Thrive Landing Pages Review: Are They As Great as LeadPages?

In this post I am going to take a look at how good Thrive Landings Pages is for the cost and features you get.

Thrive Landing Pages are are part of the Thrive Content Builder plugin package, so if you buy that you get them included (or vice versa). So it is actually not just a landing page tool, it is also great for building any page or post in WordPress.

But is it worth paying $59 for? Let's fine out...

​Thrive Landing Pages - What is Included?

Considering the price of this plugin (compared to say Leadpagesyou get a lot for your money.

Thrive Content Builder​

The Thrive Content Builder is a part of the Thrive Landing pages, which is great news because it is one of the simplest page builders I have ever seen or used (and as a web designer I use quite a few).

​Thrive Content Builder is a drag and drop page builder that shows you exactly how your pages will look (unlike in WordPress standard, where you always have to check using "Preview").

​The Content Builder Plugin also comes with some very well built and designed page elements that can come in very handy like:

  • ​Layout elements (boxes, dividers, columns etc)
  • Images, Buttons, Text
  • Maps, Testimonials, Optin Forms, Icons and much more

In fact, I am even writing this in Thrive Content Builder (which is what you build the pages with) just to see how easy it is.

The following video gives you a great idea of how easy this content builder is to use:

Thrive Landing Page Templates

The beauty of this Thrive Landing Pages  is that you can create landing pages in minutes from a huge range of templates that they provide you.

​Although you can create your own landing page from scratch using a blank template, why bother when they have awesome, proven templates for you to start with!

To get started building a landing page, all you have to do is create a new page in WordPress and then choose a landing page template. It is that simple. 

Then just drag, drop, change text and color. Add an image ​or change one, and in a few minutes you will be done!

There are over 100 templates to choose from​, ranging from:

  • Email sign up, download and thank you pages
  • Sales Pages & Video Sales Pages (longer and shorter)
  • Webinar pages

Here are what some of the templates look like, to give you a quick feel fro the options you have :

Thrive Landing Page Templates

Quick Video Demonstration

I know that seeing something in action is far easier, so below I have included a quick video to demonstrate how it is done. Click play and give it a watch, and you will be amazed how simple it all is.

Email List Integration

Of course no landing page software is complete without being able to integrate with your favorite email marketing program. After all, you have to put the names and emails somewhere.​

Thrive Landings Pages integrates with just about any email service around. The following are a list of the main ones that they support with ease:

Thrive Leads Email Integration

Note: Ones that connect to their API are: Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, Ontraport, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, almost any other email service can be done via a HTML form.

It is actually quite simple to cut and paste HTML forms from any email service to Thrive. And, if you have problems integrating, the Thrive Support is amazingly fast and knowledgeable.

Quick Note On Support and Help

I know some of you are not as technical, but that is ok. Even though Thrive is very simple to use, sometimes you have questions or problems (yes problems do occur). And you want to know that you can easily ask someone.

The crew at Thrive are insanely responsive and helpful, and​ that is one of the reasons the plugin does not cost $5, but $59. You get amazing support. All you have to do is login to their support forum and post a ticket. The same day, at least in my experience you will get a response and if they can't solve it in the ticket, they will login to your site and fix it for you!

Thrive Landing Pages vs Lead Pages

Personally, before I used Thrive Landing Pages and Content Builder so much I was using LeadPages all the time. In fact if you are interested in seeing the difference, here is my review of LeadPages.

​What are the big differences in my eyes:

  • ​Thrive Landing Pages is a one time cost, LeadPages is per month/year
  • ​Thrive Content Builder is a lot easier to use, and you can use it on your whole site (Leadpages is contained on their website)
  • LeadPages has a lot more templates, a lot of them you pay extra for in their marketplace
  • LeadPages comes with some optin capabilities (LeadBoxes) which you only get with Thrive Leads (which is separate product, but overall a better one)
  • LeadPages has Facebook integration which is great if you want to collect likes on Facebook or leads via a Facebook page
  • LeadPages hosts your pages for you, so you don't need a website, and they load very fast

Which would I buy? 

​If you have a WordPress website and want to seriously develop it for a business or blog, I would get Thrive Thrive Content Builder/Landing Pages   and Thrive Leads 

​If you prefer to work away from your site, or don't have a WordPress site, then LeadPages is one of your only options for Landing Pages.

Thrive Landing Pages Pros and Cons

Just to make it easier to see what is great and what not with Thrive Landing Pages, here is a quick summary for you:


All of the positives of grabbing Thrive Landing Pages:

  • Over 100 Landing Page templates to choose from (more constantly being added)
  • All kinds of landing pages from Email Optin, Thank You, Webinar, Sales and Squeeze Pages
  • Thrive Content Builder is a simple to use drag and drop editor even my Mom could use
  • You can create pages in about 10 minutes
  • Integrates with any email service, (most using their API connector which is simple)
  • One of the cheapest plugins of it's kind 


So there has to be a few downsides to such a great tool, right?

  • ​The Page Builder is simple, but there is still a little learning curve (especially if you are new to WordPress)
  • No A/B Testing for Landing Pages (The Thrive Leads Plugin for Optin Forms has it)
  • WP Profit Builder (a similar, but not quite as good tool) is slightly cheaper at $47

How Much Does Thrive Landings Pages Cost?

A single license of Thrive Landing Pages, which includes Thrive Content Builder (you can use that on any other page or post) is $59.

There are further licenses if you wish to buy one of the high converting Thrive Themes, or use the plugin on multiple websites.

Comparing to Other Landing Page Plugins

However, when you compare this with something like Leadpages, which costs $37 per month or Optimize Press which costs $97, Thrive Landing Pages is quite cheap.

​I use it on all my (and many of my clients) websites, and recommend it to most people I talk to.

​I have not used a simpler or more powerful tool like it before, and it saves me hours of web development time (and I know how to code!).

Thrive Landing Pages
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  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Thrive Landing Pages
  • Reviewed by:
  • Published on: May 7, 2015
  • Last modified: March 13, 2018
  • Ease of Use
    Editor: 100%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 95%
  • Documentation
    Editor: 95%
  • Support
    Editor: 95%

Review Summary:

Thrive Landing Pages are one of the simplest and most powerful WordPress plugins around. Starting with a template, you can have a landing page in minutes, and all right from your WordPress dashboard! No tech skills required. And they are high converting landing pages too.


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