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Editor's Choice

Slider Revolution

Produced By: Theme Punch
Price: $18

Slider Revolutions is used by tens of thousands of websites around the world, and is one of the most powerful slider plugins around.

Of course, with great power comes a little complexity, so be prepared to read the manual a little bit.

But the rewards are great, with amazing sliders, layers, transitions and countless other options to create your dream slider.

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Royal Slider

Produced By: Dmitry Semenov
Price: $22

Royal Slider is a more powerful slider than many out there, with a huge list of options and content types to suit most people.

From presentations options (thumbnails on the bottom/side, full size, and more) to full image control.

There is also a large range of content types (posts, images, videos, html and even animated areas over top).

And it is a relatively simple slider to use too.

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Meta Slider

Produced By: Matcha Labs
Price: Free (with Pro Version)

Meta Slider is one of the simplest to setup and easiest to use slider plugins around. It took me about 2 minutes to set up a slider, play around with the settings and change it many times over.

Not only that, but the free version has more than enough features to make a great slider out of the box.

For example, it has quite a few transitions, detailed control over how it looks (size, images, arrows) and SEO for the images (title, alt tag).

It also makes it easy to add to a page, post or sidebar with a shortcode or button within pages/posts.

The pro version takes it to the next level and provides better support, upgrades and more site licenses.

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Produced By: SoliloquyWP
Price: Free (with Pro Version)

One of the fastest slider plugins around, Soliloquy is very simple to use and has lots of add-ons too.

The free version is very basic, and it is more than likely you will need to upgrade to the pro on their website to get the functionality you need.

Having said that, paying for a well supported, fast, responsive slider plugin that is easy to use is perhaps worth the price.

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