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Affiliate Marketing Tips for Bloggers and Marketers

affiliat -marketing tipsSince I started blogging I have been hearing people shout the words Affiliate Marketing Tips from the roof tops.

Everyone offers their own affiliate marketing tips to try to help us all out. And they have certainly helped me a lot on my journey as a blogger.

However, today I thought I would compile all these useful tips into a awesome collection that you can benefit from !

I have organized them into three categories, so you can easily jump to the one that interests you.

  • The first section is on the many ways you can add affiliate marketing to your blog or website.
  • The second section is some ideas for things that you can promote with affiliate marketing.
  • And the final section are some of the plugins that will help you achieve the best results.


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Affiliate Marketing Tips – The Many Ways

  • Obvious Promotion of Affiliate Products
  • Strategic Placement of Affiliate Products
  • A Page Dedicated to Affiliate Marketing
  • A Specific Product That You Love
  • A Bonus is a Perfect Gift

Affiliate Marketing Tips – Ideas for Products

  • Hosting for Blogs
  • Marketing, Social Media and Blogging Tools
  • Online Learning Courses
  • Other Places to Find Affiliate Programs

WordPress Plugins to Help

  • Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins
  • Review Plugins

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – The Many Ways

Obvious Promotion of Affiliate Products

One of the most obvious ways to promote affiliate products on your blog is with banner ads.

You know those sexy images with great sales offers, that are sometimes animated!

You are not a fan of those? Me neither. It is very 1990s, but it still works to an extent (but not much).

In fact, the general click-through rates are so low that I recommend other methods. But it is possible someone will click and then, maybe, earn you some money.

Strategic Placement of Affiliate Products

Of course just having banner ads on your pages and sidebar will not get you a lot of customers.

People are becoming banner blind, and often it annoys them too.

As a blogger who strives to please your audience, it is better not to be seen to be too money hungry by your readers.

So, what else can you do?

If you are writing a post that mentions the use of a product (you are an affiliate for), that is an opportunity to place an affiliate link to that product.

Another idea I like to use is: if your post topic is generally related to a product, you can place highlighted boxes throughout the post promoting an affiliate product.

After all, contextual links (ie. links related to what you are talking about) are far more likely to get people’s attention than some unrelated banner or link.

A Page Dedicated to Affiliate Marketing

One thing you might have noticed on your journey across the internet – bloggers often have resources or tools pages.

Have you seen that trend? I have one too. (look up the top and you will see – Resources)

This kind of page serves two purposes:

  1. It provides a helpful focus point for your readers to find the tools you use (after all, they read your blog because you rock)
  2. Given that the people reading this page are already interested in tools/resources, why not put affiliate links in here

A resource page is a great way to market the products you use and support, and is a magnet for keen readers who are surfing your blog looking for other gems of knowledge from you!

A Specific Product That You Love

If you are very happy with a specific affiliate product you use, then a review is your best bet.

A review can really focus on a product, because it is obviously a post about that product and nothing else.

Before you head off and review every product under the sun, here are a few helpful tips:

  • Only review something you are using and know well
  • Preferably review something that is beneficial to your readers
  • Make sure your readers are interested in the product (don’t sell snow to eskimos!)
  • Your review should be honest (tell the good and the bad)
  • Don’t just review products to sell stuff
  • Don’t review products all the time (unless you are a review site)

Remember, although your audience is the perfect market for affiliate products they might want to use, they do not come to your blog just to read about product reviews.

A Bonus is a Perfect Gift

We all know those infomercials where the guy says

Not only do you get a free set of steak knives…

That works in the real world too.

I once listened to an awesome podcast on Pat Flynn’s blog where he had a guest talking about this idea.

Discounting products is for losers. That is what he said.

I have been guilty of it myself. And perhaps you have too. But there is a better way. A method we should all be using.

I am passing this gem of information on to you, my awesome reader!

Add a bonus to your product to entice your reader to buy. Don’t offer them a discount.

Provide them with an ebook on tips you have learnt about the product to help them get started. Or your most successful methods of using the tool.

That way, you not only recommend the product, you help them to use it and offer them something they cannot get elsewhere!

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Affiliate Marketing Tips – Ideas for Products

So now you know the many ways you can add affiliate marketing to your blog.

But you are probably wondering what kinds of products you can sell?

Hosting for Blogs

One of the simplest and most common things for bloggers to market is hosting.

Whether you are using Hostgator, Bluehost, or WPEngine there are lots of companies out there that offer awesome hosting with great affiliate programs.

I even managed to add my affiliate link up there in the sentence above!

Marketing, Social Media and Blogging Tools

The next area you might want to touch on is – tools or software.

If you have been into blogging or marketing for a while, then you have probably started using tools to make your life easier.

I use a bunch of them, and many of these tools offer great affiliate programs.

Sit down and think of the things that make your life easier each day.

Pop over to their website and see if they have an affiliate program.

WordPress Premium Plugins

Many of you out there are using WordPress (if not, skip this section).

And of course, you are probably using loads of awesome plugins too!

Most plugins are free, and we have to be thankful to the dedicated people out there for providing those great plugins (send them a thank you mail right now – off you go!).

But, some of the best and most feature-filled plugins are not free (we call them Premium Plugins, right?). And I can promise you, all of them will have an affiliate program – somewhere.

So again, if you are using a great premium plugin, why not review it, find the affiliate program, and promote it.

Online Learning Courses

This is one you have probably not thought much about, but it is something I personally endorse and promote.

Online courses are a great way to do affiliate marketing, especially if you know, trust and have taken the course.

It could be you know a famous blogger (like me :>) who has an awesome course on their website.

Or, you can also check out sites like Udemy: a massive online course provider with an affiliate program.

Udemy is first and foremost a great place to find quite cheap courses on almost anything (I am currently taking 3 courses on there and have spent less than $100).

I am also running two courses on Udemy at the moment:

Twitter for Beginners (Free)

Learn to use Twitter like a Pro

So you can kill three birds with one stone:

BONUS: If you take my course until the end of February,

I will also give you a free one hour consultation

on any topic you want (web design, blogging, social media, seo)

Normally costs $150

Other Places to Find Affiliate Programs

There are many others places you can find affiliate products if none of the above suit your niche, such as:

More ideas can be found on this site.

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WordPress Plugins to Help

This last category of Affiliate Marketing Tips is Wordpress related.

There are many plugins around to help you out, but I want to focus on the following two categories:

Affiliate Link Cloaking Plugins

The biggest problem with affiliate links is that they are damn ugly. And they are often really long.

There are a number of plugins around to help you shorten your links, make them look a little sexier, and make them into useful links you can remember.

Here are a couple of link cloaking (as they are called) plugins to help do this:

I have used both of them, and they are equally as good.

**Note: Remember to also use the No Follow features of these plugins, because Google does not like affiliate links, so it’s better if they ignore them (nofollow links are ignored by search engines).

Review Plugins

Other useful plugins you can try for affiliate marketing are the Review Plugins.

The main thing to know is that these plugins add the correct “review” schema/rich snippet information that google recognizes and displays as a very visible review in the search results.

The Author HReview Plugin does this, and also allows you to add a helpful review widget on your sidebar (take a look at mine).

If you want an awesome SEO Plugin as well, then SEOPressor provides all the rich snippet (schema types) that Google recognizes, as well as a load of other SEO benefits.


Affiliate marketing is one of the key ways you can make money passively while blogging and running a website.

By using the above affiliate marketing tips, you should have no problem coming up with ideas for products and ways to promote them!

I hope you enjoyed this extensive guide, and if you did – please share it with your friends on social media!

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Are you using affiliate marketing?

What strategies are you using?

Blow me away in the comments!

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