What is SEO? (And Why Should I Care?)

You might be wondering what SEO is, and why you should care.

If you are not spending your time in the online marketing world, then this is a fair question.

Let me quickly show you what it is all about.

You Have An Awesome Website, But It’s Not On Google!

Important Fact: When you create a website, it does not automatically get found on the first page of Google.

Think of it like this: you build a new store selling amazing products, but your store is in the middle of a desert. It’s a great location, but there are no signs, roads or advertising pointing to it. How will you ever get any customers?

Google (and the other search engines) are the same.

You can create a website, but they won’t automatically know about it. And even when they find it by chance, they might not even care. Your website is in the search engine desert!

This is where SEO begins….

The First Step – Letting Google Know You Exist

This is the first thing we do for clients. 

Make sure that all of the technical stuff is set up so that Google knows all about you, and the kinds of content (pages, blog posts) you have on your website.

This ensures that your content is not only found by the search engines, but that you are found for the right kinds of words (and people – your customers).

However, this is just step one of the SEO puzzle.

Google has a lot of websites and pages to look at, so now we need to make sure you move towards the top…

The Problem of Appearing Below Page 1 On Google

What you probably did not know is that most people don’t even get past page 1 of Google. 

Sure, some people do, but not many.

Here are the percentages of people who click on the first search results in Google:

Click Through Rates Google Search Results

The first five results listed in Google get the most clicks. 

Then the bottom of page one (positions 5-10) get some, but a lot less – 3.7% (together).

What about if you are on Page 2?

Only 4% of people click on any result in Page 2 !!!

And after that….

Welcome to no man’s land!

How SEO Can Help You?

It is clear that your website will not get many (or perhaps any visitors) from Google unless you are on the first few pages.

Now what?

SEO To The Rescue

SEO is the art and science of getting your website, and the pages on it found on Google.

And found by the right kinds of people. People who want to buy your products or services.

I know, SEO seems like magic. Or at the last, very suspicious.

But in fact, it’s simply about knowing what works and doing that, over and over again..

Here’s the secret…

Moving your website higher on Google is a 3 step process:

  • Aim for the right keywords (the words people search for your products or services on Google with)
  • Make sure the website is setup right for these words
  • Get links to the website to increase your ranking (get higher on Google)

With SEO: Moving higher on Google is a lot easier. Then, you can start getting more customers.


Without SEO: You are just hoping, or praying, that Google will show your website to someone. Sorry to tell you, but Google has more than enough websites to put above yours!

Find Out How You Can Get More Customers From Google Today.


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