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10 Best FiveM Server Hosting Services – Tested by Experts

We’ve tested a variety of FiveM server hosting providers to find the best options for gamers and developers. Our hands-on reviews focus on performance, ease of setup, and customer support, providing you with a clear understanding of each service's capabilities.

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Ever found yourself in the driver’s seat of a virtual car, gunning down virtual criminals, only to be rudely interrupted by server lag? It’s a common headache for fans of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) who veer off the main roads to explore the bustling world of FiveM. For the uninitiated, FiveM is where gamers like us go to elevate GTA V into multiplayer mayhem, far from the game’s original limits.

Choosing a reliable and best FiveM server hosting service is like picking the right getaway car—it can mean the difference between a smooth criminal operation and a bumpy ride.

In our search, we’re looking for a hosting that can handle the gameplay chaos without breaking a sweat. Join us as we sift through the options to find the best hideout for our digital capers.

10 Best FiveM Server Hosting Providers of 2024

When seeking the best FiveM server hosting, choosing a provider that excels in specific areas to suit your needs is important. Here’s a breakdown of the top FiveM hosting services based on their standout features:

  1. Rocketnode: Best for Game Server Performance
  2. Iceline Hosting: Best for Customizability
  3. Gravel Host: Best for Affordable Hosting
  4. Goodleaf Hosting: Best for User-Friendly Interface
  5. Ultahost: Best for Uptime and Reliability
  6. Ouiheberg: Best for French-Speaking Users
  7. Zap Hosting: Best for Fast Setup
  8. Elixirnode: Best for High-Speed Connections
  9. Cubes Hosting: Best for Scalability
  10. Realms Hosting: Best for Minecraft Hosting

We consider these providers highly capable and reliable in their respective areas, ensuring your gaming experience remains seamless. Whether you require instant setup, high-performance servers, or robust DDoS protection, these hosts can meet and exceed expectations.

Best for Game Server Performance


Rocketnode emerges as a standout provider in the FiveM server hosting space, where dependable uptime, seamless performance, and quality support are non-negotiables for an immersive gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

  1. Expert Support: A dedicated team including professionals like Usman S. known for their swift and adept assistance.
  2. Immediate Setup: Quick launch times for servers ensure gaming communities are not left waiting.
  3. Robust Infrastructure: Running on dedicated servers with high-performance CPUs and ample RAM.
  4. Enhanced Security: DDoS protection to safeguard servers against online threats.
  5. Continuous Availability: 24/7 support system with helpful staff available via live chat.
  1. Potential Overlaps: Instances of mixed-up license keys on multiple servers needing manual resolution.
  2. Occasional Configuration Issues: Rare cases of VPS setup complications resulting in data loss during server wipes.

Our Experience

When we ventured into establishing our gaming community’s infrastructure with Rocketnode, we experienced the immediate convenience of instant setup. The power of dedicated servers equipped with robust CPUs and substantial SSD storage materialized through seamless and lag-free gameplay.

Our interactions with their support, particularly when we reached out via live chat, not only reflected their round-the-clock availability but also the depth of their knowledge.

Usman S. became a hero on multiple occasions, troubleshooting our issues effectively, which fortified our trust in Rocketnode’s support. We did encounter a unique situation where our VPS servers conflicted due to identical license keys.

Nevertheless, the issue was rectified promptly once identified. Another instance involved an unwelcome data wipe due to a swift but questionable solution proposed by their team, which made us more cautious and reliant on the quality tutorials they provided.

Pricing Plan

Our analysis of Rocketnode’s pricing structure led us to conclude that its offerings are competitive among the best FiveM server hosting solutions. It caters to varying demands with tiered options that balance cost against server capabilities like RAM allocation and SSD storage size.

Loyal customers and newcomers can leverage discounts such as a 25% reduction with codes like “NCHub,” making the deal even more attractive. Below is a simplified breakdown:

PlanPriceRAMSSD StorageCPUSupport Level
BasicAffordableAdequate for entry-level needsSufficient for smaller communitiesHigh-Performance24/7 Live Chat
AdvancedCompetitiveEnhanced for larger serversExpanded for intensive useTop-TierPriority Assistance

Best for Customizability

Iceline Hosting

Iceline Hosting has garnered a reputation for robust server performance and a user-friendly control panel, making it a solid choice for FiveM game hosting. The platform often receives high praise for its customer support and dedication to resolving issues, suggesting a company committed to service quality and client satisfaction.

Pros & Cons

  1. Remarkable customer support with proactive solutions.
  2. High-performance servers with minimal downtime.
  3. User-friendly control panel for easy navigation and server management.
  4. Positive experiences with server stability and performance.
  5. DDoS protection to ensure server security.
  1. Some users reported problems with promotional deals and partnerships.
  2. There were a few instances of delayed ticket responses and issues with email communication.
  3. Some feedback indicates occasional lagging and crashing, especially on servers without mods.

Our Experience

When we started using Iceline Hosting, the ease of setting up our server was immediately noticeable. The intuitive dashboard allowed us to customize our gaming experience with little effort. We were particularly impressed by the DDoS protection, which added a reassuring layer of security.

However, we ran into a hiccup with modpack compatibility, which required some manual tinkering. This was a minor drawback compared to the otherwise smooth experience.

Our interactions with the customer service team were mostly positive, with issues being resolved promptly and satisfactorily. However, there was one occasion where the response to a ticket took longer than expected, leading to a brief period of frustration on our end.

Regardless, the consistent server performance and the level of customization offered through the platform solidified our trust in Iceline Hosting.

Pricing Plan

The pricing structure at Iceline Hosting is competitive, providing various options to suit different needs and budgets. Plans include:

  • Basic Plan:
    • Affordable entry-level option, suitable for small servers.
  • Standard Plan:
    • Best for moderate traffic, it offers a balance between cost and performance.
  • Premium Plan:
    • High-end choices for large communities include advanced features.

All plans include a default 10GB of free cloud backup storage, with additional space available for purchase. The flexibility of choosing a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual billing cycle adds to the convenience.

Best for Affordable Hosting

Gravel Host

In offering server hosting services, Gravel Host stands out with competitively lower prices and a promise of quality hardware. They have carved a niche among game server hosts, particularly for FiveM and Minecraft.

Pros & Cons

  1. Incredibly affordable pricing plans
  2. Quick customer support response times
  3. Generally positive feedback on staff interaction
  4. Server performance and uptime are reliable
  5. Easy-to-use server control panel
  1. Some users report slow support and issues with refunds
  2. Complaints regarding technical difficulties with server setup
  3. Mixed reviews on the effectiveness of support in troubleshooting
  4. Occasional claims of delayed or lackluster response to server issues

Our Experience

We found that setting up our FiveM server on Gravel Host was a smooth process, thanks to their user-friendly control panel. During our use, we experienced impressive server stability and high-speed performance, which is likely bolstered by the use of high-speed SSDs.

Although we were satisfied with the low prices and decent server performance for the number of players we hosted, we did encounter a couple of hitches.

Initially, there were some technical challenges, and while the support team was usually quick to assist, there were times when it felt like getting a response took longer than expected. Nonetheless, once in contact, the support staff were helpful and eager to solve our problems, ensuring our dedicated server ran optimally.

Pricing Plan

Gravel Host offers various pricing tiers to accommodate different scales of server needs and budgets. Their plans typically include:

  • Starter Plan: Suitable for smaller player bases and cost-effective for those new to server hosting.
  • Intermediate Plan: Balances performance with price, ideal for moderate-sized communities.
  • Advanced Plan: Built for larger player bases, offers more resources, and can handle more simultaneous users and mods.

The specific details of these plans, related to memory, processor speeds, and server locations, are structured to serve both amateur enthusiasts and seasoned gamers or server administrators.

Wix is known for its versatile cms and user-friendly design offerings, making it a preferred choice for marketing agencies focused on creativity and ease of use.

Best for User-Friendly Interface

Goodleaf Hosting

Goodleaf Hosting is a provider that piques interest due to its specialized VPS hosting for FiveM servers. It offers a harmonious blend of customizable options and dependable customer service. Its servers are designed to optimize performance while ensuring high protection against threats such as DDoS attacks.

Pros & Cons

  1. Exceptionally rapid response times from support
  2. User-friendly setup process, bolstered by instructional videos
  3. Consistent and dedicated assistance during DDoS attacks
  4. High customer satisfaction with services being “above and beyond” expectations
  5. Customizable server options that increase gaming performance seamlessly
  6. Frequent promotions like giveaways add value to their offerings
  1. Isolated reports of service interruption and slow support responses during non-peak hours
  2. Instances where customer billing issues were raised
  3. Occasional feedback about post-setup service quality declining

Our Experience

When we began our journey with Goodleaf Hosting, we immediately noticed the ease of setting up our server, which came pre-installed with FiveM. Their support team proved invaluable, swiftly addressing all our queries and concerns. The clear, step-by-step video guides made the initial configuration virtually effortless.

During the few instances we experienced DDoS attacks, Goodleaf’s response was impressively focused and effective, setting up robust firewall rules that fortified our defenses. While their customer service was generally exemplary, we encountered longer wait times for support late at night and some hiccups with billing communication.

Despite these minor setbacks, our overall experience was positive, with game servers performing smoothly with no disturbances, indicating true scalability and reliability.

Pricing Plan

Goodleaf Hosting’s pricing structure is competitive, with various scalable plans that cater to different needs and budgets. They offer a 5-day money-back guarantee on their hosting products. We found their VPS hosting plans to be economical, with the added benefit of the customizable options enhancing the value for money.

Although detailed pricing was not immediately available, the combination of affordable rates, reliable service, and the potential for further discounts through participation in their giveaways makes Goodleaf a strong contender in the VPS hosting market for FiveM servers.

Best for Uptime and Reliability


Ultahost is a hosting provider known for its solid performance and customer support. It offers various services to cater to different hosting needs, including VPS, shared hosting, and dedicated options. Its offerings are particularly noted for leveraging the speed of NVMe SSD storage, robust hardware, and efficient processors, making it an attractive option for those seeking a potent FiveM server solution.

Pros & Cons

  1. High customer satisfaction with a notable percentage of five-star reviews.
  2. Exceptional customer service with personalized assistance from team members.
  3. Reliable NVMe SSD storage for fast and efficient data access.
  4. Comprehensive hardware solutions are suitable for FiveM servers.
  5. Immediate recovery assistance from support, even beyond package responsibilities.
  1. Some customers reported challenges with long-term reliability.
  2. A few instances of dissatisfactory interactions with support.
  3. Occasional control panel access issues reported by users.

Our Experience

During our time with Ultahost, we enjoyed the swift and stable performance of their FiveM server hosting, owing to the NVMe SSD storage and well-maintained hardware. The setup process was straightforward, giving us control over our server quickly and hassle-free.

However, we encountered a hiccup when accessing the control panel. Fortunately, the support team, especially individuals like Harry Mason and Sam, went out of their way to ensure that our issue was resolved, exceeding our expectations in customer service.

On a separate occasion, when we faced a critical issue with our VPS, their responsive technical support staff, notably Paul, swiftly addressed and rectified the situation. Their ability to recover data that we thought was lost was truly impressive.

It’s not all been smooth sailing, though. A few of us felt that certain complex issues took longer to be addressed than we would have expected, highlighting a possible area for improvement in support service responsiveness for long-term projects.

Pricing Plan

Ultahost offers a variety of pricing plans tailored to different needs:

  • Shared Hosting: Starting from a very competitive price point, ideal for small projects.
  • VPS Hosting: Perfect for FiveM servers, priced according to the resources and control offered.
  • Dedicated Solutions: Higher-priced for extensive resource requirements and full control.

Overall, we found their VPS offerings to be cost-effective, especially considering the inclusion of advanced hardware and NVMe SSD storage, which ensures top performance for FiveM servers.

Best for French-Speaking Users


Ouiheberg has emerged as a prominent player in the FiveM server hosting market. It is appreciated for its simplified server configuration and consistent performance. With a strong emphasis on customer support and high availability, it stands out as a solution for both novices and experienced server administrators.

Pros & Cons

  1. High satisfaction rates, with 74% of users rating the service 5 stars.
  2. 24/7 customer support ensures issues are addressed promptly.
  3. 99.5% availability guarantee promises consistent uptime.
  4. Global server locations provide low-latency connections.
  5. Flexible Bandwidth to accommodate varying player loads.
  1. RAM Limitations with a maximum of 32GB, which may hinder the performance of larger servers.
  2. Non-transparent support practices, as some users indicated, require more detailed explanations of issues and solutions.

Our Experience

When we used Ouiheberg’s hosting services, we were particularly impressed by their streamlined server setup process. Their interface facilitated hassle-free server administration, which allowed us to focus more on the game and less on the backend.

The customer support team was accessible around the clock and addressed our queries promptly and efficiently, though we would’ve appreciated more insight into how our issues were resolved.

One limitation we encountered was the server memory cap. We found the 32GB RAM ceiling slightly restrictive for our more ambitious projects. However, this is generally sufficient for small—to medium-sized servers.

In the context of the price-to-performance ratio, Ouiheberg delivers good value, especially considering features like their DDoS protection and the system’s overall reliability.

Pricing Plan

  • Basic: Ideal for newcomers or small communities. Includes essential support and features.
  • Advanced: Suits growing servers seeking a balance between cost and performance.
  • Premium: Designed for large, established servers requiring maximum resources and support.

Note: Specific pricing details and tier features can be found directly on the Ouiheberg website, ensuring that prospective users can select the option that best reflects their hosting needs.

Best for Fast Setup

Zap Hosting

Zap Hosting stands out as a hosting provider offering various services featuring dedicated servers, which are known for their strong performance and high uptime. Their dedication to providing support around the clock is well-received within the user community, and their competitive pricing caters to diverse budgetary needs.

Pros & Cons

  1. Excellent server performance and reliability
  2. Intuitive user interface for easy navigation
  3. 24/7 live chat support for prompt assistance
  4. A wide variety of hosting services are available
  5. Offers customization options for servers
  6. Competitive pricing plans with discounts and store credit rewards
  1. Instances of denied refunds have been reported
  2. Some users experienced suboptimal customer service interactions
  3. Occasional reports of servers not performing as expected

Our Experience

We found Zap Hosting to be an impressive service for our server needs. The setup process was straightforward and allowed us to tailor our server’s features to our specific requirements, showcasing the flexibility of their customization options. The control panel was user-friendly, which made managing the server a breeze.

During our time with the platform, the servers delivered consistent uptime and speedy performance, which is important for our projects. Anytime we encountered an issue or had inquiries, the live chat support was impeccably quick and helpful in providing resolutions. Their team exhibited patience and expertise, which we greatly appreciated.

However, there were a few hiccups; we sometimes noticed slight delays and some communication challenges. In one instance, we were a bit taken aback by a refund issue, but it was an isolated event that didn’t overshadow the overwhelmingly positive aspects.

Pricing Plan

Zap Hosting’s pricing structure is transparent and adaptable, making it a feasible option for a wide audience. Their plans are well-segmented to accommodate varied needs and budgets. Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • Monthly Plans: Starting at around $8.61, making it accessible for short-term usage
  • Lifetime Server Options: A one-time payment option, beginning from $75.76, suitable for long-term commitments
  • Additional Services and Upgrades: Available to enhance server performance and user experience

The company frequently offers promotions, which can significantly reduce costs. Their policy of awarding store credit for service inconveniences further adds value to their already appealing pricing model.

Best for High-Speed Connections


Elixirnode stands out in the market for its customizable VPS solutions that host FiveM servers. Known for its robust server performance with SSD storage, Elixirnode also guarantees uptime to ensure your gaming experience remains uninterrupted.

Pros & Cons

  1. High-performance SSD drives ensure quick load times and smooth gameplay.
  2. The VPS hosting is highly customizable, allowing for specific server requirements.
  3. Elixirnode’s uptime guarantee fosters confidence in consistent server availability.
  1. The platform may have a learning curve for those new to VPS setups.
  2. Pricing can be higher than some competitors, especially for higher disk space options.

Our Experience

During our time with Elixirnode, we found the server setup process straightforward. Due to the customizable nature of Elixirnode’s offerings, we optimized our server without much hassle. The SSD-based VPS was quick to deploy, and we noticed minimal lag during peak gameplay, which speaks volumes about their hardware’s efficacy.

However, we did face a slight challenge in navigating the advanced settings, which might be daunting for server hosts without technical backgrounds. Customer support was proactive, but we feel that there’s room for improvement in their response time.

Pricing Plan

Elixirnode’s pricing plans are tiered based on the server’s disk space and expected traffic, which allows for scalability. Here’s a quick overview:

  • Starter Plan:
    • $25/month
    • 50 GB SSD Disk Space
    • 2 TB Bandwidth
  • Advanced Plan:
    • $40/month
    • 100 GB SSD Disk Space
    • 4 TB Bandwidth
  • Premium Plan:
    • $55/month
    • 150 GB SSD Disk Space
    • 6 TB Bandwidth

Overall, while prices may be higher, the performance and customization options justify the investment for serious server hosts.

Best for Scalability


In FiveM server hosting, Cubes has a reputation for reliability and supportive customer service. Their offerings cater to a wide range of needs, from game hosting to Discord bots, and are highlighted by their Game Panel’s ease of use and swift response from their support team.

Pros & Cons

  1. Quick and efficient server setup process
  2. Highly responsive and helpful support, available via Discord
  3. Competitive and transparent pricing structure
  4. Game Panel is intuitive, simplifying game hosting management
  5. Notable stability across services with low downtime
  6. Feature-rich control panel offering backup and customization options
  1. Pricing may initially seem low, but taxes (VAT) are added at checkout
  2. A limited number of databases in certain plans
  3. Primarily, EU-based support might pose response time issues for other time zones.

Our Experience

During our time using Cubes, we’ve found the setup to be decidedly straightforward; it’s clear they’ve invested care into crafting an accessible user experience. Their Control Panel interfaces with industry standards, granting a sense of familiarity we’ve come to appreciate.

Our game servers ran smoothly, and when we interacted with their customer service regarding updates or customizations, we found their team to be remarkably knowledgeable and efficient. We encountered some issues, as is the case with all tech, but Cubes’ 24/7 support impressively navigated us through each one.

However, we did note that their service is better suited for users closer to their servers due to their primary EU-based support. Overall, the platform’s affordability does not come at the expense of service quality.

Pricing Plan

Cubes offers a range of plans designed to fit various needs and budgets:

Service TypeStarting PriceFeatures
FiveM Server Hosting$5.45/monthCustom cars, maps, AI support, up to 2048 players
Discord Bot Hosting$1.60/monthCloud backups, server access sharing, scheduled tasks
Minecraft Server Hosting$2.50/monthEasy modpack changes, customizable options

The advertised rates are enticing, and while they exclude VAT, we found them to remain competitive. There’s a plan for nearly every type of user, from the thrifty enthusiast to the demanding professional seeking a robust server setup.

Best for Minecraft Hosting

Realms Hosting

Realms Hosting is a compelling option for FiveM server hosting, presenting robust features tailored for avid gamers and server administrators. With an emphasis on high-performance servers supported by AMD Ryzen 5800X processors and advanced 7Tbps+ DDOS protection, the service positions itself for a high-quality gaming experience.

Pros & Cons

  1. Advanced DDOS protection ensures server stability.
  2. Offering unlimited slots, it caters well to scalability needs.
  3. Multiple server locations globally for lower latency.
  4. Quick and helpful customer support based on user testimonials.
  5. FTP access for easy file transfer and server management.
  6. High customer satisfaction with strong uptime performance.
  1. Some users reported issues with access and backups.
  2. Customer support, while generally praised, has had instances of delayed response.
  3. A handful of reviews mentioned difficulties with support during peak times.

Our Experience

We have had the opportunity to set up a FiveM server on Realms Hosting and found the process to be straightforward. The performance delivered was consistent, with no noticeable lag, indicating the powerful hardware and good server health.

The control panel provided us with intuitive tools for customizing and managing our gaming environment efficiently. We found that any queries or issues were resolved in a timely manner, thanks to a responsive support team. Additionally, the scalability offered by Realms Hosting suited our needs perfectly as our community grew.

However, it was noted that there were occasional hiccups when we required assistance during peak times, although this was relatively rare. The alleged lack of a backup for an “enshrouded server” that was reported by some users was a concern, though this did not align with our own experience where backups were performed as expected.

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Pricing Plan

Basic Plan:

  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Slots: Unlimited
  • Multiple Server Locations
  • Price: Competitive

Premium Plan:

  • RAM: 4 GB or higher
  • Slots: Unlimited
  • FTP Access
  • Advanced DDOS Protection
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Price: Value for money, considering the features

Realms Hosting offers various pricing tiers to accommodate different server sizes and their corresponding demands. The plans are competitively priced, and we found them to be a sensible investment, given the inclusion of features like unlimited slots and FTP access.

When choosing a plan, it is advisable to assess the specific needs of your gaming community to ensure that prerequisites such as server stability and performance are met.

Our Hosting Testing Methodology

When evaluating the best FiveM server hosting services, we are meticulous in our approach. We first scoured the market for reputable providers, ensuring the options we test meet stringent criteria for reliability and performance. Our selection process led us to a curated list of hosts, which included notable names such as Iceline Hosting, RocketNode, Realms Hosting, and Kamatera.

The following table outlines the key features we tested for each host:

BackupsEssential for data preservationFrequency & Accessibility
ConfigurationsTailoring to specific needsEase of setup
CustomizationFreedom for server personalizationVariety of options
Game Control PanelUser-friendly management of the serverIntuitiveness & Features
Server PerformanceEnsuring smooth gameplayUptime & Load Time
Script and MapsEnhancements for server complexityCompatibility & Integration

We proceeded with a head-to-head comparison using those specific features as our scoring basis. For configurations and customization, we rigorously tested the flexibility of the server settings and examined the diversity of the custom scripts and maps that could be uploaded and run seamlessly on each platform.

We paid particular attention to the Game Control Panel, evaluating if it offers an intuitive experience for server administrators. To gauge the ease of server installation and meeting system requirements, we scrutinized the setup process from purchase to launch.

Every provider’s commitment to redundancy and data safety was verified through their backup solutions. Our neutral and fact-based observations ensure an unbiased verdict aimed at confidently guiding users to a service that delivers on performance, customization, and reliability.

How To Choose A Server Hosting For FiveM

When we’re on the hunt for FiveM server hosting, there’s a buffet of choices out there, but picking the right one can really make or break our gaming experience. Let’s talk about what we should keep an eye out for to land that perfect server host.

First up, Budget Plan vs. Premium Plan. These are the stepping stones in our server hosting journey. Our budget will guide us, but we’ve got to balance cost with performance. A budget plan might save us some cash upfront, and it’s great for a small group of friends. But if we’re planning something big, we might want to look into a premium plan offering better support, uptime, and resources.

Lifetime Server opportunities can be tempting with their one-time payment deals. It’s like getting a permanent home for our virtual antics, but it’s a bigger upfront cost. Always read the fine print to ensure it aligns with our long-term goals.

Picking a host with Virtual Private Servers (VPS) gives us more control over the environment. We get dedicated resources, which means smoother gameplay without the noisy neighbors.

A host that offers a Money-Back Policy or Moneyback Guarantee makes trying out their services less risky. If things don’t work out, we know we can get our cash back.

Backing up our game data on the cloud? Absolutely, we should. Cloud Backups ensure our hard-earned progress is safe from any mishaps.

Last but not least, Global Locations matter. We want servers close to us and our player base for a lag-free experience.

So, let’s find a host that ticks all these boxes and get our FiveM server up and running!

Frequently asked questions

What are the top considerations when choosing a FiveM server host?

When scouting for a FiveM server host, prioritize fast and reliable connectivity, robust DDoS protection, and scalable resources to align with your server’s growth. Providers like RocketNode are often recognized for their powerful and scalable server options.

How does server performance impact the FiveM gameplay experience?

Server performance is pivotal for seamless gameplay. High-performance servers minimize lag, enhance load times, and provide a smoother experience for all players. A host’s performance can make or break the in-game experience.

What are the advantages of using a dedicated VPS for FiveM servers?

A dedicated VPS offers exclusive resources, full control over the gaming environment, and better stability. It ensures that your FiveM server is insulated from the ‘noisy neighbor’ effect that can occur on shared hosting platforms.

Is there a difference in quality between cheap and premium FiveM server hosting services?

There’s a notable quality gap between cheap and premium hosting services. Premium hosts typically offer higher uptime, advanced features, and stronger security measures.

What factors determine the amount of RAM required for a stable FiveM server?

The required RAM for a FiveM server hinges on player count, installed mods and scripts, and the complexity of custom content. More intensive servers need higher RAM to operate efficiently.

What should you look for in customer support when selecting a FiveM server host?

Effective customer support should offer 24/7 availability, knowledgeable staff, and a variety of help channels. A host like Iceline Hosting, with a reputation for quality support, is invaluable for urgent issues.

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