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Need a WordPress Landing Page? Here Are Your Options

In this post I will show you all the best options you have when it comes to WordPress landing page plugins and themes. 

As you probably know, having a website with high converting traffic is the key to making money online. The result is that people do what you want them to do when they land on your website:

  • buy your product
  • sign up to your email list
  • or webinar

and so on.

Creating those pages on your website that gets your visitors to act (buy, signup) is what you absolutely have to do. And to do that, you need amazing landing pages.

Before we go any further, let’s be clear on the definition of a landing page.

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What is a Landing Page Exactly?

There is a little bit of confusion out there on the internet about what exactly a landing page is.

The technical definition is

The first page anyone lands on when they visit your website.

This is a definition used when you look at something like Google Analytics. They label things landing pages to show what pages people are first visiting on your site. Handy, for sure.

However, when marketers talk about landing pages they have something else in mind all together. They mean:

the pages you get your visitors to go to (land on), in order to get them to act (buy, sign up)

These pages are usually separate from the rest of your content, and do not contain any distracting information (sidebars for example). They are designed to do only one thing and to get as many people as possible to do that one thing. The problem you as a website owner face is creating these “landing pages”.

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to change, tweak and improve your landing pages on the fly without having to pay a designer every single time?

You are constantly improving your marketing so you need to be able to adapt your website and pages quickly and easily.

So what kinds of landing page plugins, builders and themes can you use?

What are the Landing Page options for WordPress?

Depending on your particular needs, there are a whole bunch of options available for WordPress websites. And in the following sections I am going to show you some of the best in each.

I have broken it down into three sections so you can easily find what you need:

  1. Simple Plugins – Cheap, Easy and Limited Functionality.
  2. Page Builders – Range of plugins enabling you to build all kinds of landing pages on your website
  3. WordPress Themes – Range of Themes to build websites with either a coming soon landing page, or a landing page anywhere on your site.

WordPress Landing Page Plugins (Simple and Easy)

The following plugins are for those looking to make a landing page that looks great, but is easy to set up and low cost. They don’t have all the features and options of the page builders but for many of you just wanting a landing page website, or simple page on your existing site, they will be more than enough.

Parallax Gravity Landing Page Builder

Parallax Gravity Landing Page Plugin

Parallax Gravity is an attractive and price effective option for creating a landing page alone, or within a website. It is however not as extensive as some of the other plugins or themes mentioned, but if you like what they have to offer (style, features) then go for it. If you think you will change your landing page entirely later, one of the other options would be a better bet (like Thrive or Leadpages).

The plugin includes some great modern features such as:

  • The ability to add pages/sections anywhere on your site
  • Stunning parallax movements (where background stays still)
  • Impressive CSS effects (like elements flying onto the page)
  • Fully responsive

I have not had the chance to fully test this plugin, but for only $16 it is one of the cheaper landing page options around.

Seed Pod Coming Soon Page Builder

Seedpod Coming Soon Page Builder

Seedpod is quite simply a coming soon page builder that can easily get you up and running if you are building something and just want a website to capture emails for later use. The plugin includes some great modern features such as:
  • Integrates with almost all the main email servers (Aweber, MailChimp, ConstantContact etc)
  • Mobile and Retina Read
  • Video background, Image Background or Slideshow
  • Google Fonts, Social Icons and more
This is a great plugin for anyone looking to start a website soon, or putting it in maintenance while they do something. It looks great, has loads of options and captures emails to anywhere you can think of.

WordPress Landing Page Builders (Powerful, Feature-rich)

These are the plugins and tools that allow you to create amazing landing pages. They are feature-rich with lots of options, templates, tools and more. They also range from the more complex to the simple. So take a look at all of them before making a choice – or just head to the end of this post to see what my favorites are!

Visual Composer

Visual Composer WPBakers Page Builder

Visual Composer, like many page builders, adds easy page building on top of the standard WordPress. It enables you to change the layout and order of elements and insert elements where you want.

I have used Visual Composer on a number os sites that use Theme Forest Themes and it is a great tool to have. It is very similar to the easy to use page builder on the Divi Theme (more on that below).

It comes with the following impressive features:

  • Advanced grid builder (for fine-tuning layouts)
  • More than 40 Content Elements (Maps, Tabs, FAQ, Image Carousel etc.)
  • Skin Builder (build your own color scheme_
  • And of course mobile responsive

This is one of the better page builder plugins around and is worth a look if you want to give yourself the power to change your site without tech skills.

Thrive Content Builder


Thrive Content Builder is actually how I built this page. It is a simple and powerful WordPress Page Builder that allows you to create anything from landing pages to blog posts with stunning features (testimonials, maps, boxes, buttons, anything really). And all without any tech skills It is a simple drag and drop, then edit style tool with
  • 30+ Built-in landing page templates
  • Lots of styles, formatting, layouts
  • Huge range of elements
So if you have an existing WordPress site, and just want to take it to the next level in any way, this tool/plugin can help you do that easily.

Optimize Press

Optimize Press 2

Optimize Press is quite an impressive plugin/theme combination you can use with WordPress. It allows you to build landing pages from scratch, or use their 30+ Templates. It also comes with a complete Theme, which may suit some people. 

The page builder is a simple to use drag and drop tool with over 40 elements that you can add to your landing pages, or use to create your own. Elements include – Optin Boxes, Testimonials, Countdown Timers and much much more.

It also comes with a free additional membership plugin which is great if you are thinking about selling content behind closed doors, or just want a private area of your site.

So to summarize the features of Optimize Press 2.0:

  • 30+ Landing Page Templates (more if you join their club – monthly fee)
  • Easy to use drag and drop builder
  • Integrates with most email systems (AWeber, GetResponse, MailChimp, iContact, Infusionsoft and Ontraport)
  • Includes the OptimizePress theme if you don’t already have one (otherwise you can use it with that)
  • Includes a free membership plugin 

WP Profit Builder

WP Profit Builder Page Builder

Not sure how thought up the name, but WP Profit Builder is a very powerful landing page builder that you can plug straight into WordPress.

If you like the looks of those stunning landing pages with great backgrounds and email optin forms. This plugin excels at those, as well as almost any kind of page you can imagine.

Where this plugin dominates is with the templates that are already built in. This means you can take one of those, and make it your own very easily.

It is not as simple to use as a plain page builder as Thrive Content Builder (more on that below).

Some of the notable features include:

  • 60+ Pre-designed templates
  • Simple drag and drop editor
  • Easy email marketing integration (all the big names – Aweber, MailChimp, Ontra port etc)
  • 60 Day Free Trial

This page builder is ideal for those who don’t want to think too much – just grab a template and go. It is similar to Leadpages in terms of results and options, but without all the frills (A/B Testing, account management). So great for a single blogger or company with low budget.


LeadPages Landing Page Builder

LeadPages is an industry leading and feature rich landing page builder that can be used directly with WordPress (or any other website). It is really the Rolls Royce of the landing page builders mentioned here.

Where LeadPages stands out is with their amazing line up of high converting templates. They also have a new market place that gives you access to a huge range of other templates at low prices.

LeadPages is definitely not for your low budget solopreneur, but if you want the fastest, best converting landing pages for getting email subscribers (or webinars or sales or anything really). Then this is your baby. 

As well as a simple page builder LeadPages comes with:

  • Fastest point and click Landing Page Builder
  • Hosted on their servers (so load super fast)
  • Stunning designs that have been heavily tested to convert (get signups)
  • Use with WordPress, on your server, or without a web hosting company
  • A/B Split testing built in to make your pages convert even more

Other important pluses:

Leadpages can be hosted on their site, so if you dont have a website, you can still collect emails This is great for coming soon pages for startups or even for new ideas you have and don’t want to invest in a website yet.

Leadpages also allows you to export the HTML from their site and put it on your server. So it works for non-Wordpress sites too. Read more on that here.

The only downsides of LeadPages are two things: the price (a monthly or yearly subscription) and the fact that you can’t easily heavily customize the pages (like most of the builders). But for many people this is a great advantage, just change the words, the image, save and publish! Done in minutes.

WordPress Landing Page Themes

If you want to create a simple website that is a one page design or just simply a landing page, then WordPress Landing Page Themes are a great option.

The following are some great themes from various WordPress Theme companies that should certainly give you lots of ideas and options.


Divi Theme WordPress Landing Page 

I love using Divi. And in fact have built a number of websites with it, including my marketing website: Entice Online Marketing.

It is a complete website page builder as well as WordPress Theme and is ideal for creating landing pages, as well as websites. It allows you to structure your page with sections, columns and panels. And insert prebuilt elements as well as custom code and standard WordPress text.

It comes built with such things as:

  • Responsive Design
  • Elements like Tabs, Sliders, Testimonials, Counters, Pricing Tables and more
  • Simple to use page builder

I recommend this theme to many people and use it for quite a few of my customers too.


Landlr WordPress Landing Page Theme 

Landlr is a great theme for building one page websites that are intended as a landing page. It is perfect for simple websites that have one function, or are for a coming soon style page. However, the simple drag and drop design with the huge variety of elements means that you can really create almost any one page website you like.

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Slider Built In
  • Full Localization (any language)
  • SEO Optimized


AppSperia WordPress Landing Page Theme

Appsperia is an App focused landing page with some funky sliding features that reveal more about the app as you scroll. If you are marketing a new app, then this theme could be one to put on your wishlist

It has a very modern design with lots of built in color schemes, which means you could have a website up and running in no time. Some of the other features include:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Video Background
  • Contact Form
  • Pricing Tables


Bivio WordPress Landing Page Themes

Bivio is a great landing page theme focused on a simple coming soon style email collection homepage. It has three styles you can choose from, all using full screen background images.

It is also a complete website theme, so you can either start with a coming soon page and add a site later, or from the beginning. Some of the features worth noting include:

  • Responsive Web Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Visual Site Builder
  • CSS Animations and Icons
  • Translation Ready

For someone looking for a simple email capture landing page theme, this is a great option.


Petrichor WordPress Landing page theme

Pertrichor is quite unusual because the have a side-by-side preview when you are using their page builder. And again, if you start with it as a landing page theme, you can also expand it into a full website later on (or from the beginning, of course). Some of the other notable features of this attractive theme include:
  • Responsive Web Design
  • 4 Header layouts with 6 pre-loaded backgrounds
  • Lots of color options built-in
  • Google Maps & Contact Form
Although the actual page element options are not extensive, if the look and feel suites you, this could be a good choice.

Just Landed

Just Landed WordPress Landing Page Theme

My least favorite of the selection here, Just Landed certainly has a lot of features, but is not the most modern or attractive theme around. include:
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Retina Ready
  • Visual Site Builder
  • CSS Animations and Icons
  • Translation Ready
For someone looking for a simple email capture landing page theme, this is a great option.

The Best Options For You

There are so many options when it comes to Landing Pages, so let’s break it down for you.

Simplest Landing Page Builder

In my experience, LeadPages is the easiest to use, and highest converting landing page builder around.

If you have no interest in building pages yourself, and just want a simple point a click editor that takes minutes to use, this is your guy.

You can host the pages on their website (so you don’t even need a website), or link them to your WordPress site (or import the HTML to your website).

You get A/B testing in the Pro version. And other features like popups and 404 pages.

Cheapest Landing Page Builder

Parallax is the cheapest option by far at $16. But it is very limited in features and has a specific look and feel.

If you are aiming to save money on Landing Page builders, either combine it with the theme (like Divi) or use a page builder which costs about $50 but offers you far more options (like Thrive Content Builder or Profit Builder).

Best All Round Solution

Optimize Press comes with just about everything you could need, except for A/B Testing.

They have a Theme, a built-in page builder, 30 Landing Page Templates to get you there faster, and a membership plugin to lock down some content for your paying customers.

And although it is a little more expensive than Thrive ($97) it has those extra options for those who need them.

Best Landing Page Builder

I like a lot of the landing page builders around, but have the most experience with Thrive Content Builder. And those guys are just about to release a new plugin called the Thrive Landing Page Builder which will rival LeadPages in functionality. (I will certainly review it when it comes out)>

So if you want a landing page builder, then compare Thrive Content Builder or WP Profit Builder. I recommend Thrive, but it is up to you to decide (FYI: although this page is not a landing page, it is also built with Thrive).

WordPress Landing Page Templates

The three that stand out in this area are:

Landing Page Templates can really help you get the page you need faster, easier and with something like LeadPages, it is also tested by many people online and is high converting (most signups/leads etc).

Best Page Builder

Thrive Content Builder and WP Profit Builder also come with landing page templates so it can get you a result a lot faster for a landing page. But Thrive is also focused on adding elements to pages or building complete pages as well.

Another easy to use option, but with slightly less options and not as many elements is the Visual Composer. I have used this to create some websites in the past, but prefer the power and conversion focused elements that come with Thrive (click to tweet, optin forms etc).

What About Themes?

Themes are a good option when you are starting out with a website and want to have landing pages too. 

The options I have presented above each have strengths and weaknesses and some have specific aims (like App landing pages). So rather than give you a best option, I recommend you take a look at them all and see what you like and what suits your purposes.

The only thing I can say is that Divi is a great theme with an easy to use page builder built-in.

Don’t Have a Website or WordPress Site?

LeadPages is the only option for you (from these choices of course). 

No Website? LeadPages allows you to host the landing pages on their site and use a sub-domain of theirs (so I have madlemmings.leadpages.net). Then you can use the landing page URL anywhere you want (ads, emails etc). No website needed!

No WordPress? Your option is to export all the HTML and load it onto your webserver, so you can host a simple HTML page (which is a copy of the LeadPage landing page) in a directory of your site. It is not hard, but does require you to upload it to your webserver. But it saves you lots of money and once you learn how, there goes your web developer!

Final Thoughts

Landing pages and adding conversion focused elements and popups is crucial to your success online. So keep those things in mind when choosing the best plugin for your site. I am constantly changing and tweaking my site based on feedback from testing and users, so love the flexibility of LeadPages and Thrive Content Builder.

Whatever you choose, start building your email list today and get more customers for your business asap!


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Ashley is obsessed with SEO and WordPress. He is also the founder of Mad Lemmings. When he is not busy helping clients get higher on Google he can be found doing crazy sports in the Swiss Alps (or eating too much chocolate - a habit he is trying to break).

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