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Review Summary:

Market Samurai is a powerful set of tools to help you find the keywords, and rank on page 1 of Google Search. Read the review to see how it works and if it is right for you.

Updated March, 2017

You are probably wondering if Market Samurai is the right tool for your SEO work, blog, website or affiliate site? Or, you might just want to know how to get a discount?

In this review I am going to show you all the features as well as some of the ways I use this tool to get real results (I do SEO for a living). Further down I will also show you how to get a discount (of 33%).

Unlike other online reviews, I won’t just tell you about how amazing this tool is so you buy it. I don’t review bad tools, and the tools I do review I tell you what I honestly think: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

So let’s get started with this Market Samurai Review

Market Samurai Suite Of SEO Tools

This tool offers a whole range of features and services to satisfy even the hungriest blogger, webmaster, or SEO guru. The following is a brief list of what tools it provides you with:

  • Keyword Research (A powerful alternative to Google’s Keyword Planner for researching keywords)
  • SEO Competition (This shows you who is ranking on the first page of Google for a keyword, and why)
  • Domains (Easy time-saving research tool to help find and buy keyword rich domain names)
  • Monetization (Great for affiliate marketing – finding related products etc)
  • Find Content (Helps find keyword related content on the internet)
  • Publish Content (Allows you to publish content from the tool to your blog)
  • Promotion (Helps you find places to promote your content)
  • Rank Tracker – NO LONGER AVAILABLE on Market Samurai (free alternatives available)

So to give you a complete Market Samurai Review, let’s move on to the tools themselves.

Market Samurai Price And Discount

First off, Market Samurai gives you a 14 day trial. I suggest taking them up on it and using it in that time to see if you like what you see.

Then if you buy Market Samurai at full price it costs $149. BUT there is a way to get a big discount (33%).

When you first sign up you get an offer to grab it for $97 on the next page. This offer is only made then, so you need to make up your mind fast OR…..

Workaround: If you still want to use the 14 day trial, then use a second email for that, then your main email for the purchase. It would be a shame to miss out on the discount right? So, sign up a second time and get the $97 offer then :> Great huh!

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Here it is Market Samurai.

The Tools

In this section of my Market Samurai Review I will show the most useful tools in Market Samurai. I have used these a lot, and have managed to rank highly on Google for certain keywords.

The key is to find low competition search terms, where there is also low competition on page one of Google. This is where Market Samurai excels.

The other modules are useful for sure, especially if you are running niche websites – ie. looking for available domain names, content to curate, places to link to and so on. But I won’t be going into them in this post because these days with White Hat SEO, they are not overly useful or helpful.

What is exceptionally helpful is…

SEO Competition – Can You Rank On Page One Of Google

Market Samurai is a suite of tools, but the most important one for me is the SEO Competition Tool – it provides you with the power to figure out if you can rank on the first page of Google. 

The rest (to me) are just icing on the cake. The price of knowing if I can rank, is worth the one time fee of $97, easily!! (having used this for 4 years, it has paid for itself 100x)

For anyone who asks me, that is one of the most critical pieces of information you need for success in SEO. And, it is really the main reason most people buy Market Samurai.

The SEO Competition module shows you (for a specific keyword) who is ranking in the top ten on Google and whether you have a chance of beating them.

So this is really the key to it all. No matter how or why you have selected your keywords, you need to know if you can actually rank on the first page of Google. If you can’t, then it is unlikely you will get long term or significant traffic for these keywords.

A great keyword is fine. Awesome content is helpful. But if you have zero chance of ranking, everything else is irrelevant (and a big waste of time and money in most cases)!

Following on from my example using the Google Keyword Planner, I am going to check the SEO Competition for the phrase: Italian Ice Cream.

This is a screen shot of what Market Samurai’s SEO Competition Module shows us:

Market Samurai SEO Competition

Breakdown Of What SEO Competitions Gives You

What is all this information that SEO Competition shows? Well, let’s take a quick look:

  • On the left (in white) are the top 10 page URLs in Google
  • On the right (in red, yellow and green) are all the numbers that Market Samurai measures

DA – is Domain Age (how long that website has existed – in any form)

CF & TF – are measures of the SEO power of the website (as measured by – TF is the most useful measure)

IC – is the number of pages that Bing has indexed (so an indication of the size of the website you are up against)

RDD – Number of unique websites linking to this website

RDP – Number of unique websites linking to this page

BLP & BLP – Number of overall links to the website and page (not as useful as Google looks at unique links, so use RDD, RDP instead)

BLEG – How many powerful links are there (.gov or .edu links are super powerful and rare, this column shows how many)

DMZ – Whether the website is listed in DMoz directory (used to be important)

Title, URL, Meta Description, Heading – Whether the exact keyword you gave is found in these places (helpful to rank on keywords alone)

What To Look For To Rank on Page 1 Of Google

Basically you are aiming for a result with lots of green. Importantly, a page with very few backlinks (BLP column) and lots of green in the last four columns (Title, URL, Desc and Head). Market Samurai measures these all in various ways, using various sources, and if you hover over the title of each column you get a specific description. But really it is that simple.

The above screenshot shows an “average” result, because there are a lot of yellow, a few red and green.

But, there are a few “gaps” and therefore some potential to rank because not all the pages are optimized for the keyword or have links (see the zero in the BLP column).

Obviously there is a lot more too this, but that is the main idea. And without knowing much more, you can easily get great results.

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Keyword Tracker

Market Samurai also offers you a very easy to use and powerful alternative to Google’s much loved (yes that is sarcasm) Keyword Planner. It is called the Keyword Tracker.

They source their data via Bing (because Google is no longer really providing it as of September 2016), but you honestly only need to know if the keyword is high, medium or low volume. The rest is about long tail variations which can also bring you lots of traffic (so be sure to check you have some variations, write your post on topic and include them)>

Again there is more detail in these results than we need to go into here, but a basic use of this tool would be as follows:

  1. Choose the min and max number of words in your keywords (2 or 3 as a minimum is good)
  2. Hit the Generate Keywords button, and you will see the results like above
  3. Then filter out what you don’t want with the positive and negative keyword fields or the ticks and crosses (on the right)
  4. You can also add more keywords if you are not happy using the Add Keywords  field

market samurai review - keyword tracker

So unlike Keyword Planner, the filtering is quite powerful and flexible. The positive keyword filter filters only results with the given words. The negative conversely removes results with the given words.

After using the various filters, you should have a small set of keywords.  Now click Keyword Analysis (bottom right of the screenshot).

On the Keyword Analysis page there are a lot of fields you can use (see below), but the simplest scenario is to use SEO Traffic (amount of searches) to see if the keyword will bring you any traffic. You can enter a minimum to further filter these results.

The competition of the keyword I find is best evaluated with the SEO Competition module shown above. I do this in a second step once I have my keywords.

market samurai review - keyword evaluation


As you can see, the Keyword Tracker really does offer a lot of power and value for your SEO keyword research.

If you want a more detailed walkthrough, you can take a look at this great tutorial on Keyword Research using Market Samurai.

Rank Tracker

Rank Tracker was removed by the owner’s of Market Samurai as it was becoming too expensive to maintain.

I don’t find this a huge loss as to get more than a few keywords tracked you had to pay anyway. And these days there are a lot of alternatives to Rank Tracker around that you can use.

I use a cheap alternative called SERP Book that tracks 50 keywords for $9 a month.

There are also free alternatives around if you only want a few keywords tracked – Rank Scanner is one such option.

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The Pros and Cons of Market Samurai

No tool is perfect, so let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of Market Samurai.


  • Simple visual tool to help you rank on page one of Google
  • Powerful keyword research tool to replace Google’s
  • Some other tools to help affiliates find offers on common platforms (like Amazon, Clickbank etc)
  • One-time price – (This is a big one, as the most comparable tool Long Tail Pro, now has monthly fees, which add up big time)


  • Limited information on competition’s backlinks (some information available, but you have to do more research)
  • Is not a web based tool, so must be installed on each computer (you get multiple licenses, so it’s ok)
  • Must be updated often (very fast, but sometimes annoying)

Market Samurai Alternatives

There are a boatload of keyword research tools out there to compete with Market Samurai, but which is worth checking out?

Most people would tell you that Long Tail Pro is your best bet. But in my opinion, if you are after

  • quick keyword research
  • easy competition check

there is no better alternative than KWFinder. These tools offer both of these things within one easy browser interface. And it is a comparable price or cheaper than Long Tail Pro (depending on how many daily searches you need).

I am using it all the time and have done a detailed review here.

For me, the only other keyword research tool worth checking out that also does competition analysis is Ahrefs. But for most of us the price is just too high (about $90+ a month).

If you are only after keyword research, again KWFinder is a gem, but you could also check out or other keyword generators like Ubersuggest or a recently discovered alternative: Hypersuggest.

What is the Market Samurai Price?

The first thing to know about Market Samurai, is that once you pay, it is yours with free updates forever. It is a one time fee, which is unusual for SEO related tools.

The Market Samurai Discount

The normal price is $149, but if you buy on the signup page you get over 30% off! 

That is $97 instead of $149.

If you wait and use the free trial, then later on you will pay the full price.

The Final Verdict

I use Market Samurai all the time to rank on Page 1 of Google.

It is quite easy to use and has a powerful suite of tools to help you with SEO.

So if you are serious about SEO and want to get on Page one of Google I recommend this tool

Get Market Samurai for 30% off now



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