Getting Google Traffic From Scratch – How Easy Can It Be?

Let me start with the bad news. 

The reason you are not getting more traffic from Google is because you are doing the wrong things.

It's ok though, because I was too.

Then I figured out what the key to Google traffic was.

Sure, there are over 200 ranking factors, but most of them are not that important.​

And once I figured that out, my SEO results started to change.

Big time.

** The image above is a screenshot of Google traffic to a brand new website I started back in December.

The Challenge - Can I Get Google Traffic From Scratch​

I wanted to see if I could use my new-found ideas to get Google traffic to a brand new website:

  • In a niche where I had no knowledge or history at all (so I had to research from scratch)
  • Using an alias (no one knows who I am, so I can't leverage my contacts)

I also wanted to prove that anyone can get Google traffic.

You don't need to be a big name in your industry.

You don't need a huge website with lots of links.

I know what you are thinking.

"What do I need then?"

Do You Need Any Easy Niche?

The niche I chose is actually not an easy one to get Google traffic in.

No, it's not pay day loans, gambling or porn. It is also not weight loss or credit cards (all these are insanely competitive in case you were wondering).

But still, it is one of the more popular and competitive niches out there.​

In hindsight, maybe I should have chosen a different niche.

I already work in SEO and Web Design, so you would think I have enough on my plate trying to rank websites against people who really understand SEO (really really well)!

Now, I have two tough niches to work in. 


Maybe I am just a masochist? Or, maybe I just like the challenge!

I will be honest with you though, it was tougher than I had expected!!!​

Well, tougher to find the "gaps" where it is not yet saturated with competitors.

Still, I managed to get decent traffic within just a few months!

And it looks like things are starting to take off!!  Woot woot!!!

​So, how did I manage to do that?

My strategy was simple...

My (Simple) Google Traffic Strategy

I know you are all looking for complex ideas, crazy tactics and ninja SEO tips.

But I actually have great news for you.

My ideas are simple.

But, no one really seems to be talking about them or summing them up in this way.

At least, not in a straight forward manner!​

I have gone over some of these ideas before when I talked about a client of mine who is in a very "unusual" niche.

But this time it was a little different:

  • My new niche is a lot more competitive (my client was in edible insects - did you even know it was a niche?  Crickets! YUM)
  • I was starting from nothing (my client had some links and a lot of connections in her niche)

As a result, I decided to keep my strategy very simple and and very focused:

The Simple SEO Strategy

  • Find low competition keywords I could potentially rank for on Google
  • Write a variety of blog posts to give me more chances to rank
  • Build some links to the site via guest posts

Not very complicated, huh?

But man does it work!​

How NOT To Get Google Traffic

The most important and challenging part of this process is finding keywords you can rank for.

Let me repeat that.

​Do you want Google traffic - do keyword research. 


This is where most people (including you) get it completely wrong from the start.

The number one reason people don't get Google traffic is because they don't do keyword research

Keyword research is critical to your success on Google!

Let me explain with a little sales analogy...​  

Imagine you want to sell a bunch of tshirts (you have sitting around at home - don't ask me why, maybe you have a cousin, who has a friend who makes tshirts?)

  1. First, you have to choose where to sell them. There is no point standing outside your house, as there are not many people passing by. Instead, you are better off standing in front of that busy local mall where there is lots of people (traffic) 
  2. Don't pick a spot where there are already 3 other people selling tshirts or related items. Pick a mall and entrance where there is no competition.

That is how you give yourself the best chance to sell more tshirts!

SEO is very similar.

  1. First, you choose keywords that actually have traffic / searches (instead of just writing pages and posts and hoping someone will come looking for them)​
  2. You go for keywords you could potentially win with (get to the top of Google) instead of fighting against the toughest competitors. 

Once you have done that, the whole "getting traffic from Mr Google" thing becomes a whole lot easier.

My New Website & Keywords​

Honestly this is one of the only things I have focused on to get this traffic.

Search and search and search for keywords that no one is using.

Using simple keyword ideas ​& tactics, I hunted for low hanging fruit in my new niche that even I as a brand new website owner could rank for.

I did not perform any ninja SEO tactics like the Skyscraper Technique.

I did not spend hours optimizing my content.

I did not write 5000 word posts.

I just wrote some of the best content out there, for the keywords I found.​

And yes I wrote 5-10 guest posts, but nothing major. The traffic was coming in anyway. I just wanted to rank for tougher keywords in the long run. And you need links for that.​

Other SEO Things You SHOULDN'T Focus On

Sure, you could focus on your website (faster, better, more converting) or on getting loads and loads of links (yes, you need those too).

But let's go back to our tshirts analogy again.

Imagine you buy a nice van to sell your tshirts out of.

A van with awesome graphics, that really gets people's attention

And you print lots of flyers to hand out to the passers by.

But there is a big problem...

1. You are still parking outside the wrong mall! A mall that no one goes to.

2 OR a mall where 3 other t-shirt sellers are.

Sure, you can still get sales, but it will be a lot harder. Especially when the other tshirt sellers are well known and popular. You are fighting a battle you should and could have avoided.

So, without keyword research...​

You are wasting your a whole lot of your time.

Seriously. I really get pissed off when people waste their time writing dozens of blog posts and get no results.

Following the wrong advice is going to kill you.

So, why not learn how to find keywords that can actually get your results?

Jump in and join my Killer Keywords course - because next Monday, the early bird prices are ending!​

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