10 Reasons Why You Must Use WordPress

10 reasons why you must use WordPress
You landed on this page because you are wondering why you should use WordPress?

There are loads of options for building websites these days, and it can get a little confusing.

But if you take a good look at the benefits or reasons you should use WordPress for your website, I think you will be convinced.

WordPress is Free

Free is a powerful word.

And if someone said you can build your website using technology that is completely free, would you say no?

Probably not.

But maybe you would ask yourself if it was any good. After all, if something is free ,often it is lacking in quality.

But not always.

In the world of software that is often not the case.

Some of the best stuff is free – like Java (used for Android phones like the Samsung Galaxy) and probably much of the banking software out there. It all revolves around what they call “open source”

But for you it means – community supported and free.

So free is great for many reasons.

10 Reasons you must use WordPressIt’s So Easy Your Grandma Could Use it

I am guessing you have used Microsoft Word before?

If so, then you can use WordPress.

Writing a page or post in WordPress is very easy.

You simply type, add bold and italic, center align, add headings, images and that is pretty much it.

There are many more things you can do (and I will go into those below) but the basics are very easy.

So creating new content, and being the boss of your website is simple.

And that is what I tell my customers:

My goal is to give you a website you can control

Easily Add Functionality with WordPress Plugins

The way WordPress is designed, it is very simple to add functionality to your website.

Let’s imagine you need a contact form for people to email you via your website.

No worries. There are at least 5 great plugins you can add to do this.

If you need a stylish image gallery to present your latest photo shoot, no problem, the makers of WordPress themselves have a great plugin for that too.

In fact, WordPress has been around for so long that there are plugins for almost anything you can imagine!

And I have summarized some of the best in a post you can refer to when you need it.

WordPress Makes SEO Easy

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization (aka getting noticed on Google) is also quite simple when you use WordPress.

Of course, you need to learn a little about what SEO is, but with a simple plugin you can do get results in no time.

Adding SEO functionality is so simple with WordPress, I often forget I didn’t have it to start with.

And it is easy to use. It is a set of fields I fill in below each page or post before you publish new content.

It’s that easy folks.

Bonus: Get my 20 page guide to starting a WordPress website and learn how all the basics to starting a website.

Make it Stylish with WordPress Themes

Functionality is not everything, and sometimes you just want your site  to look great.

After all

Your website is your most important online asset, and probably your most often seen “business card”.

So you want it to look awesome, right? I hope so.

Well, WordPress comes to save the day again.

WordPress has themes. And themes are simply skins or styles you add that completely change the look and feel of your site.

So you can try a few out, and go with the one you love.

If you need a hand choosing one, you can read this post on how to go about choosing a theme.

You can also get a pro to help you too, if you need a hand.

Adding a Blog is Built-in

One of the best ways to advertise these days is to add great content to your website.

Whether it is videos, infographics or just blog posts, the best way to do this is by adding a blog to your website.

A blog is just a page with a date on it.

And WordPress was originally built around blogs. So adding one is as easy as pie.

Of course you can also build a site without one, so don’t feel pressured to create loads of content.

But the option is there. And it takes only a few minutes to add it.

WordPress Is Flexible

WordPress is really a complete CMS (Content Management System).

This means you can do almost anything with it.

The plugins and themes I mentioned above are some of the highlights.

But even if you don’t play with those, WordPress has lots of other simple, yet powerful, things to help.

You can easily create menus to get your customers to your pages.

Then there are the widgets – these are flexible elements that you can add to the header, footer or sidebar of your site.

What goes in a widget? Again, almost anything.

  • Advertising
  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Images
  • Content

and much much more.

In the end, by using WordPress you can create anything you can imagine – and often with zero programming skills.

Tip: If you use a page builder like Thrive Content Builder, you can create even more amazing pages and without tech skills too!

Ecommerce is Simple to Do

Many of you are building a website because you want to sell something.

And WordPress has certainly not forgotten you there.

Depending on what exactly you are selling, there are plenty of options.

It could be as simple as adding a PayPal button to your site. (there are plugins to help!)

Or you can integrate complete eCommerce systems, like the free one from WooCommerce.

It is actually amazing how much functionality WooCommerce gives us for free.

So fear not if you have a shop, you can easily get online with WordPress too!

Loads of Support

Last but certainly not least, WordPress comes with a fantastic amount of support.

Because so many people use WordPress, and so much has been written about it, you will almost always find an answer.

There are forums, blog posts, support from the developers of WordPress and plenty more.

So if you are tweaking or playing with things and you get stuck, chances are someone out there can help you.

And if you are not up for playing around with your site, you can always just pay a professional to do it.

Sometimes it is the simpler and safer to do.

Try WordPress Today

I hope I have convinced you of the huge amount of benefits of using WordPress for your website.

As a web designer and developer myself I could just write all the code for my customer’s websites, but I don’t.

I use WordPress.

For all of the reasons above, and much much more, I could not live without it.

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About the Author Ashley Faulkes

I am an Aussie WordPress Web Designer living in Switzerland. My goal is to make your WordPress website awesome, and get you more customers via SEO and amazing content. I am also a huge fan of the outdoors, so I am often in the mountains doing crazy stuff. I discovered blogging and online marketing while recovering from a shattered leg I got while skiing, and I have not stopped learning since! Join me in reaching for the top!

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20 responses to “10 Reasons Why You Must Use WordPress”

  1. Enstine Muki says:

    Hey Ashley,
    Do you know the reason others are thinking of quitting WordPress – security 😉
    What about that?

    • Hi Enstine
      For sure there are security issues with WordPress, but then again, there are security issues with Windows machines too and they still dominate the world!
      It is just a matter of implementing the minimum (login protection, backup and maybe a malware scan) and you are way safer than most sites out there.
      I don’t think this is as big an issue as many say

  2. Hey Ashley,

    You have said a mouthful! These are great reasons why it would be great to use wordpress. I’me doing affiliate marketing now, and this a great way for readers and buyers to get to know me, give helpful tips and even buy what I’m promoting! I’m really glad that I chose wordpress, mainly for it’s convenience and ease of use!

    Great share Ashley!

    • Hi Sherman
      I am sure you love using WordPress.
      It amazes me when I find out that someone has been solve a horrible website that they cannot change themselves.
      That is not a nice thing to sell to customers.
      You want to at least be able to maintain and do the minimum as a website owner, and WordPress allows that for sure!
      thanks for the comment

  3. Hi Ashley, Great points. I’ve had several people ask me recently which platform to use for their website and I always say WordPress because it’s free and because you can take it to the highest level. Major publications such as The New York Times use a WordPress platform so you’ll never grow out of it, which you can’t say about pretty much any other platform.

    • Hi Carolyn
      Indeed there are a lot of big sites out there using WordPress, and a lot of happy customers like us.
      It is so easy to use it and run it once it is set up, that I love selling it to my customers.
      thanks for stopping by and sharing

  4. Adrienne says:

    Hey Ashley,

    Now you know I love my WordPress but it’s not that easy that your grandma can do it. My Mom can’t it confuses her too much but she is on the computer. She does email and uses Word but I can’t get her to save a darn document for anything. And this is a very smart woman.

    I do believe though that anyone who wants to do something online can learn it. It’s like anything else really, you just have to get use to it but I’m sure with your guide they’ll get it in nothing flat. I’m sure if my Mom really wanted to start blogging she would take the time to learn but it’s just a matter of not wanting to.

    WordPress, the best platform around.


    • Hi Adrienne
      I am not sure my parents would be using WordPress either, but I wanted to make people realize it is quite easy!
      However, as you mention, it is also a matter of time and persistence.
      There are some things I have learned, like working with cards in magic, that take a lot of time and sometimes I just throw them at the wall
      But when it clicks, you smile and jump up and down with joy
      take care

  5. IT Shughal says:

    Hi ashley. i am totally agree with you. I love wordpress it is very beneficial for every blogger.
    I am using wordpress from 3 years and it is still my best choice i never get bored from it

  6. David Trounce says:

    Good article – easy enough for my Grandmother to understand, much like WordPress itself. Hve pinned it to my Pinterest for the beenfit of others.

  7. Steve Pots says:

    Oh WordPress how I love you. I have been turning a lot of small companies onto WordPress. Do yourself a favor and search your local directories for companies with websites. 90% of them have terrible mini sites done for them at a premium by some low level hacks. Contact them and turn them on to WordPress and offer to manage their sites for them. Believe me you will have a slew of happy clients singing your praise in no time flat. I would go so far as to say that when it comes to site building I don’t even think what CMS to use any more I just think about what wonderful WordPress theme I’m going to use. Big time WP lover here!

    • Hey Steve
      Although there are options, I would say WordPress is one of the best.
      Easy to use and learn. Easy to extend (although all the options sometimes make it a hard decision) and well supported
      What more can we ask

  8. Babanature says:

    Hello Ashley,
    I love WordPress because it has all the functionality you could ever ask for. While other CMS gives you limited functionality, wordpress gives you endless possibility :)

    This is indeed a nice post to go along with the day. Thanks and do have a wonderful weekend start

  9. Ravi Chahar says:

    Hi Ashley,

    For starting a blog people try to find free stuff . Though building a WordPress blog is not free but the CMS WordPress doesn’t have any cost. We can download it easily.
    You are right we have many themes to make our blog look better with our own choice.
    It’s flexible and we have many things to do by it.

    Thanks for this great post.:)
    Enjoy your weekend.


    • Hey Ravi
      Wordpress is indeed a great invention. Without it many people would either have horrible websites, or none at all.
      It certainly helps that new blogger get started for little cost and can also help you grow easily with all the plugins you can use.
      appreciate you stopping by

  10. Hey Ashley
    I have just started blogging using WordPress and you know the best thing with WordPress is that you can always concentrate on content you want to serve, and if after sometime you or your visitors don’t like your site design/layout you can always make alteration without the fear of losing content focus.

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