Getting No Love From Google? (It Is Probably Just One Thing)

No SEO Traffic

It was a “lightbulb moment” really.

I know people struggle with SEO and getting traffic from Google.

But I never really understood why.

I thought it was because people had slow websites. But slow websites still rank.

Then I thought it was because the content was not “epic”. Then I saw shorter content ranking.

I went through a lot of different reasons in my head, and then it dawned on me.

People Don’t Understand Their Biggest SEO Mistake

Maybe you are holding yourself back because you don’t understand the biggest SEO mistake.

Do you think that:

  • SEO is too hard
  • It takes too long
  • Google hates your website
  • Your niche is just too competitive

Well, I have some honest news for you…

All niches (except ancient Egyptian basket weaving) are too competitive in 2017. That is not why you failing to getting traffic.

And no, Google doesn’t hate your website, even though there might be some problems with it. We all have websites issues!

Yes, SEO takes a little time. But anything worth doing takes time. Stop looking for quick fixes.

SEO is not as easy as Facebook. That is true. But you only need to do a few key things to rank your content.

BUT, do you want to know what is really stopping you from getting SEO traffic?

It’s Usually One Simple Thing


You might have heard of keywords.

You might even understand what they are.

If you have studied up on SEO some, you might have even done some keyword research.

Played around with Keyword Planner a little even.

And it still hasn’t worked?

Well, here’s the killer reason:

If you don’t find keywords that

  • have some traffic
  • and that you can rank on Google for

you are wasting your time.

Both of those have to be true. Not just one.

You can’t just go for keywords that have 1000 visits a month, publish content and wonder why you never get traffic.

Sure, you could have amazing content.

Your website might rock and impress everyone you meet. Even your Mom!

I know, you even write 2 blog posts a week and get lots of social media shares.

It. Does. Not. Matter.

Wrong keywords. (Or maybe even no keywords?)


So, I Did A Little Experiment

I know I can rank my own content.

I know I can rank my client’s content.

But in December, while I had a little time (well not a lot, but some) I set out to see if I could get any results for a brand new website in a niche I don’t usually work in.

What did I do:

  1. I created a website from scratch
  2. I researched keywords that I could rank for
  3. I created content for those keywords

Within a few weeks, I was getting some hits from Google. No, not a lot. I can’t perform SEO miracles, yet!

But for a few week old website, pretty good.

That site is now getting impressions (shown on search) for over 60 keywords on Google.

It is ranking on page 2 and 3 for a lot of the keywords (you can see the list on the right, I have removed the keywords so you don’t steal them :>) And you can see it’s even in position 9 for one keyword too.

And all with a brand new website! Woot.

Why Your SEO Fails

The first group went through my SEO course in September/October last year.

And they all said the same thing –

“Oh My God, I never really understood keywords, and why I was not ranking on Google. That was the lightbulb moment. You have changed the way I look at content, blogging and SEO.”

I now understand how important this is.

Even people who were doing something with SEO (putting keywords in their URL, title etc) and researching keywords, were often doing it wrong.

Finding some keywords is only the first step.

You absolutely have to find relevant keywords that make sense for your customers, clients, visitors. No questions there.

But, if you can’t rank for those keywords. You are sunk.

You might as well just throw your time (and money) out the window!

That is why I have been testing, tweaking, honing and trying new techniques and tools lately.

Because I now understand that keyword research is the crux of it all.

Anyone can write a 5000-word article that is good enough, and rank it on page one.

But only if you have the right keywords.

You don’t need to be a Noble prize winner in literature! Or create “epic content” (that is just what the experts would have you believe).

Even I can do it :> And epic ain’t my middle name.

Are You Interested In Fixing The Problem?

Where are you getting most of your website traffic from?

If you have enough. Then don’t worry about SEO. Seriously.

Close this post right now.

If you are serious about getting long term traffic to your site, SEO is a great way to go (and apart from paying loads of money for ads, one of the only decent ones).

I want to help you understand keyword research.

I want you to find relevant and easier to rank for keywords. Keywords that can get you traffic.

So, I want to create a new course solving this exact problem.

BUT, only if enough you are interested.

Are you interested?

It won’t be a huge course or take a lot of time.

It wont be super expensive (somewhere under $100 for the first version)

[thrive_2step id=’14239′]Let me know that you are interested (CLICK HERE)[/thrive_2step]

About the Author Ashley Faulkes

Ashley is obsessed with SEO and WordPress. He is also the founder of Mad Lemmings. When he is not busy helping clients get higher on Google he can be found doing crazy sports in the Swiss Alps (or eating too much chocolate - a habit he is trying to break).

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