How Creating Content Attracts Customers

Creating content for a website is something a lot of businesses ignore.

That is unfortunate.

Because in today’s internet-focused world, people are searching for solutions to their problems online. In fact, over 4.4 billion of them according to these statistics!

And if they find your business has the answer, in the form of content, then you are one step closer to a new customer.

And possibly one step ahead of your competition too!

Create Content That Solves Problems

You have to go and sit on the other side of the table.

That’s right. The customer’s side of the table.

Now put on your thinking cap, and start to think like the customer.

What are their biggest problems that your product or service solves?

Imagine they head over to their iPad and start looking for a solution to that problem on Google.

What would they type into Google? What words or phrases would they use?

These are the kinds of steps you should go through to come up with some of your best content.

Content that solves your future customer’s problems.

Not only will finding and reading that content get them to really like you, but they will also be inclined to buy from you in the future too.

Not Content That Sings Your Praises

Sure your products are amazing. And yes, they deserve to have their praises sung from the rooftops.

We might even make a musical about it next year. We’ll call it “Business Owner on the Roof”!

But that will not win you any customers.

Writing content about yourself, your business, and how great you are., then tweeting it to the world, is not what you should be doing.

That is old school marketing. Megaphone Marketing. Screaming at the top of your voice! Putting up a billboard.

Sure it still kinda works. For some of the big boys.

But nowadays, you need to be a little more subtle.

You need to provide answers. Solutions. Products that excite – because they solve problems, or provide benefits.

Then you will get the customers onside. And you need content for this to work.

Let’s Focus on the Benefits – Of Your Products

It could be that your product is not solving a problem. Or you cannot write about such problems in every piece of content you create.

But perhaps you have some amazing benefits that your product or service would provide to your customer.

Benefits that they would want to hear about.

Maybe your product will save them a lot of time? (imagine the vacations they could take!)

Or perhaps it will save them a boatload of money? (imagine the Ferraris they could buy)

These are the kinds of things they want to hear about.

Not how many trucks you can drive across the country in an hour. They don’t give a hoot about that.

They want to know how it can benefit them – and ultimately, why they should care!

You might have heard the phrase:

What’s in it for me?

Keep that in mind at all times. The customer is buying your product for themselves, not because you think it rocks!

Creating That Amazing Content For Customers

By now you are probably starting to get the picture.

You can see how selling your products and services to your customers through enticing content can really work!

But what kinds of content should you be creating?

Blog Posts That Amaze

Once you have a topic in mind for solving your customer’s problems, or enticing them with amazing benefits, you can center one piece of content around each (solution, benefit etc).

You don’t have to put all your content in one basket. Spread it out into various pieces, and over time. Create a series if it makes sense.

Let’s take a look at an example of a problem-solving piece of content, so you can see what I am talking about.

Say you are selling swimming pool cleaning products. And you have a new product that can clean the pool without leaving that horrible chlorine smell. (Note: It probably already exists, I don’t have a pool)

I would buy that!

So you could write a blog post titled: Clean your swimming pool without the chlorine stink!

Ok, it is not the most compelling title you could use, but I just made it up on the fly. You would have to tweak it a little.

But your content is then centered around this topic. And you are writing to excite your customers with a solution to a big problem they have.

Now you get started writing the blog post.

Your first highlight how horrible the chlorine-based cleaning products are (smelly, dangerous, bad for the eyes).

You then go on to show how the new product works. How it is as effective as the chlorine one (because I am worried it won’t work as well).

How it costs the same (or if it costs more, it is worth it to get rid of the problem).

And you can end the post with a soft sell and a link to the product page on your site.

Videos That Wow

Blog content is great. It gets indexed by Google, and people love to read about solutions to their problems.

But not everyone likes reading. Not everyone has the time or patience.

Sometimes a quick video of 2-5 minutes, will do the job. And Google loves videos on Youtube as well! (hint: they own Youtube)

So if you have a reasonable camera (even an iPhone is ok) and don’t mind being on video, this is another great option. Especially if you transcribe a youtube video and add captions to it. That gives Google even more things to index and display your video for!

In fact, I could give you 5 more ideas for content, but I will leave that for another post.

Content Brings You More Customers

Now we have come full circle.

Providing solutions to problems or highlighting the benefits of products is a surefire way to bring your customers on board.

So take a look at what you offer and how it can help people, and start creating content today!

If you need some more ideas of what brings new customers to your website – check out my new page dedicated to this topic.


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