Jaaxy Review: Keyword Research Tool

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Ease Of Use

Not the best user interface but simple to figure out in most cases.


Helps find low competition keywords but lacking detailed metrics to really assess competition.


Free version is very limited. Paid version might seem expensive compared to other tools/features.


Have not contacted them for anything so cannot assess.


  • Very fast and easy to use tool
  • Two good options to find keywords - main search, and google suggest style search
  • Provides a level of competition analysis to show how hard it is to rank
  • Also provides niche research specific tools like domain name search and affiliate programs


  • Overview of the top 10 is not simple to use to see how competitive it is (lots of clicking) but still helpful
  • The free version is only good for 30 searches so you will need to pay if you want to use this long term.

Jaaxy Summary

Jaaxy is pretty simple to use and easy to find low competition keywords with.

1. It is focused on niche research but would be useful for anyone looking for keywords they can rank for

2. It also comes with some extra tools to help the niche site creator - affiliate program and domain name search

In the review below I will show you in detail exactly how it works and what it can do for your keyword research.

You can try it for free at any time without signing up. 

If you have ever tried to use tools like Keyword Planner from Google to find keywords, you know how much work it can be.

Not only do you need to find, filter and sort keyword, but you need to figure out if you can even rank for them.

That is why having a powerful keyword research tool like Jaaxy can really save you time, money and get you ahead of the competition - they are all stuck using Keyword Planner.

What you really want is to try out keyword ideas fast, check how difficult they are to rank on Google for and move on to the next task.

With Jaaxy you can do that, and a few more cool things - like find affiliate programs and available domain names. These are more focused on niche site developers, but most bloggers will find them useful too.

So, let's take a look at what Jaaxy has to offer, how easy it is to use and whether it is worth checking out...

Find Low Competition Keyword With Jaaxy

Jaaxy's main reason for being is to help you find low competition keywords, and fast.

There are two main searches this tool has to help you do that​

1. Keyword Search​

This is the main keyword search tool on Jaaxy and it is pretty straight forward to use:

  • enter your keyword idea (or seed)
  • find low competition keywords

Here is what a quick search I did for "best garden shears" looks like

Jaaxy Keyword Search Results

Jaaxy Keyword Search Results

Jaaxy delivers a lot of keywords in the result along with some great data to help you decide if they are worth using.

This includes the following information:​

  • Avg - average monthly search volume
  • Traffic - estimate traffic you will get in position 1 on Google
  • QSR - Number of actual websites Google has found for that search (gives you an idea of competition)
  • KQI - a traffic light system (red, orange, green) to indicate how difficult the keyword is to rank for
  • SEO - a value to show how likely it is you can rank for this keyword
  • Domains - if you pay for Jaaxy you can see here whether domain names with these keywords are vaailable
  • Related - a cool feature where they show you some ideas you might not have thought of, based on the keywords 

Now, let's look at what this all means for you:

1. Jaaxy shows you the realistic traffic you can expect for the keyword - important because Google now shows a lot of other things in search results meaning that you won't always get lots of traffic (eg. images, carousels, knowledge graph etc)

2. Jaaxy gives you two values of keyword difficulty - a simple color system and then a number to show how likely it is to rank

3. they also provide you with not only a list of keywords but also "related" keywords which can uncover some gems (I found a great one while testing it :>)​

For me, this tool alone ticks most of the boxes for a keyword tool - fast, easy, lots of keywords with easy to evaluate competition numbers!​

1. Alphabet Soup Search​ (Like Google Suggest)

With so many keyword research tools around giving you "suggest" options these days (like Ubersuggest, Keyword Shitter etc) it is no surprise most of the better tools have this as an option.

Jaaxy provides this kind of "suggest" tool and calls it - Alphabet Soup.

Makes sense, because what the tool does is find all the keyword variations using the alphabet - placing the "a" words before and after the keyword, then the "b" and so on.

Here is what a quick search of "garden shears" shows, so you can​ see what I mean:

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup Search

Jaaxy Alphabet Soup - Suggest Tool

The first section is the "a" section and shows you keywords where the previous or next word begin with "a".

This is a great way to unearth lots of keywords you (or anyone else) might not have thought of.

You can then take them and run them through the other search to get the more important data like - search volum​e and competition.

Jaaxy allows you to easily do this by either clicking "Find Data" or by making lists of keywords using "Add". More on Lists below.

Search Analysis - Evaluating The Top 10

One of the big things you need to do when finding keywords is checking the competition. Jaaxy is great for this because it provides us the data I mentioned earlier (color codes and SEO value).

However, it also pays to really take a good look at the top 10 (or even top 20) and see who is ranking and what they have up their sleeve - what they have created, keywords used, domain authority etc.​

Jaaxy provides this in their Search Analysis section. You enter the keyword you are interested in and can then inspect each of the top 10 to find out what they have:​

jaaxy Search Analysis

Jaaxy Search Analysis

Jaaxy shows you a whole bunch of data on each result

  • Title, URL, Meta Description - helpful to see how well optimized the content is
  • Links and Words in the content - how good is the content
  • Alexa Rank, Backlinks - How authoritative / poweful the site is

This is a good start to figuring out how tough the competition is, but it is a shame they don't include a Domain or Page Authority metric from Moz, Majestic or Ahrefs - I rely on these numbers to really judge how powerful the sites are.

The other downside to this tool is that it is separate to the main keyword tools - whereas in a tool like KWFinder (my favorite keyword research tool) it is right there in a side panel while looking for keywords. 

Site Rank - Check Your Keyword Ranking

One of the bonus tools you get with Jaaxy which can come in handy is the Site Rank tool.

It allows you to type in a keyword and website and see what position on Google that site is ranking.

So, if you want to monitor your rankings for a keyword or even see how your competition is doing, this can come in very handy. After all, it is your rankings that are driving your traffic and the reason you look for keywords!​

Site Rank - Jaaxy

Jaaxy Site Rank - Check Your Position On Google

Other Useful Jaaxy Tools

There are a couple of other tools worth mentioning in the Jaaxy tool arsenal.

Keyword Lists

Just a quick mention on this one. When you are looking for keywords it helps to keep organised and not lose track of those great keywords you find. 

Most smart keyword tools provide this and Jaaxy does too. You can add keywords to lists from both of their searches and easily access and sort them via the main menu at the top.

The cool part is that all the data on the keywords is also shown here, so once you have found the worthwhile keywords, and put them in the list, they are good to go whenever you come back into the tool for your next page or post idea!​

Jaaxy Keyword Lists

Jaaxy Keyword Lists

Of course, you can also export the keyword lists. So there is nothing stopping you using them in other tools as well.

Affiliate Programs

if you are creating a niche website or are a blogger in a specific niche, it is always a great idea to keep your eye out for affiliate programs that match what you are writing about.

That is where the Affiliate Programs tool from Jaaxy comes in handy. It can help you hunt for affiliate programs based on any keyword you like.

It covers the following affiliate providers:​

  • Click Bank
  • Commission Junction
  • Link Share
  • Digital River

They also show you some useful data and the direct link to each affiliate program to help you quickly evaluate it:

Affiliate Program Search with Jaaxy

Jaaxy Affiliate Program Search

Should You Try Jaaxy?

I am a big fan of trying all sorts of keyword tools until you find one that you love.

Jaaxy has all the things you need to find the perfect keywords - great search tools, lots of data to check competition and some other cool tools to help you rank in Google.

Is it the best on the market? It is hard to say. There are certainly some negatives - like having to check the top 10 of Google in separate tool. But honestly, no tool I have ever tried is perfect and it is up to you what you like and get results from.

All I would say is give the FREE version a try and see if you like it.​


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