Agantu is a coaching business located in Zurich that provides services for people looking to make a change in their career. They also provide related services for job searchers such as interview and CV coaching.

The Client's Request

The Agantu team approached us to help them get more visibility on Google and more clients via their website.

They had hired a graphic designer to craft a beautiful website, but it was producing zero visitors or leads for them.​ This obviously needed to change.

Our Solution

In order to get found on Google and get more clients online, a few things need to happen. The website needs:

  • ​to be optimized for search engines
  • ongoing content creation (aka a blog with related content)
  • to be easily understood by the visitors (ie. what do you do?)

The solution for Agantu was to move their website to a technology where they could create content (ie. a blog) and showcase their services to their potential clients.

While recreating the website on WordPress, we also optimized it for search engines to get maximum visibility for the things their potential client searched for.​

The Results

The client is now getting focused traffic from Google from people looking for their services.

They currently rank in the top 5 for at least 3 important phrases on Google as a result of the website revamp.​

They also have complete control over their website (via WordPress) and are able to blog and create other content without needing to contact a developer each time a change is needed.​


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