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WP Pro Advertising

Produced By: TunaFish
Price: $28

A modern, sleek and flexible advertising system that has a huge range of ad placement options.

This is the ad system for the modern website owner, and allows a large range of ad types too (image, text, video, flash).

There are also a range of other useful features worth checking out like advertiser upload. campaigns, statistics and more.

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Ad Press

Produced By: AdPress Inc
Price: $39

A well thought out plugin for anyone looking to advertise on their WordPress website.

It has full client management automation to help save you time.

It integrates almost seamlessly with PayPal, has ad designer and preview. As well as a slew of other ad features you will love

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Ad Rotate

Produced By: Arnan de Gans
Price: Free

Ad Rotate, the free version, has enough options to get the job done if you want to advertise on your website.

You can choose where you want the ads, group them together and rotate which ones are shown.

It also hooks up with external advertisers such as: Google AdSense, DFP and others.

It comes with statistics and the ability to let advertisers publish their own ads.

Although not as powerful as some other plugins, like OIO Publisher, it will get the job done.

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OIO Publisher

Produced By: OIO
Price: $47

An insanely comprehensive and feature-rich advertising plugin for those wishing to host ads on their WordPress site.

If you imagined it, they have it in OIO Publisher - from selling ads, emailing customers, putting them on your site, to checking the stats. It's all there.

And all for only $47. Not bad at all.

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