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If you spend long enough blogging you will come to realise a very simple truth: Bloggers are helpful.

It’s kinda crazy really. I mean, who would offer you free professional advice when they don’t even know you? Who would help you build your audience when they have never even met you? Who would tell you how to fix your blog when they are flat out busy?

Bloggers will.

And it takes many shapes and forms…

Bloggers who share

One of the first things you learn as a blogger is that you need to share other people’s content. If this is news to you, then mark this day on your calendar:

From today onwards, I must share other blogger’s content on social media. Not just my own.

It may seem a little counter-intuitive at first. After all, we are living in very “me” oriented times. However, in order to receive, you must first give. Kind of like karma. Or Christmas? Anyway…

Many top bloggers will tell you the same thing. We all learn it eventually. And if I may quote Adam Connell, blogger extraordinaire at Blogging Wizard:

You need to start off by helping other people out in your niche….It’s givers gain.

You might be wondering why it has to start with you? Why do you have to be the chicken? Or is it the egg? Well someone does. And no one knows you yet.  Or perhaps more accurately, not enough people to matter.

One of the fastest ways I got some recognition, was by sharing. It all started with a great blogging group on LinkedIn called Bloggers Helping Bloggers. These are a great bunch of people who help out new bloggers, and even existing ones, with comments, sharing and other blogger-like help. I am still in contact with many of these people today and I can’t thank them enough for the help and support they gave to me in the beginning.

I then discovered that your blogging reach can be greatly expanded using Triberr.  Triberr is based upon sharing. You join Tribes of similar niche blogs and share each others content. You will also slowly get to know the other tribe members, especially via Twitter. So if you have not checked out Triberr, here is a post I wrote a while back on finding your first tribes.

Not matter how you do it, blogging is all about sharing. And all good bloggers share. So off you those share buttons on this post :> I had to ask.

Bloggers who help

Sharing is actually quite easy. It’s really just the click of the button (or two). With time however, you will find your fellow bloggers may start to help you even more.

Sure, you may have to ask for help, but most bloggers won’t mind. In fact, many of them enjoy it, and some even encourage it. It is one of the main reasons people get into blogging.

Sometimes it’s just small things like:

  • A quick email to let you know your blog is not working (happened to poor Tom’s blog last week while I was guest posting there)
  • Or that your post appears a bit strange in a certain browser (I got a few message like this via LinkedIn and Twitter)
  • Perhaps your spelling or grammar is a little off (Lorraine was kind enough to help me with this – if you need editing, she’s your girl)
  • Your Twitter handle is not appearing via your tweet button (this was a common theme last week in the Blogosphere)
  • Help with WordPress issues (Adrienne Smith appealed to her audience for help a few weeks back)
  • Trying to get Twitter cards working (Barry and Lisa worked on this together for months)

I have had a few situations like this. Sometimes it involves people I know, other times not. In every single case, from my point of view, the information is always welcome. People might feel a little timid telling you about errors, problems and so forth. So be open, honest and accepting, because it is to your advantage.

Bloggers who go one step further

There  are other situations where people might spend a lot of time helping you with things that are perhaps outside of your skill set. I am a person who tries to do everything on my own. I rarely ask for help. Perhaps it comes from my years spent learning IT in environments where help was not really offered (we all know IT people are introverted – well some anyway). But if you need help, go ahead and ask. I doubt you will be turned down.

Or you could offer help where you can. Going that extra mile for your blogger buddies is always worth the effort, in whatever form it takes. Here are some examples off the top of my head:

  • Offering to fix something for someone who does not know how
  • Helping newbies with questions they may have
  • Going the extra mile with a guest post (it’s not all abotu links)
  • Sharing someone’s content on three social media sites instead of one
  • Forwarding posts to people who might enjoy reading (but you have not interest in)
  • Connecting people together with common interests

There are so many chances out there to shine. I see them more and more of them, especially as I get more subscribers. People asking for help, advice, or tips. I am more than happy to share.

Remember, we are all new to something at some point. In fact, you are probably trying something new this week. So take a little time to help others. Not only will they appreciate it, but you may even unknowingly benefit from it one day. When you least expect it :>

My offer to you

This is one of the things I offer to all my new subscribers, but rarely am I taken up on it.

Let me know if there is something I can help you with – web development (my specialty), WordPress, Social Media, SEO.

Write your request in the comments below OR privately via email  (go to the contact page via the top menu).

Oh, and one last thing. Be helpful. Today.

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