marketing Institute: […]

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MLP012: Boost Your Productivity with Tips from Productive Super Dad w/ Timo Kiander

You have way too many things to do each day, right? And nothing ever seems to get done. Your task list is huge, I am sure. Especially if you are running your own blog or business. There are boat loads of productivity tips out there, so it is hard to know where to start! But […]

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reasons website drives visitors insance

5 Reasons Your Website Drives Visitors Insane

Today’s typical website visitor is busy. They are more than likely accessing your site via a mobile device while on the way to work or between appointments. If they are at home and have a few spare minutes, it is likely between cooking dinner, running the kids to after school activities or watching TV on the couch. […]

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MLP009: How Relationships and Branding Lead to Blogging Success w/ John Paul Aguiar

You read a lot about being successful online. Everyone has a bag full tips and tricks that they assure you will help you reach the top! The problem is, not all of them have reached the top themselves. So they are not really talking from experience. So on today’s podcast I invited an extremely successful blogger […]

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