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Google+ Strategies for Building a Loyal Audience

In 2011, Google+ was launched to great fanfare. And while it’s true that it took a little time to find its footing, the platform has been quietly chugging along, establishing itself as one of the primary venues for connecting brands and consumers. This is due, in equal parts, to:

  1. the platform’s unique tools (Circles, anyone?)
  2. its membership in their wide Google suite of products, (they’ve linked use of G+ to better established tools like search, reviews and maps)

So how can you take advantage of all Google+ has to offer to build and maintain a loyal audience? Let’s take a look.

1. Complete Your Business Page Profile

Yeah, I know, this sounds like a no-brainer, but if it is, then a lot of marketing managers out there must be walking around with empty skulls. Why? Because oh so many businesses seem to miss this fundamental step. A complete profile means a complete profile, with a clear tagline and story. Adding a keyword or two will be good for SEO, but only if it feels right, as both customers and Google’s latest algorithms reward natural language. Make good use of your cover photo as well, choosing the most professional and appealing photograph, as it’s bound to appear large when visitors load your page and you want to look as amazing as possible.   Below is an example of a great cover photo from Starbucks: google plus business

Helpful posts: If you need help with image sizes, check out this post. For more tips on how to set up an effective Google+ business page, this guide to Google+ has a lot of relevant information.

2. Make Your Google+ Page Easy to Find

How you approach your business page will be key not only in communicating your brand’s story and style to your customers, but also in getting them to your page in the first place. To begin, it’s a good idea to add a Google+ badge to your website and blog posts so followers can easily find your G+ information. Likewise, add your Google Plus URL to your other social media profiles.

Google Plus Tip: As your page grows in popularity, see if you’ve become eligible for Direct Connect, an option that funnels followers right to your page simply by typing +your business name in the Google search bar, thereby circumventing any competitor’s results.

At a more basic level, picking the right designation (category) for your page when you’re signing up is crucial to getting the right people to your page (see below). google plus business category This is especially true for local businesses or places, as you’ll want to completely fill out your location details so potential customers can find all the information they need about you when they search. Doing so will also give you preference in search results when a customer types in your industry name plus your locale.

3. Make Your Content Varied, Relevant and Visual

Once you’ve got your page all set up, it’s important to develop a feed that’s as relevant and compelling as that of the most popular news organizations and personal bloggers on the web. A good example of an organization that does this well is NASA: google plus business NASA I mean, just look at that feed. You’ve got everything from:

  • a kickass, nerded out photo/post on wavelengths
  • to news about new discoveries and updates about upcoming spacewalks

How cool is that? Of course, NASA has a pretty fascinating subject matter to work with, but there’s a lot to learn from their frequent updates (they post about 15 times a day) and varied content, which is often visual in nature. Your Google+ feed can also benefit from such varied content, whether you’re:

  • sharing expert blog posts
  • providing a photo journal of a day in the life at the office
  • posting a video diary with a behind the scenes glimpse of your production process


What about audience generated content?

There’s no better way to keep your audience active and engaged than to get them creating content for you. Contests work particularly well for this, and because they come in many different forms, they present a constant source of content. Here’s a couple of ideas:

  • photo and video submissions work particularly well
  • as do subject-related contests, like inventing the coolest new recipe using your product

Hosting a contest doesn’t have to mean giving an expensive grand prize either. Sometimes, just featuring the winner on your Google+ page is enough motivation as it is. In the meantime, contestants will be sure to share news of their doings on their own social media sites, driving traffic back to yours.

4. Keep Content Relevant With Circles

Out of all of the social platforms, none make it quite so easy to categorize followers as Google+ does with Circles. Just create a category for every kind of follower, from consumers and suppliers, to consumers interested in running tips vs. consumers interested in biking news. The more specific you get (and keep in mind that you can put each follower into as many categories as you like), the easier it will be to direct only the most relevant content their way. This also makes them far more likely to +1 or share what you post with their followers too. As a great example of this, take a look at Whole Foods’ feed below: google plus business whole foods Here we see content that’s all within the lifestyle category. But let’s suppose Wholefoods don’t not want to bother their suppliers with ideas on DIY gifts? They could easily use circles to share such a post only with their “DIY customers,” or some other specific Circle.

Google+ Tip: Circles can help you keep the content you share relevant to your following.

5. Engage in Actual Conversations with Circles and Hangouts

Just like any other social media platform, G+ is all about the conversation. It shouldn’t just be you talking about yourself (my, what great products I have!) or your customers talking about you without any kind of response. Keep your eye peeled for any reviews on your page so you can respond:

  • to positive reviews with a grateful response
  • to negative reviews with empathy and a solution
Google+ Tip: Circles can be a powerful tool here, as you can use them to organize your power users so you can more easily monitor their conversations, respond to their comments and offer incentives.

If, for example, you have an upcoming product release and you’d like to start building awareness amongst a particular group:

  1. click on that specific circle
  2. see the kind of conversations those contacts are currently engaging in
  3. start commenting and participating in those conversations yourself

Caveat: The goal here is to build brand awareness at a key time, not to bombard private conversations with advertising, so keep your comments relevant to the topic at hand.

Have you considered Hangouts On Air?

Perhaps the best way to have great conversations on G+ is with Hangouts on Air (HOA). HOA is a great tool that allows you to have group video chats that also archive directly to YouTube. With Hangouts, you can connect directly with your followers for interesting discussions, product demos and events that are just plain fun. Cadbury, for example, holds all sorts of interesting events, like this Triple Chocolate Tasting session, which featured their “Tasters Circles” showing off their taste buds in real time. Imagine what sorts of HOAs you can have with your customers!

What does all of this mean?

Well, what it means is that you should get on Google+! Sure, it’s got a growing following, but I mean, come on, why wouldn’t you want to be on the platform that connects space enthusiasts to people who are actually in space? Google+! Get on it today!

Are you getting busy on Google+?

What are your Google+ Strategies?

Type some words in the comments below!

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