9 Twitter Hashtag and Chat and Hashtag Monitoring tools

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If you are using Twitter, then you know what a Hashtag is.

However, using hashtags to their fullest is another kettle of fish altogether.

How do you know which ones are useful? Which ones are being used, or read.

You want to extend the reach of your tweets, but you need to ensure you are using the right Hashtags.

Below are 9 web tools that can help you with your hashtags, through analysis, definitions, trends and twitter chats.

There are some tools that are great for finding hashtags or even finding the best hashtags.

Other tools I have listed are great for participating in Twitter Chats or hashtag monitoring.

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Trending hashtags, popular hashtags, analytics of a hashtag – who, what, when, tweets.
Hashtag Definitions and some Howto Guides.
Join a Twitter chat.


Definitions of hashtags, and add your own.
Some seemingly poor analytics of hashtag use.
Popular, related, all time high hashtags.

What the Hashtag (now What the Trend)

Find trending hashtags, per country also.
Search trends, view trend lists.
Add a trend.


Great way to find related hashtags, influencers using them, and variants of hashtags.


They call it “A new Twitter Chat experience”.
Twubs is for monitoring and chatting about a hashtag.


According to hashonomy “..a social bookmarking service via Twitter.”
You can submit links with hashtags and see what other links have been submitted to them.


Analytics on hashtags you want to track
– who tweets most, their follower numbers
– exposure using this hashtag
– details of current tweets


Monitor real-time tweets with specific hashtag, list, locations.


Twitter chat monitoring.

Learn to use Twitter like a Pro

Take your Twitter to the next level!

Check out my new course here

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