Learn How To Finally Get

Lots Of Traffic From Google

Tired of Having No ZERO Traffic From Google?

Or Just Not Able To Find Keywords That Get You That Elusive Google Traffic?

You Are Certainly Not Alone!

Most People Can't Get Decent Traffic From Google Because:

  • Without the RIGHT keywords you are just wasting your time writing MORE blog posts and content
  • It is HARD to figure out what keywords will actually GET YOU TRAFFIC from Google
  • Most SEOs and Bloggers don't talk about the powerful tricks they use to rank on Google

In This Course I Share All My SEO Keyword Tips & Tricks

Things That Took Me Months To Figure Out, You Can Learn In A Few Hours...

Here Is What Is In The Course

Understanding Keywords

What they are all about.

Different keyword types, when to use them, why you need them.

The Super Simple Keyword Process

The basic process you need to rock keywords and stop wasting time.

How To Find Keywords No One Is Using

The killer ways of finding keywords your competition is not using.

Evaluate Keywords - Are They Worth Your Time?

Not all keywords are worth it.

Find out how to evaluate the keywords you have found.

Killer Keyword Tools - Most Are Ignored By Your Competition

Find out which tools are worth using, which are FREE, and what paid options you have.

Adding Keywords to Content

(So You Can Rank)

Now you have the GEMS. (The Killer Keywords.)

Now we can put them into content so that it ranks!​

Check Out The FAQ At The End To Answer Your Common Questions...

Can It Work For You?

To show you the kinds of results you can get, here is my 4 month old website in a NEW niche I don't work in or have any contacts in.

Starting from SCRATCH this site now has over 780 Google visits per day (over 20,000 per month) AND it's rising...

Here's What Some Of My Recent Students Said...

"Killer Keywords is a fantastic course! Ashley is a great teacher who breaks down each step and walks you through it. If you are just getting started or wondering how to navigate the world of SEO and finding the best keywords for your blogs, then look no further than this course. The internet is crowded with great articles and it is hard to stand out, but Killer Keywords can help you do just that."

John Walsh
Owner, Marketer
John Walsh Marketing
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"As someone who was already accustomed to keyword research, now I'm able to get better results in half the time.

As a result of the info in Killer Keywords, I was [also] able to help a client who has NEVER ranked to rank position #13 for a highly relevant, good-volume search term. Thanks Ashley!!"

Jordan Mitchell
Ecommerce Copywriter & Blogger
The Product Writer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I was frustrated because I was not getting any organic [Google] traffic on my blogs. My rankings were extremely low and the keywords I was targeting were too competitive. The “Killer keywords course” has taken me to the new next level. It was  easy to follow and very effective. Now I can target and find low competition and high volume keywords with little effort. AND one of my pages has already reached position 11 on Google after just a few days of doing the course!"

Ugyen Dorji
Author and Blogger
John Doe UI/UX Designer

Join Us In Finding Killer Keywords

Only $99

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



You are a little skeptical about all this SEO stuff, I get it. Or maybe you have only just come across me or my content and have no idea if I can deliver? No problem.


If, after the master class or viewing the recording, you feel you have wasted your money just send me an email and I will refund your money. That's it.

Can't get any better than that, right?

What People Are Saying About My SEO Skills

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"Purchasing Ashley's [other] SEO course is the best investment I've made for my freelance writing business so far.

Christine Renee
- Freelance Writer/Blogger

"There are very few people who have magic SEO skills , in-depth development know-how, and advanced marketing knowledge: Ashley is one of them ! I highly recommend him."

Sarah Santacroce
- LinkedIn Specialist
John Doe UI/UX Designer
John Doe UI/UX Designer

"His expertise enabled us not only rank highly on Google but also get a bunch of traffic too!"

Ana C Day
- Owner @ 4Ento.com

Join Us In Finding Killer Keywords

Only $99

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed



What if I know nothing about SEO?

Can I expect quick results from Keyword Research and your course?

Can I ask you questions if I don't understand something?

How long does the course take?

Do I have access forever?

Do I have to buy anything else (SEO tools)?

What if I do the course and want a refund?

What if I want to learn more than just keywords?

About Ashley

Hi, I'm Ashley. Founder of Mad Lemmings and a little obsessed with finding keywords that can rank on Google!

And right now I am super-focused on keywords and all the goodness they can bring!

I want to teach you what I have learnt over the last few years so you can stop stressing about SEO, blog posts and getting traffic from Google.​

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