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Bullet Proof Security

Produced By: AITPro
Price: Free (with Pro Version)

A simple but effective WordPress security plugin that covers many of the common hacking issues.

It offers a one-click install which makes it quite easy to set up.

Some of the great features it offers (yes they are quite technical) include:

- login monitoring
- hacking protection
- backup
-maintenance mode

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Backup WordPress

Produced By: Human Made
Price: Free

A simple backup for your WordPress website.

It takes a simple copy of your files and database, and can even mail them to you.

According to the developers it is perfect for small sites or sites on shared hosting where resources are at a premium.

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Produced By: Life In the Grid
Price: Free

A simple but very powerful plugin for cloning, copying, backing up, migrating or just generally moving a WordPress website.

It involves a few technical skills, but is one of the simplest ways to move a WordPress website that I know. I use it for my clients all the time.

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WordPress Backup to Dropbox

Produced By: Michael De Wildt
Price: Free

A simple plugin to get you started on the road to backing up your website.

This plugin does not come with all the features you should probably have (like restoring your website), but if you are on a budget and have some clue about how to set up a WordPress site (or a developer on hand) it will do the job.

It basically creates a copy of your site (files and database) and copies them to a Dropbox account of your choice.

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Updraft Plus

Produced By: Simba Hosting Limited
Price: Free (with pro version)

Updraft recently came on my radar, and is now one of my few go to plugins for backing up websites.

It is relatively easy to set up (second only to backup buddy) and has all the features you need to back up and restore your WordPress website, including remote storage.

One of the great features they have implemented is the ability to restore just sections of your site (themes, plugins etc) which I have used just recently.

The pro version is also worth a look as it adds auto-backup when you change anything risky (plugins for example) and it runs on Multisite.

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Editor's Choice

Backup Buddy

Produced By: iThemes
Price: $80/year

One of the top backup plugins on the market, Backup Buddy makes backup and restore easy.

Note: restore is also important because you need to get your backup back once you lose your site.

You can set up your backup how you want (when, what, where) and also store copies in remote locations which is a must to ensure your site's security.

It also comes with a range of other helpful features like: migration (for moving your site), database scan, malware scan, email notification and more.

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Produced By: Automattic
Price: $9/month (starts at)

VaultPress is a premium backup and security service from WordPress creators Automattic. That says a lot.

They know what they are doing, and have put together a great bundle of serious backup/restore and scan/security options to help keep your WordPress installation safe.

It is obviously not the cheapest option on the market, as you have to pay monthly, but for the peace of mind it is perhaps worth it if you run a business.

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