The SEO Process (How We Work With You)

SEO can be confusing and intimidating.

So our goal is to make the whole SEO process as smooth and simple as possible for you.

We work with you to find out what your goals are and then tackle all the heavy lifting for you.


How The Process Works

The Call

After you get in touch, we will schedule a call with you.

On this call (usually on Skype) the aim is to find out

  • how your business is doing onilne
  • where you think the problems lie
  • what your goals are for your business (and website)
  • how SEO can help you get more customers

The Next Steps

Depending on your specific needs, we will recommend and provide an SEO strategy that could include:

  • A SEO Website Audit (to put your website on the right path to success)
  • Keyword Research (to find out what the best words are for your business on Google)
  • Link Building (Links help you get to the top of Google)
  • One-on-one coaching (if you want to learn SEO and do it yourself)

Take A Look At The Packages…

Now you know how we work with you to bring your website to the top of Google with SEO.

Find out more about the SEO packages available below.


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