Can We Get 10,000 Email Addresses In 2 Weeks?

Can We Get 10,000 Emails in 2 Weeks?We (Brandon and I) wanted to see if it is possible to get 10,000 email addresses in two weeks using giveaways.

It would be an amazing experiment to find out if we can:

  • Help small businesses, entrepreneurs and startups
  • Get targeted email addresses fast
  • Not spend a whole lot of money doing it

So far it is a dismal failure: about 100 people have signed up in the first week.

And the prizes are valued at over $6500. So it is kinda confusing, right?

Who doesn’t want free and amazing stuff?

A lot of people it would seem. But maybe we need a new approach?


With Your Help We Can Prove That It’s Possible!

The trick to getting a giveaway to work is to have it go kinda viral. You know, friends of friends of friends sharing it with their mother-in-law.

But at the moment, that ain’t happening!

So we need your help to spread the word about our Giveaway, and prove it can work.

For each signup that you get via your special URL (you get when you sign up) you can get 3 points more.

You get 1 point to enter, so sharing really increases your chances, that is for sure.

Help Us Spread the Word, and Win Some Great Prizes too!

What Is In It For You?

We want to prove that giveaways still work and are a viable tool for the small guy to expand their business.

But if that is not enough, there are amazing and valuable prizes to be won:

  • Hosting: 3 x 1 year of Website hosting with Siteground (great for anyone who needs a website or wants better hosting than the average shared plan)
  • SEO: 1 year of SEMRush and 3 x Long Tail Pro (for those looking to do way better on the SEO)
  • Social Media: Mav Social & Hashtagify subscriptions (for the Social Media pro, or would be pro – get better results!)
  • Content Marketing: 3 x 1 year of Paperli Pro (create amazing online Papers to share content)
  • Themes & WordPress Page Builder: 1 Copy of Thrive themes, 2 copies of Thrive Content Builder (conversion focused design)
  • Courses: To help improve your Blog, LinkedIn or Video Marketing
  • Giveaway Plugin: 1 copy of KingSumo so you can host your own viral giveaway 

So there is something in there for everyone, and 3 prize levels to win!

And Once It’s All Over…

We will have a whole bunch of interesting data to share. And we will certainly keep you up to date with

  • What we tried
  • How we did it
  • What worked and what did not
  • And what we learned from it all.

So stay tuned for that in the next weeks.

In the meantime…

Help Us Spread the Word, and Win Some Great Prizes too!


Image Courtesy of: TheGajMan

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