How to Get the Most Out of Leadpages [Tutorials]

leadpages tutorialI have been using Leadpages for a while now and wanted to share some of the things I have learned though some Leadpages Tutorials.

Although Leadpages is an extremely easy tool to use, some of the features take a little bit of work to learn.

Editing and creating the pages is very intuitive and easy to do, but there are some side tasks like:

  • connecting with WordPress (via a plugin)
  • publishing to Facebook
  • adding Lead Magnets / giveaways

that need a little bit of explanation.

So to help you get the most out of your use of Leadpages, I have made some Leadpages Tutorial videos.

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How to Easily Create an Optin or Squeeze Page with Leadpages

This first video is just a simple creation of a lead page, but the videos further down go into more detail on using the features of Leadpages.

How to Integrate Leadpages with WordPress

If you are a blogger or internet marketer using WordPress, Leadpages makes things very simple.

All you need to do is install the Leadpages WordPress plugin.

Leadpages provides this for you on their site when you first publish a page.

It is a zip file that is installed on WordPress like any other plugin. If you need help with that, I have made a video on WordPress Plugin Uploads too.

Watch this Leadpages Tutorial on WordPress Integration if you need a quick walkthrough.

How to Publish a Leadpages Page on Facebook

One of the great and easy features or Leadpages, is the ability to publish a page on Facebook.

If you watch their video on Facebook, you will see that it takes only 4 clicks to do.

This video will show you which templates on Leadpages are the best to do to get optins and how to publish them on Facebook.

How to Use Lead Magnets to Deliver Your Giveaways

Lead Magnets is a feature of Leadpages that allows you to deliver a file (video, audio, pdf etc) to someone who opts in to your list.

There are of course many benefits to this:

  • Host giveaways on leadpages
  • Deliver different giveaways to people from different lead pages, but use the same email list (I do this for my podcast transcriptions)
  • Deliver a separate email prior to your first list email going out
  • Deliver giveaways even if your email provider does not (ie. you have no autoresponder)

The problem I found with Lead Magnets was that it was not clear to me how to set it up.

So in this video I will show you were to add your giveaways / freebies / lead magnets, and also how to add them to your optin pages.

More Leadpages Tutorials

I will be constantly adding Leadpages Tutorials to my Youtube channel.

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If you enjoyed the videos, I would love a comment or thumbs up on Youtube.

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