Leadpages Affiliate Program – How to Get Access

Are you interested in joining the Leadpages Affiliate Program?

It is not available to everyone, but I will explain how you can join.

As you probably know, Leadpages is a great product for creating high converting landing pages of all kinds.

Not only that, but it has a load of other conversion features such as

  • Leadboxes (popups for collecting emails)
  • Leadmagnets (digital asset delivery)
  • New Leadpages custom template marketplace

If you want to learn more about how Leadpages works, you can read my previous review here.
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Why Leadpages Affiliate Program is Great for Affiliates

One of the best kinds of affiliate products to promote, is the ones with recurring payments.

What I mean by that is products where you pay monthly or yearly.

That is why the Leadpages Affiliate Program is so great.

If you have taken a look at Leadpages pricing, you will know that it includes 3 levels of payment, where you can pay monthly or yearly.

And as a Leadpages affiliate you will get paid every time someone makes a payment. (monthly or yearly!)

So unlike a one time payment (such as a WordPress plugin or piece of software), with Leadpages you will be paid monthly or yearly.

How to Become a Leadpages Affiliate

Leadpages does not offer access to their affiliate program to everyone.

They only want to have serious users of their system promoting their product.

So, you have to be at least a Leadpages Pro Member to gain access to the Leadpages Affiliate Program.

Of course, because you can earn so much money (30% commission on each payment) I believe it is worth it.

Which is why I am a member.

You can buy the monthly package for $67 or get a huge Leadpages discount by paying yearly.

If you pay yearly you get over 40% off. That is $477 a year instead of $804!!

As a Pro Member you also get the following extras

  • Priority Email Support
  • Access to Split Testing
  • Ability to use Custom Templates
  • Access to the Affiliate Program (as you know)



Become a Leadpages Affiliate

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