find- mages make amazing

As bloggers and website owners we need to work with images constantly.

In our posts, logos, sidebars and popups, image make a huge impact on our visitors and often influence them in ways we can’t imagine!

The following are my posts on images – some posted here on Mad Lemmings, others are guest posts.

I will take you from finding a free image, through checking the license, to pimping and adding text to the image to WOW your visitors.

And when you finally add your images to your blog or website, don’t forget Image SEO.

  1. Finding Free Images
  2. Tools to work with Images
  3. Image Licenses with Create Commons
  4. Making your images POP
  5. Adding Text to your Images – Like a Pro
  6. Resizing your images – To speed up your website
  7. SEO for images
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