SEO Options & Packages

Is your website not appearing at the top of Google?

And you have no idea why?

You are not alone.

Google is making it harder and harder for businesses to compete and get found on the web.

So I work closely with my clients to understand their goals and help them get to the top of Google for the kinds of searches that their customers are making (and not currently find them, but their competitors instead!).

There are three main options for your SEO success:

  • SEO Website Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • Link Building Packages

SEO Website Audit

If your site has been through some horrible SEO or was just not tuned for SEO at all, we recommend you start of with an SEO Website Audit.

Why is this so helpful?

We look at the following areas to give you a great SEO foundation and make sure all future SEO gets you even more visitors:

  • Keyword Research (find the best search terms for your business)
  • Competitor Analysis (find out what your top competitors are doing)
  • On Page SEO (tune your website pages for SEO)

With these 3 key areas covered we make sure your SEO rocks.

Then you can start the monthly packages and know that the results will come quicker than ever!

Standard Audit Includes: 

  • Google Rankings Check
  • Full Page Scan For SEO Issues
  • Website Speed Check
  • Mobile Readiness Check

Note: More detailed audits can be done as part of an ongoing package OR upon request.

Keyword Research

The foundation of any SEO is great keyword research.

This involves understanding what you do and sell and, how your customers are searching for your products online.

It is always critical to know:

  • What keywords you are currently ranking (on Google) for
  • What keywords you wish to rank for
  • What keywords it is even possible to rank for

Depending on your industry and the power of your website (authority, ranking, links etc) you have to aim for keywords that you can actually get on the top pages of Google for.

There is no point challenging the big guns in your industry when you have no chance.

Instead, your time and money is better spent to find keywords they don’t know or even care about and get very specific customers to your website (who are more likely to buy).

Keyword Research Includes: 

  • Research on 3 keyword topics (agreed between you and us)
  • Lists of relevant keywords in those topics (including difficulty & traffic volume)
  • Competition Check for 3 main keywords (how easy is it to rank for your website)

Link Building

Once your website is up to scratch and ready for SEO greatness, it is time to create great content and get some links to it.

Links are what Google uses to decide how valuable your website and pages are, and where they should be placed (Page 1, Page 2 etc).

So, once your website is tuned for SEO, the best way to move to the top is – more links to good (or great) content! 

We can tailor an SEO package (links or content) to your needs and budget for on ongoing monthly SEO boost.

Schedule a call with us to discuss.

One-on-one Coaching

If you just want to have a one-on-one session to figure out:

  • an SEO strategy for your business
  • how to improve your website SEO
  • to learn SEO from a pro

Just hit the button below and let us know.

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