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15 Experts Share the Worst Blogging Advice Ever

15 Experts Share their Worst Blogging Advice Ever

You’ve probably heard that saying about everyone having an opinion? Well, in the world of Pro Blogging, the opinions are flying around daily! And with so many experts out there telling us what to do, it is insanely confusing. Who should I listen to, and what is the “best” advice in the end? So I […]

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how to write for boring niches

How to Write for Boring Niches – 7 Refreshing Ideas

In this guest post you will learn some great tips and tricks to turn boring content into Cinderella!  Did you ever hear this: My niche is mind-numbingly boring and has no room for creative and attention-grabbing content! This is an issue I find many writers out there complaining about. In fact most of them walk out […]

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How to Write the Best Blog Headlines – Tips and Tricks

I heard a rumour that you write amazing content for your blog. So, I was just reading your latest post, and frankly – it blew me away! Your clean writing style mixed with those amazing images really had me hooked from the minute I started reading… Ok, I am lying. I never actually read your […]

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Bloggers are Helpful

If you spend long enough blogging you will come to realise a very simple truth: Bloggers are helpful. It’s kinda crazy really. I mean, who would offer you free professional advice when they don’t even know you? Who would help you build your audience when they have never even met you? Who would tell you […]

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7 Copywriting Secrets to Create Addictive Content

7 Copywriting Secrets To Writing Insanely Addictive Content

How do they do it? What’s that well-kept secret those A-list bloggers seem to have to grab your attention and pull you in? I am sure you have asked yourself this question over and over again. With over 2 million new blog posts published every day, you simply can’t afford to publish average content. To be honest with […]

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How To Use Visual Content To Boost Your Traffic

How to use visual content to boost your traffic #contentmarketing

Every day, bloggers and companies alike are producing tons of new content. So it’s only natural that your blog or website is up against some stiff competition. Mark Schaefer was also one of the first to claim that we are facing a content shock, and that standing out amongst the crowd is almost impossible. One tried and […]

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4 Powerful Tools for an Error-free Blog Post

4 Powerful Tools For Writing An Error-Free Blog Post

In this guest post Liudas will show you 4 powerful tools that will help you make your next blog post error-free and a pleasure to read. I live in Lithuania and I speak Lithuanian. English is my second language, which I started learning very early on. I remember watching cartoons on TV and learning more […]

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Why Guest Posting Is Not Dead - And Why It Still Rocks!

Guest Blogging Is Not Dead – And Why It Still Rocks

You have probably heard that guest blogging is dead, right? Rumor has it that Matt Cutts has taken it out the back and put a bullet in it’s head. Like some kind of mob killing from the 1930s. Note: Matt Cutts is head of Google’s Web Spam team if you did not know him. His team makes all the changes […]

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Why Do I Need a Website?

You might be wondering – why do I need a website? It can seem like a bit of a luxury when you are just starting a business. And even some local businesses don’t really see the need. Not only that, but a website can seem like an intimidating and complex thing to build, especially when you have […]

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7 Techniques To Make Your Blog Posts Soar

7 Proven Techniques to Make Your Blog Posts Soar

In this post you will learn 7 proven techniques for making your blog posts/content more readable, shareable and higher quality in general. One of the biggest challenges in content marketing and blogging is standing out from the crowd. Everyone and their sister is blogging right now and it is hard to rise above the noise and gets noticed. […]

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