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Triberr for Beginners – Finding Tribes & Sharing

Tribe of peopleTriberr is all about Bloggers helping other Bloggers.

Organised into so called “Tribes”, you share content and your content is shared in return.

The concept it quite sound and seems to work well in practice, but when you are first starting out – finding the right tribe and joining them is the hard part.


So to start off with, here are a few ways to find your first Tribes, especially if you are a beginner.

Finding a Tribe via Bonfires

If you don’t know anyone using Triberr who can recommend you a tribe or even invite you into one, you can try the following technique

  1. Go to the Bonfires section (in the top menu of the Triberr interface)
  2. Find the “Looking for tribes” section
  3. Create a post, highlighting the kind of blogging you do (keep it short, and the title should be something like: Looking for ****** Tribe)
  4. Usually a Tribe Chief will contact you with an Invite, but be patient (a week or more)

Joining Tribes

If you are not having any “beginner’s” luck with the above option, there are a couple of other things you can do to join a tribe.

  1. Check the other Bonfire posts for people looking for Tribemates for their tribe
  2. Find a Tribe on Triberr that you want to join (similar content, great bloggers etc) and get their attention and hopefully get an invite

If you choose option 2, here is what you need to do.

  • First step is “following” the Tribe you want to join. This allows you to see their content, and interact with it.
  • Comment on and share their content, which will gain their attention. The idea is that your interactions will gain the attention of the Chief
  • Hopefully your helpfulness and your website being a good fit for their tribe will then get you an Invite to join the Tribe.

tribe chiefStarting your own Tribe

If you still not receiving any invites, you can always start your own Tribe and be the Chief! Now that sounds like fun right?

It is a harder of course, but at least you control the Tribe – know what people will be posting and who will be sharing your content.

Again you can post in the Bonfires with a thread highlighting the content of your Tribe and ask people to join.

You should also post through your social media network to get people on board too. After all many of your readers will be into similar things, so why not leverage that.

Approving your Tribemates Posts

To “Approve” a post you need to go to the “New Posts” section of the Tribe.

Then you can read the posts and choose which you want to approve – to be helpful Approval is not a big deal, sharing you should be more careful on.

The Quirk: I found when using Chrome, that clicking on approve does nothing, you just need to hover over the icon to approve it.

*Update: Tim has kindly informed me that this is a setting you can change within the stream. Thanks Tim!

thumbs upSharing Content

In the Approved Posts section are all the posts you can share out to your network.

Click on the “manually share” link and the options for sharing will come up

Of course this is assuming you have registered your Twitter, Facebook, etc. Triberr needs access to them to share the content!!


Take Aways

Finding a Tribe at first puts many beginners off, as it can take some time. But using the various methods above should get you up and running. Once people notice you, they will start to invite you to other Tribes.

Triberr is a great way to get your content broadcasted, but you need to share others content too. Don’t forget that, or your hard work finding a Tribe will be for nothing.

Is Triberr working for you? Do you have any Tribes you want us to join?


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