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How To Get Google Site Links

Google Site Links: Dominate Your Search Results

One of my students asked me a SEO question a few weeks ago. A question that made me stop in my tracks. It was actually a pretty simple question, but it was one I had never been asked before. “How do you get those site links below your website on Google search results?” Now, that my friends is an […]

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website review page load speed

Website Review #3: Improving Your SEO and Page Load Speeds

SEO and Page Load Speed are absolutely crucial for any website out there. And in today’s review, we are going to be looking at both of these topics in-depth. I was contacted by Rohit Sharma to review his website and try to help him get more traffic and improve the SEO on his site. There are […]

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SEO Image Optimization

SEO Image Optimization: 10 Proven Ways To Boost Yours

One of the hidden secrets of SEO is image optimization.Have you ever really focused much on your images and thought they can help (or ruin) your SEO? According to Raven Tools, 78% of SEO issues are related to images. So perhaps it is time you started taking image seo optimization more seriously? Images are a critical factor and […]

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image optimization tips tricks

Image Optimization: Tips & Tricks For Anyone

 Page speed is one of the most important SEO factors today. And proper image optimization is one of the most important page speed factors there is! That is why it is very important to pay particular attention to images. The main reason for this lies in the fact that images are prevalent on most websites and […]

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5 Tips To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings In 2021

5 Tips To Boost Your Search Engine Rankings In 2021

In 2021, search engine rankings can make or break your business more than ever. If you rank high on search engine results pages, you’re more likely to attract more traffic to your website. And every brand knows why increasing web traffic is vital. When more users visit your website, you have more chances of turning […]

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5 Ways SEO Tools Can Improve Your Website

If you’re a web publisher, your greatest desire is probably to have your content appear on top of search engine results pages (SERPs) whenever a user types in a query. But given the millions of websites competing for this coveted spot, you realize that ranking high on Google and other search engines is not a […]

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5 Biggest WordPress SEO Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

In this post I am going to show you the most common WordPress SEO mistakes I see on a daily basis, and exactly how to fix them. Some of these mistakes could be seriously damaging your SEO or even stopping you from getting found on search. SEO can be really easy once you understand how to do […]

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Youtube Keyword Research Tools

Youtube Keyword Tools – The Ultimate List

Google is saturated. Facebook is charging for everything. So, what alternatives do you have? Youtube! Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google. 3000000000 Searches / Month There are over 3 billion searches a month on Youtube (here are even more crazy stats on Youtube). It is time you started taking Youtube seriously as a source of traffic and […]

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google amp wordpress

Google AMP: Do The Speed Claims (And Others) Live Up To The Hype?

  The load speed of your website greatly impacts almost everything: the click-through rate, engagement rate, and conversion rate. And that means a slow website is costing you customers, subscribers, readers and quite simply: money! 51% of U.S online shoppers said that they wouldn’t complete a purchase if the website is too slow. And as a result, […]

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NoFollow Links and SEO - When To Use Them and Why

No Follow Links For SEO – Ultimate Guide For Website Owners

NoFollow Links could be affecting your SEO in a very bad way. You might have heard the rumors from the dark masters of SEO. That you should, or should not be using these fun things called no follow links. But until now, you kinda ignored the whole no follow tag thing. I wouldn’t blame you. SEO is […]

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