Blog Coaching And Design

Are you spending countless hours each week on your blog and just not seeing results?

Or maybe you have so many things to learn you just don’t know where to start?

stressed blogging

I had the same problems too!

Don’t think you are alone when it comes to the overwhelming world of blogging.

Not so long ago, I was just starting out too and the amount of information and things I had to learn was…crazy!

So if you need a little boost, and feel like getting some advice from someone with success in blogging,

then maybe my Blog Coaching Session is for you.

What is Blog Coaching?

With a simple hourly session we can cover a lot of ground and give your blogging a boost.

We can focus on any number of areas:

  • Blogging process
  • Blog promotion and getting traffic
  • Social Media channels
  • Tools to streamline your blogging

It’s up to you what you want to focus on. Of course, I can also just give you my best tips and save you weeks of wasted time.


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photo credit: miguelavg via photopin cc

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