5 Of The Best Live Chat Plugins To Impress Your Customers

5 Remarkable Live Chat Plugins To Impress Your Customers

In this post, we will be going over five of the best WordPress plugins for live chat on your website. 

If your website is used to sell a product or a service, having a live chat option on the site can provide many benefits for lead generation, customer service and sales. 

With their growing popularity, you’ve probably been on a site that has a box in the corner automatically pop up. You know the one? It has a helpful representative on the end asking if you need any help or have any questions. 

This type of communication method opens your doors wide open, giving your customers immediate answers to any questions they might have. And it can massively decrease the chance of abandoned shopping carts too. Why? Because it stops those “on the fence” customers from leaving if they have any questions or concerns.

There are actually many ways your business can benefit from a live chat feature on your website. 

  • If your sell a service or software application, you could use a live chat box as a support option.
  • If you’re focus is sales, you can use the live chat to guide site visitors through the sales process. 

And of course there are many many more.

Now, let’s take a look at our top five suggestions for live chat WordPress plugins. 

1. Zopim Live Chat 

Zopim is one of the most popular live chat plugins available for WordPress with 4.8 star rating and over 50,000 active downloads.

The chat plugin has four plan options ranging from a free lite version to a $44 per month premium plan. 

  • Advanced automated and trigger chat options 
  • Analytic dashboard to track and monitor site visitors
  • Customizable chat badges and layouts to match your branding 
  • No credit card needed 14 day premium trial 
  • The lite version is FREE

2. My Live Chat

MyLiveChat is a user friendly chat option for users just starting with live chat on their site. And their base plan is FREE.

The plugin analyzes site traffic and user activities as well as allows you to monitor users on your site in real time. 

  • Powered by Cute Chat, which can handle thousands of visitors 
  • Customizable button and chat window to help match your branding
  • iPhone app so you can chat away from your computer 
  • Range of prices starting at FREE

3. FrescoChat Live Chat 

FrescoChat is a highly rated, incredibly affordable plugin.  

It allows you to create customizable chat boxes that can work as live chat or as a place for a user to leave a message.

The plugin works with popular desktop instant messaging apps such as Jabber to allow you to easily chat from your desktop and other devices – ie. without a browser. 

Here are some of the features worth noting:

  • Three affordable plan levels ranging from $0 to $10 per month
  • In-depth customizable options to brand your chat box
  • Set working hours to allow for users to leave a message when an agent is not available 
  • Set up multiple departments and agents to transfer chats to and use agent to agent chat 
  • Use the chat feature from any device 

4. WP Live Chat 

This chat plugin offers both free and premium plans.

With no third party software required, you can keep things very simple when using this live chat box. 

  • Easy to use interface for both the user and the agent
  • No “powered by” branding – even on the free version 
  • One time $19.95 free for premium version 
  • Take messages when you are offline (and get in touch when you’re online)

5. Formilla Live Chat 

Formilla has a 4.7 star rating with over 6,000 active downloads.

The plugin allows you to have a live chat box on your website and has multiple platform options for you to use to chat with users on your website.

The plugin is very clean and has a minimal look to it with customization options for branding. 

  • Mobile apps for Apple and Android users 
  • Language support for multilingual businesses (adapt chat texts to your language)
  • Chat broadcast so only available agents get a new chat
  • Captures email leads when a user uses the chat 
  • Add private comments in chat notes 

Time for Live Chat in Your Business?

Do you use live chat on your website? Which plugins have you tried? 

We can’t wait to hear from you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask below! 


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