Bringing Your Business More Customers

Everyone is on the internet.

Look around you – at work, at home, on the train, at the mall. The internet is everywhere.

So today, it pays to make your website the center of your marketing efforts.

There are so many and varied ways to bring customers to your business – and so many of them via your website. Among these options, website live chat is the most effective, since it can answer all customer questions in real-time. It can help in turning customers into advocates and clarify their doubts that might arise in the middle of a purchase which brings your business more customers.

So why not center everything around your website!

After all, you own and control your website.

It is also an extension of your business and your brand.

You can also control how, what and when you communicate with your customers via your website.

Not only that, but when you are bringing people back to your website, it becomes a habit for them.

And they keep on coming – again and again.

Eventually they become your customers, and perhaps even your biggest fans.

Your Website – Your Customer Magnet

I like to call your website – your Customer Magnet.

Why? Because it attracts your customers to your website. It keeps them involved with your business, your brand and your message through the things you do and offer on your website.

It is 100% owned by you. And controlled by you.

And it is working for you 24/7 (yes, even while you sleep)

So how should you set up your own Customer Magnet?

It’s not complicated, but rather than write about it, here is a graphic I made to give you an a quick overview:

Your Customer Magnet


All Roads Lead to Your Customer Magnet

The basic idea is that no matter what you publish (blog posts, podcasts, videos), or where you are active online (social media, forums, advertising) your customers will always get drawn back to your website.

But without any roads, no one will ever find your website, that is most certainly true. So you do need to be out there paving these roads to draw the traffic back to your site.

But you don’t want to invest too much time or effort in building up something you don’t own. (ie Facebook pages, LinkedIn posts, Youtube channels). You are better off putting all your best content on your website, and luring the customers back through any and every means possible.

Once you have them on your website, you can get them onto your email list and permanently keep in touch!

You Need A Rock Solid Foundation

Brining everyone back to your website is the perfect solution, but you have to make sure your “house” is in order before you do.

You wouldn’t bring guest back to an untidy house, or one that needs painting. And you should treat your website the same.

That means your website:

  • Has A Modern Design that is Mobile Ready (mobile responsive)
  • Is search engine optimized (so you get found on Google)
  • Contains great content that addresses your customer’s needs and problems
  • Has content that is easily shareable on Social Media
  • Is visually appealing and has images for keeping visitor’s attention
  • Loads fast so your visitors don’t hit that evil back button

There are some more things I could mention of course, but the above is good for starters.

Hopefully, the point is clear. Your website comes first, and then you can start bringing visitors/customers back for a cup of coffee at Customer Magnet.

Let's Make Your Website Magnetic

Drawing Customers Back To Your Website

If think your Customer Magnet is ready for visitors, let’s get you some customers!

There are lots of different ways to get customers to your website, but let’s take a look at some of the main ones:

  • Search Engine traffic
  • Blogging and Social Media
  • Podcasting on iTunes, Stitcher
  • Videos on Youtube or Vimeo
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Google Adwords

So if you are ready to start bringing customers to your business by using your website in the right way, hit the button below!

Let's Get You Some Customers
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