Christine Hastie

Christine is an editor and collaboration specialist who runs a blog, and she asked us to:

  • help her choose and setup a new look and feel to suit blogging goals
  • style the new site with her new logo and color choice etc
  • optimize her website to ensure everything is set up for Google, SEO, Spam etc
  • set up a newsletter for her using Mailchimp
  • connect all her social media profiles to her blog
  • teach her how to optimize her blog (posts, images, video) and plan for it’s future

​Ashley, it feels like I’ve lost 100 pounds! You have provided me with a beautiful, functional site that clearly supports my goals. My clients love it, too. Thanks also for meeting our tight timeline. You quickly understood the objectives for the work and my desire to have a site that would inspire people to use and understand best practices in collaboration. So it was even more fun to see how you applied best collaborative practices in every aspect of your work. One example is the helpful video you sent me. It walks me through the changes and has lots of guidance that I can refer to as I plan next steps. Another example is your after-launch support. This has been an enriching experience and I look forward to working on another project with you soon.


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