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Advertising on Facebook: Tips For Expanding Your Audience

We have to be creative in order to expand our audience. They don’t just come knocking on your door asking for awesome content. Sure, you can beg for more views from Google, or try to get more tweets on Twitter. But sometimes that is just not enough. In this post I am going to show […]

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Website Review #2: Blog Posts, SEO and More

Karen of Kip Kitchen asked me to do a website review because she needed a second opinion and a little SEO advice. I will be doing a thorough review as always, based on my impressions, issues I see and ideas for improvements. Karen has also asked about SEO and ideas for traffic generation, which is […]

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BuzzSumo Review: Discover The Most Shared Content In Seconds

In this BuzzSumo Review you will learn why this is one of the most powerful tools you can use for finding the best and most shared content on the web and social media. Have you ever wondered what your best, most shared content was? Or perhaps wanted to learn what is working for your competitors. […]

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Starting a WordPress Blog

It can be intimidating setting up your first blog. I know. Not so long ago, I was in the same boat. I had no idea either. So in this easy to follow post, I thought I would break it down into easy steps for you. First I am going to go over how you can […]

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best plugins to start a wordpress blog

The Best Plugins to Start a WordPress Blog

In this post I will go over all of the plugins that I believe you need to create a great blog. Starting a blog can be a little intimidating. Sure, you can purchase a domain and set up a WordPress blog in less than 30 minutes, but that is only the beginning. In order to really […]

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how to write for boring niches

How to Write for Boring Niches – 7 Refreshing Ideas

In this guest post you will learn some great tips and tricks to turn boring content into Cinderella!  Did you ever hear this: My niche is mind-numbingly boring and has no room for creative and attention-grabbing content! This is an issue I find many writers out there complaining about. In fact most of them walk out […]

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Blogging Tips: Lessons Learned in 2013

I have read a lot of blogs and posts in 2013, and I think I can honestly say I have learnt a lot. I started Mad Lemmings back in mid-April of this year, while I was at home with my leg in the air recovering from a skiing accident! If you have not read about […]

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convert with an ebook

How to Convert at Ridiculous Rates with Your eBook

The following is a guest post from Greg Narayan, who blogs with passion at Dear Blogger. In this post Greg is going to blow your mind with the possibilities of eBooks and ridiculous conversion rates (and by ridiculous – he means 10-15% of people who show up on your blog!). Take it away Greg… Not too […]

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focus on the point

How to Help Readers “Get” Your Blog Posts

The following is a guest post by Lorraine Reguly, a writer, blogger and editor I met via the Bloggers Helping Bloggers Group on LinkedIn. Over to you Lorraine! Getting your message across to your readers is one thing; getting readers to your message is another. This post will focus on the former; you can read this […]

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lose your visitors

Don’t lose your visitors! – Speed up your website

You have probably noticed it yourself when you are waiting for a website to load. The page is coming, and coming, and coming, and then you say to yourself – “I have better things to do!” (I use more swear words, but that is just me). After losing your patience, you leave the site! Onwards […]

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