Keyword Research Service

Keyword research is all about finding the write words to use for the content on your website.

The words that will attract the right people. Your next customer!

If you have been struggling to get found on Google or are getting lots of the wrong kinds of visitors, then it's time to find some new keywords.​

How Does Keyword Research Help?​

Keyword research dives deep into the words people are actually using on Google. Because once you know that, you can put your website in front of them.

People usually make one of two big mistakes when they create content on their website or blog​.

  • They write what they think the visitor is looking for (AKA guess)
  • They do keyword research but find and use keywords that are too competitive

Today it's so insanely competitive on Google that just writing whatever you feel like almost never works (unless you are seriously lucky).

And if you research the wrong words, not knowing whether you even have a chance to get to the top of Google, you are also wasting your time.

Only the first two pages will bring you any traffic.​ And page two won't bring you a lot.


So, instead of guessing or finding keywords you can't rank for, this is what I do:

  1. Figure out what topics are best suited to your business
  2. Find the least competitive keywords that you can create content for
  3. Borrow the best keywords your competitors are already ranking for​

A combination of looking for keywords using a variety of tools, and also taking what is working for your direct competitors is how you can easily succeed with Google.

Do Keyword Research Services Work?​

Sure, you won't hit gold with every keyword that you use, but if you create a few pieces of blog content you will get a lot more traffic over time.

Take a client of mine in the Engineering space. They have not been targeting keywords at all until recently.

My 3 step keyword research process found them some real gems, and their first blog post using one of the keywords I found was  published a few weeks ago. It is already ranking ​on page one of Google.

keyword research services

What Do My Clients Say?

From day one Ashley has been responsible for the SEO on 4Ento and the results have been amazing. His expertise has enabled us to not only rank highly on Google for many of our industry’s keywords but also get a whole bunch of traffic too. I can’t thank Ashley enough for his role in 4Ento’s success, without him I would have been lost!

Ana C Day 
Owner 4Ento

Stop Shooting In The Dark!

I do keyword research for clients and myself on a daily basis using the best tools in the business.

So, I can help you quickly and easily find keywords that are​

  • Very relevant to your target customer
  • You can rank on the top pages of Google for

Just click the button below, fill out the form and I will be in touch before you can say "I want awesome keywords!"


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