SEO Success Formula [Course]: How To Get Google Traffic The Easy Way

SEO Success Formula [Course]: How To Get Google Traffic The Easy Way

Is Google not delivering you the traffic you deserve?

Or perhaps you just don't "get" SEO and how to get found on Google?​

It is certainly getting harder and harder to compete on the internet and only those who know how are really getting traffic from Google.

​Would you be surprised if I told you SEO (and getting Google to send you traffic) is not as hard as you think?

If you have the right information, put together in an easy to follow format, it can actually be a piece of cake!

That is why I created the SEO Success Formula!

It's a step by step way to get more traffic from Google, without being an SEO guru. And it won't take over your whole life!

Dive into the details below...

What Is The SEO Success Formula?

​The SEO Success Formula is an online video course that teaches you everything you need to know to get traffic from Google - using methods that Google loves!


​(Although who knows, you might learn something from me!)

It is aimed at website o​wners who need to understand SEO (and in most case actually do it too) to get more traffic from Google.

That could be you if: 

  • you are a blogger who just isn't getting any visitors or does not know how to create content that gets traffic from Google
  • you are a business owner who isn't getting any customers through their website
  • you are a freelancer/solopreneur who wants more targeted leads for your business
  • you are in marketing and need to understand how SEO works in practice

The course is designed to 

  • teach you in 30 days how to easily get Google traffic to your website (so you can stop stressing about Google)
  • cut through the tough/technical stuff and the BS and teach you what works (so you can stop trying to figure it out for weeks on end)
  • set you up for SEO success for the future (so you will always know how to get more Google traffic, the right way)

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What Is The In The Course?

Everything you need to learn SEO and apply it to your website today.

It's everything I do for my website and my client's websites to get them to the top of Google.

Let's take a look in detail...

Step by Step Videos & Supporting Material

It starts with 5 main modules of videos which walk you through all the details:​

  • Website SEO Foundation (Keep Google Happy): setting up your website so you have a chance to rank higher on Google (if you don't do this right, you might get zero traffic)
  • Keyword Research (Find The Words People Use): this is the first key to getting Google traffic, finding the words people actually use and putting them in the right places (without this, you are just guessing and wasting your time)
  • Content Optimization & Promotion (Creating Pages/Posts That Get Traffic): Next you have to create great content that Google and people love (it gets you more search and social traffic)
  • Link Building (Easy Ways To Boost Your Traffic): Learn how to get links that actually help boost your rankings on Google (and don't hurt you instead). This can be the difference between some traffic and LOTS of traffic
  • Analytics (See What's Working): Keeping an eye on some simple numbers to know if your SEO is working, and what to focus on (make the best use of your time and get even better results)

You get LIFETIME access to all the videos and any future additions (which will be coming soon).

I have also made lots of easy to use supporting material to help you implement each section:​

  • Cheat Sheets and Check Lists
  • A roadmap to show you all the steps in the course
  • Tools lists with all the URLs to the great/free tools we use in the course
  • Set up Guides for any tech stuff

It couldn't be easy to do this on your own!

​But actually, you don't have to...there is even more help!

4x Weekly Coaching Calls

Doing this stuff on your own can still be confusing.

So I have scheduled 4 weekly coaching calls with you and the group to walk you through each main module, and address any problems or answer any questions you might have.

You get to interact live with me and the group and learn even faster than you could on your own. And if you are stuck or confused, what better way to figure things out.​

If you miss a call, they will be recorded and placed in the course for you too. ​

A Helpful SEO Community

You might also want to ask a question or brainstorm something outside the group calls. Even after the course has finished.

That is why I have also created an SEO community to support you through the course, and long into the future.​

I will be in there every day, and the other members of the course too!​

An Example Lesson: Keyword Research Fundamentals

You might be wondering what the content is like.

Well, rather than just explain it to you, I thought a sample video would be a great way to show you.

This is the Keyword Research Fundamentals video from the keyword module.

It walks you through

  • All the basic concepts of keywords
  • What kinds of words to people search for and why
  • Why they are important for getting you traffic AND the right traffic from Google
  • What is working today with keywords

Think It's Not For You?

There are a boatload of reasons why you might think this is not for you. I completely understand that, so I want to quickly cover a few of them.

I Have Tried SEO Before, It Does Not Work?

Most people have tried a little bit of SEO, but very few have learned it step by step from someone who does it for a living.​

If you want to see some of the results I have gotten you can read this case study or jump to the product page and see some screenshots.​

I Am A Complete Beginner or Non-tech Person!

That is the aim of this course, in many ways. To teach you SEO from scratch. How to get traffic from Mr Google!

You might have some basic SEO knowledge or none.

I will show you exactly what to do. From beginning to end.

And the group calls and SEO community is there to support you too!

I Don't Have Time To Do This Ever?

There is never time for more work when you are running a business or website. I have the same problem. So, the problem is not TIME.

The big question is: how much do you need more traffic for your business?

Do you have enough clients? Is your website working for you? Are you getting any traffic from Google (because they can deliver a lot!)?

If you need more business and are sick of paying for ads or calling all your contacts, using your website to it's fullest might be the answer for you.​

I Don't Have Time Right Now?

The course officially starts on Sept 21st. But that is only the group coaching calls. I will also release all the course material gradually over the next few weeks.

However, if you want to do this later, you still can - you get access to the material, the group call recordings, and the SEO community where I am available to help you get results!​

Any Questions?

Feel free to ask in the comments or just email me!


About the Author Ashley Faulkes

Ashley is obsessed with SEO and WordPress. He is also the founder of Mad Lemmings. When he is not busy helping clients get higher on Google he can be found doing crazy sports in the Swiss Alps (or eating too much chocolate - a habit he is trying to break).

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