16 Powerful WordPress Tutorials To Revitalize Your Website

WordPress is super easy to learn, but sometimes we get stuck trying to get some things done.

It could be something easy like adding a shortcode to a widget, stopping people from backing our website or just adding Google Analytics.

That is when a well-written WordPress tutorial comes in handy - whether you are a beginner or developer.​

In this post I've have handpicked 16 WordPress tutorials that can help you not only add some powerful functionality to your website but also just get some really useful stuff done.

The collection is divided into 4 parts, so you easy navigate and find the tutorial you need.

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Website Optimization And Security

How To Reduce Post Revisions in WordPress

1. How to Reduce Post Revisions in WordPress Website?

Every time you update a WordPress post, or change a draft, the changes are saved in a new revision in the database. The more changes you make, the bulkier your database becomes.

To prevent this you can reduce the number of post revisions WordPress stores by default.

Check out this quick WordPress Hack by MonsterPost and you will learn how to optimize the size of your database in no time.

Pro Tip: Another option is to add the WPOptimize Plugin and clean up your database from time to time (I recommend monthly).

How TO Optimize Web Fonts

2. How to Optimize Web Fonts in WordPress

Even though web fonts (especially Google Web Fonts, which are considered to be a standard) are very well optimized, they could perform even better. There are several ways to implement professional web font optimization, and all of them are featured in this tutorial by Kinsta.

How TO Add Google Analytics to WordPress

3. How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress

Data analysis is one of the most important blogging and website activities. Although it is not a direct part of content creation and distribution, it really helps shape your strategy and boost the traffic of your blog. 

One of the keys to this is setting up Google Analytics for your website.

This tutorial by WPMU Dev will teach you how to integrate the official Google Analytics plugin with your WordPress website. I recommend you check it out, especially if you don’t have Google Analytics already.

Pro Tip: If you want the lazy option, you can use the Monster Insights Analytics Plugin to quickly and easily connect to Google Analytics from WordPress.


4. How To Optimize Images For WordPress

Image-heavy websites often require significant optimization of image files in order to run well.

This tutorial will introduce you to the best image optimization tools for WordPress, which will not only speed up your website, but also indirectly improve your SEO too!

Pro Tip: 

If you want to learn even more about WordPress speed optimization


5. The WordPress Developer’s Guide to Security: Management & Logins

Another common concern of every WordPress user is security. This is a very broad and technical topic,  however most of your questions about WordPress website security will be answered in this comprehensive guide by ManageWP.


6. How to Protect Site Content from Copying?

Do you want to prevent people from copying the content from your website?

In this tutorial they explain how to disable right-click actions and prohibit copy-pasting of your text and images within your WordPress website. And all without harming its SEO or Marketing!

Give it a try. 

Marketing Tutorials for WordPress


7. How to Add a Hello Bar to Your WordPress Site

Pop-up windows, sticky bars and welcome mats (such as the one provided by SumoMe) have become extremely trendy, as they provide significantly higher conversion rates compared to banners, newsletter forms and other similar static widgets. This tutorial will help you install and set up a Hello Bar in a few simple steps.

t148. Beginner’s Guide to MailChimp with WordPress

There is no better way to increase customer retention of your store or business website than launching an email marketing campaign.

MailChimp is the most popular email marketing solution for WordPress, but it sometimes it is a little bit difficult to use. Especially for a beginner.

This tutorial will teach you how to install and fine-tune MailChimp with WordPress, and make it work to give you maximum results.


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Advanced Tutorials


Create A Custom 404 Page

9. How to Create a Custom 404 Page?

Having a custom 404 page can be extremely beneficial, especially when you know how to use it properly. With such a page your visitors will see what ‘you’ want instead of the default ‘Oops’ message.

You can use this additional space to direct your visitors to the page of your choice, or promote your featured products and services.

This tutorial you will teach you how to build a really powerful 404 error page in WordPress in no time.

How To Create A Custom Countdown Timer

10. How to Create a Countdown Timer?

A sense of urgency is a powerful motivator for eCommerce stores and landing pages. By adding a countdown timer to your offers you will drastically boost the conversion rate of your online shop in a professional manner.

Check out this short and easy-to-grasp tutorial on how to create an animated countdown timer from scratch.

Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress11. How to Create a Multi-Page Form in WordPress

Multi-page forms have proven to be highly convertible comparing to their cumbersome all-fields-at-once versions. This guide from WP Beginner explains how to build such a form for your WordPress-based blog, business website or online store.

Of course, if you want to take a shortcut you can always buy Gravity Forms which will help you build them in a flash.

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How to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus

12. How to Add Topics in WordPress Navigation Menus

This video tutorial will explain how to add topics to WordPress navigation menus in less than 1 minute. Once you have watched it you will be able to add topics to your menus without having to always create additional pages.

How To Create Custom Post Types

13. How To Create Custom Post Types For your WordPress Website

Almost every professional WordPress theme today comes with its own combination of custom post types, which in most cases is limited to video, audio, quote and link posts.

Other themes, which are focused on integration with social media, might also provide such Twitter feed or Facebook posts. But what if you need an absolutely unique post template for your own project?

Check out this tutorial and learn how to add custom post types for your WordPress.


14. How to Use Shortcodes in your WordPress Sidebar Widgets

Shortcodes are great because they allow you to add extra functionality to your widgets, posts or pages without having to learn to code. They were introduced to WordPress quite a while ago, and instantly became a must-have for every professional theme.

This how-to post by WPBeginner will show you two ways of using shortcodes in sidebar widgets. If your theme supports other custom widget areas, you can use this method for them as well.

Note: In a previous post Ashley also talked about how to pimp up your website with custom css and shortcodes.

For New WordPress Developers



15. How to Build a Custom WordPress Theme from Scratch

If you think it’s time to do go pro with WordPress, check out this tutorial by Chris Spooner, and learn about the structure of a WordPress theme and how to build one from scratch. This guide is targeted specifically at beginners, so you should feel comfortable reading it, regardless of your coding skills.


16. WordPress Tutorial: Create a Minimal Mobile Menu

As you might have already noticed, Google is very  focused on mobile usability. Google not only test the speed of your website, but also its mobile-friendliness, which means this plays a critical role in SEO.

With this tutorial you will learn how to create a minimal mobile menu for your WordPress website in less time than it will take you to make a cup of coffee.

How To Create A WordPress Blog

You might also just want to set up a WordPress blog from scratch, if you have never done that before. Head over to this post and learn how a WordPress blog is set up the easy way.


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