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Produced By: WordImpress
Price: Free (with Pro Add-ons)

Give is on another level when it comes to accepting donations on your WordPress website, because it is designed by one of the best plugin/theme teams on the market.

They offer this plugin with a free base plugin with enough functionality to get you started, and add-ons for those who need them.

As is common for most free donation plugins, it only accepts Paypal payments. The other payment gateways are add-ons. But what is nice is that, Give themselves do not take any commission from transactions (I imagine the gateways might though).

Their form options are great (simple, text field for amounts, more complex forms, forms that encourage donating) and presented in a very modern way. And it integrates with your site in a way that minimally interferes, so it should look great anywhere. You just add it with a shortcode on any page.

They also have a progress meter, overview of transactions, reporting to see progress, and a few more goodies.

If you are taking donations as a serious part of your business, then this plugin is one of the more professional and extendable offerings on the market.

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Donation Manager

Produced By: Halfdata

This plugin has the most payment options for any donation plugin I have seen.

They offer: PayPal, Payza/AlertPay, Skrill/Moneybookers, Authorize.Net, InterKassa and EgoPay.

The rest of the plugin is also great, with a well laid out donation form and top donors list (if you need it).

It is also easy to add to any page with a shortcode.

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WordPress Easy Paypal Payment

Produced By: Tips and Tricks HQ
Price: Free

This is a simple yet powerful Paypal button plugin to help you take payments or donations on your website.

It has enough options to get you going: including a simple button and dropdown lists of payments (good for service offerings). You can also tailor things enough to make it your own.

There are three options for adding it to your site - Widget, Shortcode or embed in code directly. So you can put it anywhere you like.

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Total Donations

Produced By: Binti
Price: $27

Total Donations might be a paid plugin, but there is a good reason. It comes with some of the most features of any donation plugin.

Starting with both Stripe and Paypal payments, they have 9 button styles, a full drag and drop form builder, top/recent donor lists, progress bar and much more.

If you are serious about taking donations on your WordPress site, then this plugin is definitely worth the money.

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Smart Donations

Produced By: Rednao
Price: Free (with Pro Version)

Smart Donations free version is an interesting donation button plugin with 5 options for the button/display type.

This means that you can decide if you just want a button (and the user decides what to pay inside Paypal) or more custom displays where they can choose.

It also comes with a campaign feature to help segregate your donation efforts, and customize your thank you emails.

The pro version has some additional features you might like such as a progress indicator (if you have a campaign goal), analytics to see when the donations are coming in, donation forms for getting donor details, top donor lists and a few more great features.

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Seamless Donations

Produced By: David Gewirtz
Price: Free

This is a free donation plugin that comes with a whole lot of options you might like.

It centers around the ability to take donations via Paypal, but the form is placed on a page (via a shortcode) and has loads of options such as: donor details, donation amounts, reasons (gift, tribute etc), recurring payments, as well as location and currency defaults.

It also has configurable thank you page message and email templates for various donation types.

The donations and donors are also saved separately in their own menu in WordPress for an easy overview.

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PayPal Donations

Produced By: Tips and Tricks HQ
Price: Free

PayPal Donations is a free plugin for accepting donations via PayPal on your website. It is well maintained and reviewed, so a great start for a free option.

It is a very simple plugin to set up as it really only needs your PayPal account and a few other essentials like currency and button style (optional). But it also comes with enough options to customize things like language and style, if you want to take it that far.

It produces a simple button that can be added to your sidebar via a widget or a shortcode that you just paste into a page or post. So it's very simple to use.

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