Happy Customers

The following are some of the awesome people I have had the pleasure of working with. 

Most are complete website projects. Others are consulting or mentoring clients.

ELZA Institute

Website Link: elza-institute.com

The ELZA Institute run by Dr Farhad Hafezi, is one of the leading Ophthalmology practices in the Zürich area. 

I worked closely with Dr Hafezi on this project which involved:

  • A modern design, WordPress website based on X-Theme
  • Multiple languages to address his international patient base
  • Detailed content pages to deliver the optimal information to his patients
  • SEO optimized to again address multiple languages and countries


My Way Podcast New

Prof Farhad Hafezi ELZA Institute

We are an institution providing both medical services and research and development. Our website contains a large amount of data, is bilingual right now, and we will add several more languages over the next months. Besides being an invaluable help and partner in the design and set up of this complex multilingual site, Mad Lemmings and Ashley Faulkes were instrumental in helping this new site to rapidly climb up rankings in various search engines. We are looking forward to additional, future projects with Mad Lemmings. 

My Way Podcast

Website Link: MyWayPodcast.com

Michael is a charismatic podcaster who wanted a site refresh and upgrade to bring his brand to the next level.

He specifically asked for:

  • A simpler and more stylish site with an Art Deco fell
  • An easy way for users to contact him (contact page revamp)
  • Social icons for his team (added art deco social icons)
  • Easy way to subscribe to his podcast (added focal links to his podcast iTunes and Stitcher)
  • Fix any issues with the site (backup, seo, podcast player)
My Way Podcast New

Michael Nicks My Way Podcast

Ashley is a knowledgeable, patient, and approachable individual. Which is why he was recommended to me and why I chose to work with him. He walked me through the process and was constantly answering my questions, some of which I'm sure must have seen a little stupid to him, but he answered them without a patronizing tone and quickly.

You may feel a little insecure about approaching a web designer, but have no fear with Ashley! He's a great guy and a great talent!​

Fix Up This House

Website Link: FixUpThisHouse.com

(no longer in operation)

David is a great Handyman who runs Fix Up This House, and he asked me to:

  • do a quick site overhaul – style, logo and layout (keeping more or less the current layout)
  • make sure theme is mobile responsive
  • clean up plugins and previous content formatting
  • set up mailing list with Mailchimp
new site fixupthishouse

David Schuller Fix Up This House

I am so excited with my new design totally created by Ashley. The old design was dull and disorganized. The new design is very sleek and has a great flow to it. I think it's even a little Sexy. Ashley is a great person to work with. I wasn't really sure which way to go as far as color and layout. He sent me several different color and layout options and was very patient. He is very knowledgeable about WordPress and design in general. When you consider a redesign you need expertise and knowledge. Most importantly, you need someone you can trust. Ashley excels in all of these areas. I highly recommend his services.

Christine Hastie

Website Link: ChristineHastie.com

Christine is an editor and collaboration specialist who runs a blog ChristineHastie.com, and she asked me to:

  • help her choose and setup a new WordPress Theme to suit blogging goals
  • style the new theme with her (new logo and color choice etc)
  • optimize her use of plugins and ensure everything is set up for Google, SEO, Spam etc
  • set up a newsletter for her using Mailchimp
  • connect all her social media profiles to her blog
  • teach her how to optimize her blog (posts, images, video) and plan for it’s future
new site fixupthishouse

Christine Hastie ChristineHastie.com

Ashley, it feels like I've lost 100 pounds! You have provided me with a beautiful, functional site that clearly supports my goals. My clients love it, too. Thanks also for meeting our tight timeline. You quickly understood the objectives for the work and my desire to have a site that would inspire people to use and understand best practices in collaboration. So it was even more fun to see how you applied best collaborative practices in every aspect of your work. One example is the helpful video you sent me. It walks me through the changes and has lots of guidance that I can refer to as I plan next steps. Another example is your after-launch support. This has been an enriching experience and I look forward to working on another project with you soon.

Max Well Ivey of Midway Marketplace & The Blind Blogger

Website Link: Midway Marketplace

Max is a blind small business owner who approached me to:

  • help migrate 100+ old pages to WordPress
  • add and tun some WordPress plugins (advertising, backup)
  • adjust and optimize some web forms
  • tweak the layout and navigation, add social media icons
  • make SEO suggestions for keyword targeting for future posts

Maxwell Ivey TheBlindBlogger.net

Ashley is a gem with a wealth of knowledge about site creation, optimization, and promotion. I trust him completely and whole heartedly recommend his services as a website designer, social media consultant, and search engine marketer.

Lorraine Reguly of WordingWell.com

Website Link: Wording Well

Lorraine is a writer and editor with her own freelance business and she asked me to:

  • help set up her email list
  • increase the site load speed
  • tune some style and layout issues with her site
  • advise on some WordPress plugin choices

Lorraine Reguly WordingWell.com

Ashley Faulkes possesses all of the qualities of a true professional: expertise, a great work ethic, integrity, trustworthiness, and the ability to explain technical terms in simple language. He is also personable and helpful. When I was having trouble setting up Wording Well (my website), I hired Ashley to help me sort a few things out, as I am not a very technical person. He diagnosed a few problems quickly, found solutions, and offered a few additional suggestions. He also wrote some code for my theme (something I never could have done on my own) when I told him what I wanted. His skills are amazing, and I would easily recommend Ashley to anyone seeking assistance with their website. I know that he is now my go-to guy when I have technical trouble!


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