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9 Inspirational Bloggers to Give You a Blogging Boost

inspirational bloggersSometimes even bloggers get a little down.

How do I find the inspiration to write my next post?

Why is no one commenting on my awesome post?

Why am I not getting hundreds of shares on social media?

I feel your pain. I have been a little down lately too.

Things seem to be kind of flattening out. My stats are not improving. Few people are subscribing to my mailing list. My comments are decreasing…

But then I stopped and thought about the people who have helped me get where I am today. The inspirational bloggers I know and love.

Some who have inspired me to try new things and reach for new heights. Others who have shown me that even having a tough life is no excuse to not give it a go.

So let’s take a look at some of the inspiring bloggers I know, and give you a little inspiration too!

Big Guns

Long before I started blogging, I was developing an online tool to help people with scheduling anything (equipment, meeting rooms, their time).

One of the tough lessons  I learnt from doing this was that you needed to market anything you want to sell, and marketing in 2013 (that was when I was ready) meant blogging and social media.

So when I started looking into these things, one of the first names I came across was Neil Patel.

Neil Patel of QuickSprout

Neil Patel writes about a lot of things related to online marketing – blogging, conversion, seo etc.

And when he does write about them, he often writes massive guides that will blow your mind.

Ultimately, he was one of my inspirations for getting into blogging and online marketing in the first place and if you don’t read his posts – get over there now. He is one inspirational blogger!

Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe

I had my blog up and running, but I was not really getting much traffic.

I was in a LinkedIn Group where everyone helped each other and that in itself was inspirational.

But when it comes to really having great ideas for generating traffic. Ideas that perhaps you will find nowhere else on the web, Ana Hoffman of Traffic Generation Cafe is your girl.

She will inspire you to try new things and find new ways of getting eyeballs on your posts.

Rebekah Radice of RebekahRadice.com

If you are struggling with Social Media of any flavour, then Rebekah will have a solution for you.

I discovered Rebekah a little later in my blogging career, via Triberr I believe, and she has taught me a lot of great things about social media.

Add her to your list, and get inspired to make your social media presence awesome.

Ms Ileane Smith of Basic Blog Tips

A great source of inspiration (and tips) for anything related to the online marketing world is Ms Ileane Smith.

She has done and tried it all. Blogging, Youtube, Podcasting and all forms of social media.

And on top of this, she does it all on the side because she has a full-time job.

She has been such an inspiration in my journey online, I was eager to talk to her as the first guest on my Podcast.

Take a listen, and learn from a pro and be inspired at the same time.

Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income

Once you start gathering an audience, or perhaps even before, the idea of making money blogging starts to creep into your head. I know, it happened to me too.

One of the best and most inspirational bloggers in this area is Mr Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income.

He has done it all, and will show you all his secrets to success. His openness and amazing podcasts have inspired me many a time.

I even started my own Podcast as a result of Pat’s constant endorsement of the idea.

Less Famous but equally Inspirational

Obviously the bigger bloggers and marketers online inspire us to new heights and keep us motived with their stories of success.

But sometimes even the slightly lesser known (but just as awesome) bloggers have a great effect on our lives too.

Adrienne Smith of AdrienneSmith.net

Of course Adrienne is a well known blogger, but I did not want to put her in the above list as she is really still one of us.

Adrienne has been a constant source of inspiration to me over the last year.

She is extremely open on her blog and has demonstrated how, despite the many personal and technical issues she has had, she can still persist and strive for new heights.

She is always there for her audience. She will answer you tweet, your email, your comment (even though she gets nearly one hundred per post).

And if you sign up for her newsletter, she might even call you. I don’t know any other blogger who will do that!

Tim Bonner of Tim-Bonner.com

Tim has been a great blogging companion for me on my journey over the last year. We touch base regularly, and exchange issues when we have them.

And I thank him for that, because blogging can be lonely sometimes. (If you are a blogger too, you will know what I mean)

But what inspires me about Tim are two things:

He writes about topics that people rarely touch upon. Challenging us to think of blogging and our role in it, in new ways.

And on top of this, he is a stay at home Dad with two young girls, and also runs one (or is it two yet Tim?) niche websites on the side.

So when I think I have too much to do, I just think of Tim’s even bigger challenge and just get on with it.

Lorraine Reguly of Wording Well.com

I have known Lorraine since almost the beginning of my blogging life.

She is always willing to help, and goes out of her way for anyone who asks.

But that is not why I consider her a major inspiration for me (although it would certainly is enough).

Lorraine has managed to learn all about the online world and blogging in a very short time. Before she got started, she had never even owned a computer!

On top of this, she has done all of this, and had some great successes ,with almost zero income to her name.

She has also overcome some great hardships in her personal life, which she openly blogs about and she has recently been in hospital for continuing issues with her leg (she had a major accident on a skidoo some years ago). She even guest posted just after coming out of hospital!

And if that is not enough, she has now thrown herself into the world of a self-hosted WordPress site and learnt almost everything about hosting, wordpress, plugins and doing it solo.

Pop over to her blog for a taste of blogging inspiration.

Max Ivey – Midway Marketplace

Many of you might now have heard of Max Ivey, but you certainly should have.

Max is perhaps one of the biggest blogging inspirations out there.

Max runs the Midway Marketplace website and blog, and sells carnival related equipment for people (so finding new homes for carousels etc). Pretty cool niche, huh!

But what will blow you (and me) away is that Max runs his site, social media and business – blind. Literally.

Again, if you think you are having difficulties with your site, learning HTML, figuring out Pinterest or just making a living online; imagine doing that without being able to see.

I will be talking to Max this week on my Podcast about his inspirational story and how he also has some great ideas for his website and social media presence that we can all learn from.

Inspirational Bloggers are everywhere

We all have our ups and downs, and sometimes even think about giving up.

But if you have a few sources of inspiration to keep you going, it will certainly help.

Take a look at some of the above inspirational bloggers and see if they can bring you to new heights!

Who inspires you on a daily basis?

Do you know any of the above rock stars?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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