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lose your visitors

Don’t lose your visitors! – Speed up your website

You have probably noticed it yourself when you are waiting for a website to load. The page is coming, and coming, and coming, and then you say to yourself – “I have better things to do!” (I use more swear words, but that is just me). After losing your patience, you leave the site! Onwards […]

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brand stamp

Pump up your website with a simple favicon

It’s the small things in life that often make the biggest difference. And this is never truer than with a website. Have you ever noticed those cool little icons on the tabs in the browser? Or in your favourites list? They match the site’s logo too! Well this, my friend, is a favicon. And your […]

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angry face

Blog Email Lists – Which is the best service?

I lost two thirds of my email list! Yes, that’s right. That goose the lays the golden eggs has flown the coop. The thing I worked so hard to build over the last 6 months has been decimated. How could this happen you ask? After all, it’s all in the list they will tell you. […]

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reduce bounce rate

6 Ways to Reduce your Bounce Rate

As the traffic to your site increases, it is actually quite exciting. The numbers rise, the stats increase, things are looking up! Then someone mentions Bounce Rate.  You take a look at yours and it is really high – NOT GOOD. But what is Bounce Rate? Let’s take a look. Definition of Bounce Rate Take […]

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Ferrari Formula 1

Speed Up Your Website With Simple Image Improvements

Speed is everything. Ok, almost everything. We all like Ferraris right? Well maybe you can’t afford one. But you can afford to make your website faster. This is a great strategy to make your readers and customers happy. Google might even rank you higher too! What? That’s right. Page speed (load times) is measured by […]

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spices for sale

Spice up your Website with Free Images

Beware of Borrowing Any Image If you are just grabbing images off the web, from google image search, other blogs etc, and think that there is no copyright!! Beware. A change to the copyright act some years ago means that there is always an implicit right on images. So……..Stop it!!  Read on for the solution […]

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