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Your Website Is Absolutely Crucial

You probably already know how important your website is. That is why you are thinking about getting yourself an amazing, shiny new one, right?

In fact, your website is absolutely key to your success.

Your potential customers are all looking online for you.

They are:

  • Searching for you on Google
  • Discovering your content on social media
  • Using different devices to visit your site (PC, laptop, tablet, mobile)

​And they want to come to you to get their problems solved!

Are you making it as easy as possible for them to find you?

Your Website Needs To Look Awesome On Mobile

Last year was the tipping point of mobile domination!

So your website needs to look great on mobile, and let's not forget - tablets too!

I can help you make sure your website:

  • Looks great on all devices
  • Makes it easy for your visitors to read and find content
  • Avoids that nasty "pinch and zoom" we all hate on our phones!


Sarah Santacroce Simplicity Small Biz

Ashley is a great web designer that goes beyond just putting together a few pages on WordPress. He understands the business' needs, goals and knows that a site has one main objective: get you new clients. There are very few people who have in-depth development, magic SEO and advanced marketing knowledge: Ashley is one of them !I highly recommend him.

Your Website Should Get You Found on Google

Getting your website found on Google is not as easy as you might think.

There are actually two ways you can do it:

​1. Pay Google to be on top:

  • Google Ads are right at the top (and sides)
  • Easy to get to the top, BUT

You STOP paying Google, they stop showing you in the results

2. Work your way to the top (FREE) :

  • Google also puts the best sites on the first page
  • Requires an SEO optimized website (Mad Lemmings specialty)

I prefer, and recommend option 2. 

Don't pay Google forever to be on the top.

Earn your way there and get natural and FREE visitors from search engines like Google.


Check Out The FAQs For All The Answers

How Much Does A Website Cost?

How Long Does It Take To Build A Website?

Will My Website Work On Mobile Devices?

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

Do You Build Ecommerce/Online Store Websites?

Do You Provide Training?

What Is A Domain Name?

What Is Web Hosting?

Do I Need A Domain Name Or Web Hosting?

Can You Help Me With Social Media?

What About Content Marketing and Blogging?

Can You Create All The Content/Text For My Website?

Can You Help With My Branding or Logo?

The Process - AKA: How Do I Work With You?

I have a method to my madness, so that you get a website that you love!

This is how it works:​

  • Get In Touch - For Your New Website
  • Let's Discuss Your Needs, Goals, Wishes
  • I Create An Official Offer For Your Website
  • You Sign Offer and Pay Deposit
  • I Schedule Website Design and Creation
  • Together We Create Your Awesome Site
Professor Hafezi ELZA Institute
Besides being an invaluable help and partner in the design and set up of this complex multilingual site, Mad Lemmings and Ashley Faulkes were instrumental in helping this new site to rapidly climb up rankings in various search engines. We are looking forward to additional, future projects with Mad Lemmings.


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