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Top 10 Best Game Server Hosting Providers (ALL Tested)

When it comes to hosting game servers, finding the right provider is key to a smooth gaming experience. We've tested and reviewed the top game server hosting providers to help you make the best choice.

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When we embark on the search for the ultimate online gaming experience, the importance of selecting a robust game server hosting provider cannot be overstated. It’s the backbone of a smooth, uninterrupted play session, pivotal for both hardcore competitive gaming and casual multiplayer encounters.

In pursuing endless thrills and engaging multiplayer games, we understand that performance and reliable game server hosting are pivotal.

We consider various factors, from the strategic server locations and adaptive scalability to the level of control and custom options available, ensuring you find a perfectly tailored service.

10 Best Game Server Hosting Services in 2024

When selecting a game server hosting provider, it’s important to consider the unique benefits each service offers for your gaming needs. Whether you’re running a resource-intensive multiplayer game or a smaller community server, you have a hosting solution. Below, we’ve highlighted top providers known for their performance and various services.

  1. Shockbyte: Best for Minecraft
  2. Hostinger: Best for Budget
  3. Host Havoc: Best for Variety
  4. ScalaCube: Best for Customization
  5. Apex Hosting: Best for Support
  6. ScalaHosting: Best for Scalability
  7. PingPerfect: Best for Reliability
  8. GTXGaming: Best for Performance
  9. ServerBlend: Best for Modding
  10. Kamatera Hosting: Best for Flexibility
Best for Minecraft


ShockByte offers top-notch game server hosting, making it easy to set up and manage your favorite games. Whether you’re into Minecraft, ARK, or Rust, they’ve got you covered with reliable and affordable server options.

Pros & Cons

  1. Unlimited NVMe SSD Storage: Fast and efficient data access.
  2. DDoS Protection: Security against denial-of-service attacks.
  3. Wide Range of Mod Packs Support: Compatible with most major mods for Minecraft.
  4. Round-The-Clock Live Support: 24/7 availability for customer inquiries.
  1. Shared Servers: Absence of private server options.
  2. Short Refund Period: Only 24 hours to decide if the service meets your needs.

Our Experience

During our time with Shockbyte, we found their server setup instant, with straightforward modification options making initiation a breeze. The breadth of server locations provided advantageous connection options, resulting in smoother gameplay.

While we experienced reliable performance, some users have reported challenges in customer support responsiveness.

Pricing Plan

Shockbyte presents a flexible range of plans tailored to various Minecraft hosting needs. The selection includes:

Plan NameRAM AllocationKey FeaturesPrice Point
Dirt Package1 GBBasic for startersMost Affordable
Titan Package16 GBHigh-end for advanced usersHigher End

For those needing customized solutions, the personalized plan offers specific adjustments for unique requirements.

Please note that these plans, while pocket-friendly on the front end, come with a limited time frame to test services, which may necessitate a rapid appraisal of your hosting needs.

Best for Budget


Hostinger provides affordable web hosting services, helping you create and manage your website with ease. From shared hosting to VPS, they have everything you need to get online quickly and efficiently.

Pros & Cons

  1. Competitive Pricing: Starting from just $2.69/month, options available are highly budget-friendly.
  2. Server Availability: Strategically placed servers on four continents enhance performance and reliability.
  3. Speed and Efficiency: Utilization of LiteSpeed Web Servers, which include a built-in cache engine for swifter load times.
  4. Backup Options: Options for free weekly or daily backups add an extra layer of security.
  5. Domain Inclusion: Free domain name registration simplifies the process for new site owners.
  6. Intuitive Control Panel: A custom-built cPanel offers a user-friendly interface for website management.
  7. Built-In Website Building Tools: Incorporation of a website builder facilitates quick website setup.
  1. Control Panel Performance: At times, the cPanel may exhibit slow performance.
  2. Support Channels: The absence of telephonic support could be inconvenient for some users.

Our Experience

Hosting with Hostinger provides a streamlined experience, specially crafted for ease of use, particularly for those just beginning their hosting journey. Our interaction with the service revealed a thoughtful design approach, incorporating automatic setup wizards to efficiently handle websites, emails, domains, and VPS services.

Upon subscribing, you’ll find a Setup Wizard in your cPanel that aids in the initial configuration of your hosting setup. It includes clear step-by-step guidance, options to establish new sites or migrate old ones, and domain name selection or transfer. Once the setup is complete, the summary reflects your choices before finalizing the process.

As for the cPanel, it marries the sleekness of modern design with the robustness of traditional control panels like cPanel. Regular updates from Hostinger ensure the cPanel remains cutting-edge.

Core functionalities allow for effortless application installs, website migration oversight, and basic housekeeping like database management and file organization. Recognizing the occasional slowness of the cPanel, there’s room for improvement in response time.

Pricing Plan

Hostinger’s pricing strategy encourages long-term commitments, with substantial savings linked to four-year plans. Shorter subscription periods are available, but renewal costs may be higher. Users must consider the full lifecycle cost when evaluating plans. To encapsulate our findings:

Plan TypePriceDuration
Initial Shared Hosting$2.69/month4 Years
Renewal RateHigher than initialPost first term

With various hosting options, such as shared, WordPress, VPS, and more, the initial low cost complements generous resource allocation. Yet, it’s advisable to assess the total investment over time, considering the potential increase upon renewal.

In assessing Hostinger, our experiences reflect that its offerings are competitive in the market, balancing affordability and functionality for a broad user base.

From easy setup to seamless management through a custom cPanel, complemented by essential tools like backups and domain registration, Hostinger stands out as a viable option for beginners and those looking to migrate from pricier alternatives.

Though some may find the potential for a slow control panel or the lack of phone support drawbacks, the overall package remains compelling, especially considering the extended server reach and robust website-building resources.

Best for Variety

Host Havoc

Host Havoc specializes in game server hosting, ensuring smooth and reliable gameplay for your favorite titles. With easy setup and robust support, they make managing your game servers hassle-free.

Pros & Cons

  1. Consistent Server Performance: We have observed that their game servers regularly deliver stable and smooth gameplay, which is essential for an immersive gaming experience.
  2. Round-the-Clock Support: Their customer service is available 24/7, so we can get help whenever needed, which is invaluable for addressing urgent issues.
  3. Diverse Gaming Options: A broad selection of games can be hosted with them, providing significant flexibility for different gaming communities.
  4. Customizable Servers: The level of customization available allows us to tailor our server settings to our exact needs, offering a personalized gaming environment.
  5. Enhanced Security Measures: Including DDoS protection as a standard feature contributes to maintaining our gaming operations without disruption.
  1. Price Point: We’ve noticed that their pricing might be slightly higher than some of their competitors.
  2. Focused Service Range: Their primary focus on gaming servers could be limiting if we seek more generalized hosting solutions.
  3. Interface Learning Curve: For those new to game server administration, the control panel might require some initial learning to navigate effectively.

Our Experience

In our direct experience with Host Havoc, we’ve found their game server hosting to blend high-quality technology and excellent customer service. We have had firsthand exposure to various popular games like Minecraft and ARK: Survival Evolved hosted on their servers.

The performance is generally reliable with low latency, contributing to an efficient gaming setup.

Pricing Plan

Shared Game Server Hosting:

  • It is tailored for both small communities and individual players.
  • Cost-effective with flexible player slot options.

Virtual Private Servers:

  • Greater resource allocation and control.
  • Dedicated resources with customizable server specs.

Dedicated Servers:

  • Top-tier performance.
  • Full control for customized hardware needs.

Pricing Structure:

  • Game Server Hosting starts at competitive monthly rates.
  • Frequent promotions can provide additional value.

We map out our hosting needs and find that Host Havoc often offers the appropriate resources and support for our diverse gaming requirements. Their commitment to delivering discerning server solutions is evident from the robust infrastructure and customizable server configurations they provide.

Best for Customization


ScalaCube offers easy-to-use game server hosting, perfect for Minecraft and other popular games. With instant setup and great support, you can start playing with friends in no time.

Pros & Cons

  1. No-cost plan ideal for trial and limited-use scenarios.
  2. Premium packages include a complimentary website and forum.
  3. Unlimited server capability with all paid subscriptions.
  1. Higher-tier options may strain the budget.
  2. The complementary plan is restricted to a solitary player.

Our Experience

Our thorough review period has led us to appreciate ScalaCube’s offering as a robust Minecraft server host. The free version serves well for individuals exploring their options or operating under financial constraints.

The premium selections cater to diverse needs, from newcomers aiming to establish their initial gaming platform to veterans managing games with large participant numbers.

Pricing Plan

ScalaCube offers various pricing packages suitable for a range of user requirements. The initial offering is free of charge and caters to single-server operations.

Our observation of the pricing structure reveals that premiums for servers located in America and Europe begin at a monthly rate of $2.50, escalating to $96 following the first month.

Alternative regions, including Australia and Asia, observe a 50% premium in pricing.

Table: Pricing Overview

PlanStarting PriceRenewal PricePlayer SlotsRAMStorage
VPS 768 MB$5$510768MB10GB
VPS 32G$192$19260032GB320GB

Further additions, such as automated backups or a personalized Minecraft launcher, incur a one-time fee.

In summary, ScalaCube excels in Minecraft server hosting, boasting a free starter plan and a spectrum of premium offers. Despite limited customer support hours, the platform’s comprehensive features and scalable options render it a commendable choice for game server hosting.

Best for Support

Apex Hosting

Apex Hosting provides reliable Minecraft server hosting, making it simple to set up and play with friends. With user-friendly features and top-notch support, you can enjoy a seamless gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

  1. Each plan includes a complimentary subdomain.
  2. It simplified modpack installations with a single click.
  3. There is no additional charge for automated offsite data backups.
  4. Diverse server locations to minimize latency.
  5. Round-the-clock support is available through live chat and the ticket system.
  6. Seven-day refund policy.
  1. Unlimited player slots are subject to limitations based on the plan.
  2. More cost-effective alternatives are available.

Our Experience

From our interactions, we’ve noted that Apex Hosting shines in user accessibility and has various server locations around the globe. Their version of Multicraft streamlines the server setup, which is intuitive and allows even novices to navigate without much hassle. Our interactions with their customer support have been positive, reflecting a dedicated and responsive team.

Pricing Plan

Budget-Friendly Option:

  • 1GB RAM
  • Initial Price: $4.49 (first month)

High-End Tier:

  • 15GB RAM
  • Initial Price: $59.99 (first month)

While Apex Hosting doesn’t offer a free trial, they have a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Best for Scalability


ScalaHosting delivers flexible web hosting solutions, making it easy to launch and manage your website. From shared hosting to VPS, they offer reliable and scalable options for all your online needs.

Pros & Cons

  1. Cloud VPS Specialization: Our expertise lies in the seamless integration and management of cloud VPS services, ensuring enhanced reliability and performance with hands-off server maintenance.
  2. Diverse Hosting Plans: A spectrum of shared and VPS hosting tiers caters to various business sizes and needs, from single-site operations to more extensive, resource-intensive uses.
  3. Configurability: Tailor your VPS plan with adjustable resources, including up to 64GB RAM and 2TB of NVMe storage, fitting various hosting demands.
  4. Attractive Renewal Policy: For self-managed VPS options, we maintain consistent pricing across billing cycles, removing concerns about unexpected cost increases upon renewal.
  1. Limited OS Choices: Our provided hosting solutions are based exclusively on Linux, with no Windows-based shared hosting options available.
  2. Shared Resource Constraints: As with any shared hosting environment, resource allocation might be impacted by other sites on the server, potentially affecting site performance.
  3. No Dedicated Hosting Options: We do not currently offer dedicated hosting, which may be preferable for high-traffic sites and enterprise-level requirements.

Our Experience

Our experience with ScalaHosting has been one of convenience, particularly when utilizing the managed VPS offerings. The ease of scaling our server resources ensured that we could adjust to our changing requirements on the fly.

Furthermore, the ability to choose between SPanel or CPanel, despite the latter’s additional fee, offered flexibility in our server management approach.

SitePad’s selection of design themes enabled us to easily establish an attractive front end. However, we found the thoughtfulness behind Industry Standard’s offerings could cater to more nuanced design needs.

Pricing Plan

Shared Hosting:

  • Mini Plan: This plan is ideal for individual sites and offers 10GB NVMe storage and unlimited transfers for $9.95/month.
  • Start Plan: Unlimited site creation, 50GB storage, plus daily backups for $12.95/month.
  • Advanced Plan: Increased storage and priority support at $15.95/month.
  • Entry Cloud Plan: Dedicated CPU, RAM, and upgradable NVMe SSD storage starting at $29.95/month.

Managed VPS Hosting:

TierCPU CoresRAMStorageMonthly Data TransfersPrice
Build 124GB50GB NVMeUnlimited$49.95/month
Build 248GB100GB NVMeUnlimited$83.95/month
Build 3816GB150GB NVMeUnlimited$141.95/month
Build 41224GB200GB NVMeUnlimited$199.95/month

Self-Managed VPS Hosting:

Build 1$20/month
Build 2$45/month
Build 3$91/month
Build 4$179/month

AWS VPS Hosting:

  • Ranges from AWS4GB at $61.95/month to AWS32GB at $249.95/month offer diverse RAM and SSD storage options.

Our VPS hosting solutions, cloud infrastructure capabilities, and self-management availability offer various customization options to fit different business hosting needs at competitive prices.

Best for Reliability


PingPerfect offers top-quality game server hosting, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable gaming experience. With easy setup and excellent support, you can get your favorite games up and running quickly.

Pros & Cons

  1. Specialized Gaming Servers: Tailored solutions for gaming ensure top-tier performance.
  2. Extensive Game Library: Supports a multitude of popular games.
  3. Customer Service Excellence: Round-the-clock knowledgeable support.
  4. Server Customization: There is a wide array of options for personalizing game servers.
  5. Consistent Server Uptime: Reliable server operations with high uptime ratings.
  1. Limited Server Locations: Fewer geographic options can affect connectivity.
  2. Higher Cost: Price points above some market competitors.
  3. Additional Fees: Extra costs for specific features and extensions.
  4. Gaming-Focused: Other hosting services are not as expansive compared to dedicated providers.

Our Experience

We’ve found that dedicated servers from PingPerfect showcase impressive performance, fostering smooth and uninterrupted gameplay. Though limited, the various server locations are strategically placed to provide adequate global coverage.

The advanced control panel facilitates easy customization and real-time adjustments, a big plus for us when managing the server without hassle. Robust DDoS protection has also added an extra layer of security during gameplay.

Pricing Plan

Game Server Hosting:

  • Starting from: Competitive rates with various tiers and payment arrangements.
  • Plan Characteristics: Optimized for an extensive list of games, offering customization and integration features.

Voice Server Hosting:

  • Applications Included: Teamspeak, Mumble, and more.
  • Benefits: Offers a stable and clear voice communication platform, enhancing team coordination.

Additional Services:

  • Web Hosting: Includes a suite of features supporting gaming community websites and other online presences.
  • Dedicated Hosting: Available for non-gaming purposes, ensuring flexibility in service offerings.

In our evaluation, PingPerfect stands out with its gaming-centric hosting solutions, diverse feature set, and attentive customer support. These make it a strong candidate for gamers seeking a robust and customizable online gaming environment.

Best for Performance


GTXGaming provides premium game server hosting, designed for a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience. With quick setup and robust support, you can start playing your favorite games without any hassle.

Pros & Cons

  1. Specialist in gaming server hosting
  2. Official Teamspeak3 partner
  3. Global support team coverage
  4. Strong focus on customer support
  1. Limited time for community gaming
  2. Doesn’t sponsor influencers or offer third-party add-ons

Our Experience

We’ve learned that the heart of a successful game-hosting service lies within community roots. Initially, our engagement with game hosting sprung from a personal passion for Call of Duty 4, evolving into a fully-fledged Game Server Provider (GSP) by 2008.

Over time, we’ve realized that continuous, dedicated customer support fosters organic growth—this has been instrumental in our development.

Pricing Plan

Regarding our financial structure, we aim to maintain competitive pricing while expanding our services to include Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and dedicating more server options. Our goal is to continue offering high-quality hosting solutions that align with our customers’ evolving needs.

Plan TypeKey FeaturesStarting Price
Game ServersLow latency gaming experience, multiple game supportEnquire for details
Dedicated ServersEnhanced performance, reliability, worldwide locationsEnquire for details
Teamspeak3 ServersOfficial partner for reliable communicationsEnquire for details

We strive to integrate the features and services our customers desire, such as auto mod updates and VPS, even if it means investing time to ensure seamless integration.

Our approach has always been customer-centric, emphasizing the importance of flexibility and willingness to adapt to customer needs.

Best for Modding


ServerBlend offers reliable game server hosting, perfect for running your favorite games smoothly. With easy setup and great support, you can get started quickly and enjoy hassle-free gaming.

Pros & Cons

  1. Robust Infrastructure: Servers harness high-end SSDs and processors for peak performance.
  2. Broad Game Support: Hosts a diverse variety of widely played games.
  3. Server Configuration Flexibility: Extensive server settings customization.
  4. Support Excellence: Round-the-clock, well-informed customer service team.
  1. Premium Pricing: Costs may exceed those of competitors.
  2. Gaming Focus: Limited to game hosting without auxiliary services like domain or website tools.

Our Experience

We have found that ServerBlend diligently caters to gaming servers. Their commitment to superior performance and dependable uptime has been evident in our interactions. We have appreciated the low-latency, seamless gameplay across several titles facilitated by their top-tier infrastructure.

Their control panel is user-friendly, significantly easing our server management tasks. This has allowed smooth mod installations and modifications, pivotal for an enriched gaming experience.

However, the pricing structure is on the upper side, which may not align with all budget considerations.

Pricing Plan

Hosting TypeKey FeaturesSuitable for
SharedCost-effective, resource-sharing environmentSmall communities, hobbyists
VPSFixed resource allocation, greater stabilityMid-sized gaming groups
DedicatedExclusive resource access, high customizationLarge communities, professionals

The selection of ServerBlend’s plans can cater to individual gamers and extensive communities, acknowledging that flexibility in resources and scalability are fundamental to growing gaming arenas.

Each tier of their offerings presents a strategic fit for the distinctive demands of various user groups.

Best for Flexibility

Kamatera Hosting

Kamatera Hosting provides flexible cloud hosting solutions, making it easy to scale your infrastructure as needed. With 24/7 support and customizable options, you can manage your web services efficiently.

Pros & Cons

  1. Customizable plans to fit specific needs
  2. Global data center locations for better reach
  3. Responsive customer support is available
  1. Scarce tutorial resources for beginners
  2. Initial setup could be complex for new users

Our Experience

When we used Kamatera’s hosting services, we noted its ease of handling varying traffic, which is a boon for businesses facing unpredictable demand. Their cloud server setup, with its clean and user-friendly interface, streamlined the deployment process.

If you’re unfamiliar with cloud infrastructure, we advise consulting their customer service for setup assistance.

Pricing Plan

Kamatera offers different hosting solutions, with cloud hosting allowing for precise customization of resources. Their hourly billing offers flexibility and control over costs.

Prices scale with resources, and it’s important to discuss the right configuration for your needs with their team. The options highlight the flexibility of Kamatera’s offerings.

For payment, they currently accept credit cards and offer a 30-day trial period, which requires your card details for activation. This trial is an excellent opportunity to assess their services before committing financially.

Our Methodology for Researching and Evaluating

When assessing the different game server hosting options, we initiated a thorough market analysis to pinpoint potential candidates. Our selection process considered many factors, such as supported games, ease of use, performance metrics, and pricing structures. This initial sweep allowed us to refine a diverse pool to the most promising provisions.

Our evaluation pivoted to a side-by-side comparison, utilizing the following criteria:

  • Performance: We emphasize low latency and high-speed connections that provide seamless gameplay experiences.
  • Reliability: Service stability, including uptime percentages and protection against DDoS attacks.
  • Customer Support: 24/7 accessibility and quality of technical assistance.
  • Scalability: Ability to easily upgrade and expand resources to accommodate growing user bases.
  • Value: Assessment of plan features against the cost, seeking the most beneficial cost-to-feature ratio.
PerformanceLow latency, high uptime, and sufficient processing power are important for uninterrupted gameplay.High
ReliabilityThe host should ensure consistent availability and security against disruptions.High
Customer SupportAssistance should be swift and effective, providing both basic and advanced troubleshooting.Moderate to High
ScalabilityThe service should grow with the user’s needs, offering flexible resource allocation.Moderate
ValuePlans should offer a competitive array of features for the Price paid.High

Among the products that stood the test of our rigorous standards, providers like Shockbyte and ScalaCube have been highlighted for their affordability and range of server locations. Meanwhile, the breadth of our search also included premier services noted for their robust hardware infrastructure, a key factor in ensuring minimal latency and a stable gaming environment.

Key Features to Look For in Game Server Hosting Providers

When assessing various game server hosting providers, we consider several crucial factors that impact performance, reliability, and user experience. These elements ensure that your gaming sessions run smoothly and without interruption. Here is what we look for:

  • Reliable Uptime: We prioritize hosting services with high uptime guarantees, translating to less unexpected downtime and more stable gaming experiences.
  • Server Locations: The proximity of servers to players is vital for low-latency gaming. We look for hosts with a wide range of global server locations.
  • Hardware Specifications: Powerful CPUs, ample RAM, and high-storage SSDs are essential for lag-free gaming, especially resource-intensive games.
  • Control Panel: An intuitive and feature-rich control panel streamlines server management and enables the easy installation of mods and plugins.
  • Customer Support: Access to responsive, knowledgeable support teams around the clock is non-negotiable for promptly dealing with technical issues.
  • Customization Options: We value the ability to customize server settings and configurations to cater to different game types and player preferences.
  • Security Measures: Robust security protocols, including DDoS protection, are essential to protect servers from malicious attacks and ensure safe gameplay.
  • Pricing Structures: Transparent, flexible pricing plans that offer scalability allow us to choose services that align with our budget and server needs.

Each element plays a significant role in providing an outstanding gaming experience, and we look for providers that strike an optimal balance among these features.

Frequently asked questions

What is a game server?

A game server is a powerful computer that facilitates multiplayer video games by connecting gamers from various locations, ensuring a synchronized and seamless gaming experience.

What is the cost of a dedicated gaming server?

The Price of a dedicated gaming server can vary based on resources like CPU and RAM, but depending on the provider’s specifications and services offered, you can expect to pay from $15 to over $100 every month.

What are the key aspects to consider when selecting a game server provider?

When choosing a hosting provider for a game server, consider factors such as:

  • Server uptime reliability
  • Availability of round-the-clock customer support
  • Extent of control panel features for easy management
  • Options for game mod support and custom add-ons
  • The number of global server locations to reduce latency

Importance of Server Uptime in Multiplayer Games

Server uptime is critical for hosting multiplayer games. It ensures that gamers can connect and play anytime without disruption, contributing to a positive gaming experience.

What is the difference between a dedicated vs. shared server hosting for gaming?

Opting for dedicated server hosting typically offers the following:

  • Greater power and resources exclusively for your gaming needs
  • Enhanced performance stability
  • Advanced customization options for mods and control panels
  • Improved security with dedicated IP addresses

How do you access the performance of a game server hosting?

Evaluate a hosting service’s performance by:

  • Testing server response times
  • Considering the quality of FTP and subdomain support
  • Analyzing user reviews on the ease of use and functionality of the game and custom control panels
  • Reviewing the quality of mod support and options for backups and restoration

Influences on Game Hosting Service Prices

Factors affecting game server hosting pricing include:

  • Hardware specifications like CPU, RAM, and storage
  • Bandwidth allocation and data transfer limits
  • Complexity of support for control panels and custom services
  • Additional features such as DDoS protection, backups, and the number of supported player slots

For indie developers, hosting providers like ShockByte and Host Havoc are noteworthy for their excellent performance-to-price ratio, robust customer service, and wide hosting plans supporting various games and mods.

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